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Fluttershy has accomplish many challenges, but nothing has prepare her to the biggest one to date.

Warning: Sex tag for some sexual allusions.

Thanks to Tide Hunter and Sparkletop Rainbows for the editing! You're the real heroes here!

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Christ on a bike, this is hilarious.

Hysterical! Great story.

Got a chuckle out of me. Interesting read.

Wow. This was hilarious. I was hoping it was going to be about Fluttershy's actual first time having sex, though. Hopefully with Discord. Yes, I'm a hopeless Fluttercord shipper.:heart:

If this were the Mentally Advanced series, she'd most likely be buying them for her animals.

Fluttershy Buys Condoms

Well, I'm gonna go read a different story. Bye!

Bye bye!

7449456 On second thoughts, I can stay a little longer for my lovely friend Normal here!

This cannot have been edited.

That ending! Goddammit, Rainbow Dash! :rainbowlaugh:

At least she bought them.

:derpyderp2:Groove Tube or Kentucky Fried Movie....:rainbowderp:

Nurse Redheart held Fluttershy’s head to hers, moving her mouth to the animal caretaker’s ear. “I adored the strawberry one, I used it as chewing gum in my spare time.”
Thanks to this, Fluttershy had a vision where Nurse Redheart was chewing a condom and inflated it like a balloon.


That was hilarious! Poor Fluttershy, getting embarassed AND getting the wrong thing!

I don't know why, but I didn't find this that amusing...

Glad I'm not the only one who remembers that movie.

There was no sex in this, the sex tag was completely unnecessary

The ending got me laughing. While I feel some of the humor you were going for would translate better in a visual medium, the way the situation constantly builds and builds kept me invested until the end.

Now this is how you write a Robot Chicken
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic script......


Great story, but why was rainbow dash gardening? That doesn't seem like something rainbow dash would do.

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