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This is the story they never wanted to tell you. This is the story about your favorite characters that has been kept secret. This is the story... behind the laughter. Inspired by The Simpsons' episode of the same name.

Ultimare Universe by Siden. Another Horse Universe by Xebck. Vectors by Xebck, Osipush, OinkTweetStudios and Flash Equestria Photography.

Character tags per season (Spoiler Alert!):

All: Twilight Sparkle (Stardust Nova), Fluttershy (Cottontail), Applejack (Sparkling Cider), Rarity (Ivory), Pinkie Pie (Ink Blot), Rainbow Dash (Prism Wing), Spike (Spyke), Apple Bloom (Apple Spritz), Sweetie Belle (Marble), Scootaloo (Plume), Celestia (Futas Le Rotcerid), Luna (Lunare Le Recudorp), The Creator (OC).
Season 1: Spitfire, Photo Finish, Trixie (Bellatrix Monolaul), Nurse Redheart, Diamond Tiara (Diamond Dazzle), Silver Spoon (Tin Shot), Vinyl Scratch, Octavia (Cameo from Mango Dash).
Season 2: Discord (Q), Big Mac (Mulled Cider), Cheerilee (Chirpy Tune), Fancy Pants, Derpy, Doctor Whooves, Shining Armor (Bolero), Cadance (Gleaming Shield), Chrysalis (Christine Allyster) (Cameos from Fleur Dis Lee and Fluffle Puff).
Season 3: Lightning Dust (Indigo Zap), Amethyst Star, Dinky, Gilda, Flash Sentry (Cameos from Dan and Pauly Sentry).
Season 4: Bulk Biceps, Suri Polomare (Shauna Tubleu), Coco Pommel (Gabrielle Chand de Lier), Lyra, Bon Bon, Cheese Sandwich (UHF), Maud Pie (Izzy Rock), Limestone Pie (Decibelle), Marble Pie (Cashmere).
Season 5: Sunset Shimmer (Evening Blaze), Starlight Glimmer (Nightfall Shine), Tree Hugger, Minuette, Moon Dancer (Majesty), Rara (Halle Nal).
Season 6: Flurry Heart, Sunburst, Ember (Amber), Zephyr Breeze, Gabby, Thorax (Crystal Hoof).
Season 7: Zecora, Soarin, Granny Smith (Madam Applecrest), Daring Do (Cameo from Pony Head).

Thanks to MrDerpface for helping me!

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Well, this is actually pretty interesting. I don't usually see "behind-the-scenes" stories like this; at the most, I've seen one or two comics. I'm really excited to see where this goes!

I don't come across many stories like this, or indeed, any story like this. It's an ambitious idea, and utilizes an array of different techniques. The color of the text and the pictures really give it its own unique feel. The characters seem interesting, and while it feels that some are layered and complex, I was disappointed with the actors portraying Rarity and Applejack, because its a little cliché to make them complete polar opposites.

I was also surprised with the grammatical errors. There were a lot. It really does take me out of the story, and after reading the prologue (where you state that this is your most ambitious project), it surprises me that you didn't look for an editor, because I do think that this would be spectacular with just a little refining and clean-up.

What I liked about this was the image that came in my head. It was the exact image of a documentary, and I could visualize the characters sitting in maybe a black chair against a white background. It was very vivid, and it leaves enough to the reader's imagination.

All in all, its unique and interesting. The pacing is handled well and its done in a documentary style that I very much enjoy. As I said however, there are flaws, and while I'm willing to read on even if they are present, others may feel differently. The other issue was that some of the characters feel paper-thin, with them just being opposites of who they would be in the show. But as I said, it is too unique and interesting for me to pass up, even though I loathe grammatical errors. I recommend an editor, and on FIMfiction it isn't all that hard.

Rating so far: 7.5/10

General Summary: Good, unique, and interesting, but lacking in a few characters and filled to the brim with grammatical errors. If they were fixed, this would be an easy 8.5/10.

Extractor rating scale:

1: I won't continue reading.

2: I will continue reading.

3: This is an instant classic.

Behind the Laughter gets the rating of...

2: I will continue reading.

7818667 I think I need to explain some of these points.

1. I can understand someone not liking the personality swap between Applejack and Rarity, but here's the thing: with the exception of The Creator, the characters are not mine. They're from Siden and Xebck (for the most part), therefore, these are their ideas. It was Siden's idea to switch Applejack and Rarity (he did the same for Pinkie Pie-Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash-Twilight). I'm just borrowing them for the story and to help them expand their own concepts (since Xebck is no longer with us, in terms of connectivity, and Siden is probably going to cancel his). So, in other words, I'm a potter, not the maker of the raw material.

2. The grammatical errors... I already have an editor and she send me the corrected text you're watching. If after all these corrections and all these months I've been writing I'm still receive comments pointing me these errors, that means I'm not doing a good work... :pinkiesick:... I'm gonna search for one.

Anyway, thanks for commenting and showing interest in my story. I really appreciate it.

This'll be interesting to see who's under the mask as it were.

Read a FIM comic that was similar to this but the characters were different like AJ being a unicorn n Rainbow having brown hair which needed to be dyed constantly.

Reminds me of the Actingverse.

Wondering where the differences on the business end intentional? Like Hasbro buying Discovery Kids(it was a partnership not a buy out) and the rebranding as The Hub happening after the show began when IRL it was well before. Also skipping that when DHX started on the show they were still Studio B. Not sure if these where intentional or mistakes, hard to say with alternate universes.

fluffle puff of course

did you do reasearch on the history of the show? i mean i remember the derpy debacle save derpy made me cry

hoo boy..... princess twilight ....im wondering how thatll turn out in this
also.....need to see the fallout from my little dashie fallout equestria the conversion bureau frinenship is optimal and sadly sweet apple massacre and cupcakes .fimfiction.net ugh clopfics the human in equestria troup fan animations smile hd the comic books cant wait to see the dazzlings and sunset shimmer

Woo!! Fluffle Puff mention! Life is now officially complete.

Keep up da good work!

7916782 Yes, I do research history of the show and brony community for this story. It's actually one of the reasons all the chapters take time.

Don't worry, you will see many related themes and topics over time. Unfortunately, not every character in the show will make it into the story, but I'm making sure the more loved ones appear.

Thanks for commenting.:twilightsmile:

Oh boy, Season 3 is next...

Let the controversial episodes, polarizing finale, reduced episodes and fan backlash commence!

I await your satire.

Is this edited? It feels like it jumps around a lot.

Well, this seems promising.

It is certainly something new and intriguing... not to mentin funny.

Can't wait for the next story.


And can I also note that this story was on the popular watch list for a while? WILL IT BE UP THERE AGAIN??


Actingverse ? :rainbowhuh:

Also when are we going to be getting to the "Muffins/Derpy Hooves" situation ?:derpyderp2:

that last part, was that from Cars 1? But that hade a happy ending, it dose not look like it is going to bee one here. also we are on season 7 now, how will you do when you get here in this story? Grate story BTW

There's no alarm for the story, you're all like - Taaadddaaaaaa~

I'm so happy to beh redin anoter chaptur

Aw, come on! Season 5 was my favorite season in the show! Don't be too hard on it!

8146447 The irony is not if it is from Cars (partially), is the fact that I borrowed it. You see, I don't like Cars, it's easily one of the weakest Pixar films, so it is surprising when an author uses a scene from a movie he didn't like (in my case, the best scene from the movie by far). And it was to reflect the situation the best I could. Now, for Season 7 I have to wait until it's over as well as the movie's release, but for now it's too soon to write about it. Let's focus in Seasons 5 and 6 and then we can talk about it.

8147625 I like Season 5 as well (easily one of my favorites and, in my opinion, the best of the show after Season 2), but it had its flaws and, for many, it was the point where the show started to decline. I'm not going to be hard, but there are topics needed to be address. Now, Season 6 on the other hand...

8147704 well you know they have green lite season 8. I hope they stop there, I do not want this to bee the next Simpson, or sens this is a children's show, spongebob.

8147704 Look, I get it. Season 6 gets a bad rap... I liked most of the episodes and I wouldn't call it a terrible season by any stretch but if you have to tear it to shreds then do what you must.


Actingverse is the verse where MLP is a TV show, run by people who are NOT the characters.

Oh boy... it's time for that Season.

For the record, I liked The Cutie Re-mark but that's just me.

Season 6: Time to get answers for the many mistakes commited, specially for Rainbow Dash's Wonderbolt dream.

Man, all these recasting makes me wonder what will happen when you reach the movie ?

Can the original cast reunite for the big screen ?

Great update to an engaging tale. Keep up the great work on this story.

Well executed as always.

And I'm wondering: After Season 7 and the movie release, what ideas are going to left for Season 8?

You just have to wait and see. All I hope is that Season 8 is the last one, but that will depend on how it goes at the box office.

I have a few ideas fore season 8, we fined out where spikes egg come from, we get some backstory on Zecora, we fined out how the appel parents died and maybe the Windigoes come back and the main 6 has to fight them.
I too hope season 8 is the end, it is a grate show, but I do not want in to turn in too another Simpsons, Spongebob, ore fairly odd parents. they have been going on too long.

Like Smashology said, all depends on the Box Office: Either becomes a hit, or it will bomb like the last Transformers film.

Also, I hope Season 8 will be the last, but it must have the quality of Season 1 & 2 (they already let the fandom down with Season 3, then messed up with the characters's personalities the entire Season 6, and THEN AGAIN let the fandom down with "Fame and Misfortune". Hasbro needs to do it better).

In a note apart: Equestria Girls 2018 series, is a good idea?

Comment posted by Starlight Glimmer1 deleted Sep 18th, 2017

Maybe the next chapter will be about how the original cast was brought back to the show, including Stardust Nova. Maybe one of the cast members went and got Stardust to return. And maybe have a wedding between Stardust and one of the female cast members like Derpy,Rainbow Prism,Ink Blot,etc? Just wondering.

So this is pretty awesome!
Characters acting in ways they normally don't and actually having different names for their normal lives.
Btw Bellatrix is so adorable! I didn't think I needed that image but now I'm glad I was wrong.

Maybe Twilight chould convince Prism Wing that she changed. Then, on the final chapter, they're married to each other?

Well, the chapter it's just like I'd imagined and what I expected from Season 7 and the Movie (wich was enjoyable for me, not sure if Hasbro will announce another one).

I'm pretty sure Season 8 will be oustanding as this one.

If by outstanding, you mean dentist office painful, then yes, I'm sure it'll be just as painful. Not as much as the movie, but hey, don't worry. Equus post Season 5 is gonna get its reckoning for its blatant retardation soon enough.

That last sentence was just perfect.

Why is it in the group ?

HA, Nice update and great twist on the original Simpsons episode this storyline is based on. I'm sad to see it go because I'm curious as of what will be your take on Season 9 and the rumors of it being the final season ?

Still great overall story and keep up the wonderful writing on future stories.

*Stands up and starts clapping*

So the entire thing was an extended therapy session, so show the girls despite how hard things where, despite the hurts, they accomplished something great and can be those friends they where pretending to be for the cameras.

Ugh so hard to read without said ans such to tell who speaking. Different colored text Doesn’t work with ever theme either

Okay...I realize this is probably not the place to vent about this, but I've read so much about people criticizing the show and saying it's not as good as it used to be. For me, the quality never went down. Yes, there were episodes I didn't like as well as the others, but that applies to ALL shows. And as for season 6 (Starlight, Trixie, Thorax, and Discord save the day), it didn't disappoint me at all. I simply don't know why everyone suddenly became so critical.

I am absolutely heartbroken that they're ending the series and completely flummoxed as to why the fans aren't up in arms about it. I don't look forward to life after the (Gen 4) Ponies.

... Theirs was Great. I genujenly was convinced you were going with the all-happy route.


This a fantastic and fun read. Great work!

I love just how much feels this gives me after the show has ended. I actually read this near the time it was released, and now these years later its like this has taken on a new meaning.

Nice fanfic.

Very nice.

Good job.

I love it.

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