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All Art Is Quite Useless

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You and Fluttershy have a child together. You probably should have considered the ramifications of interspecies breeding first.

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I wanted to write something meaningful in the comment, but I'm speechless at the moment (wow, it even rhymes) so let's go with a simple:

NICE! Got a good laugh out of it :pinkiecrazy:

I was speechless for a moment. Then I sneezed.
Silly self, it was a story.
Shut up me! I'm still processing this!
Well. I guess that explains the centaurs. And all this work for the pun at the end, marvelous!
That guy is a total dick. And yet the story is good through the actions of the characters. Well done!

You're like a disciple of Flutterpriest, minus the mysterious ooze that won't wash off.

I wanted to write more, but I just say that I noticed it is that kind of anon again. I sadly don'T really like this kind of personality if I got it right from the looks I took a the story.

art is a

That pun though. You, Flutterpriest and Anonpencil need to form a support group.

Looking at you boy, you feel a surge of self-pride. In Fluttershy's arms there laid the birth of an utterly staggering discovery, and you were at the centaur of it all.

End my sad existence now, for I actually laughed at this joke.

I didn't think I would ever hate Nurse Redheart, but, wow, is this version of her a bitch.

read first two thingiemabobs. Oh boy it's not gonna end well

Meh, spent too much time wanting to castrate the protagonist to enjoy anything else about the story.

Did you write this story....just for that FUCKING ENDING PUN?!?

I agree. Puns of this magnificence need to be shared.

Clearly he is the father of the centaur-y.

and you were at the centaur of it all.

Son of a bitch.

And so, Bojack Horseman was born.

8508836 A pure and perfect trollfic. I approve. :trollestia:

Redheart sighs. "Have you ever heard of a condom?"

Alondro, the mad biologist pops up, "Actually, it shouldn't have mattered at all. With dissimilar chromosome structure, the forming zygote should have died from chromosomal nondisjunction resulting in aberrant chromosomal number and multiple failures of crucial developmental signal transduction cascades."

You blink, "Fluttershy tastes like bananas." You are an idiot, after all.

Alondro rolls his eyes impatiently at the morons who clearly came from one of those Common Core schools. "What I'm saying is, you should have been able to screw anything you wanted and never had to worry about pregnancy. The cytogenetic mismatches occurring during every round of mitosis once the initial zygote has formed should have guaranteed zero percent fertility." He leans in closer, "For this to happen, something POWERFUL intervened. Something that wanted to create... chaos."

And suddenly you REALLY hate Discord.


8508609 As soon as I began reading, I suspected this would end with a pun. I was delighted to find I was not mistaken!

Did you write this story just to make that pun at the end? Because if you did, I applaud you.

It was centaur-ly something. :rainbowwild:

I can't not love this. Great work!

The pun at the end was like an arrow to the knee

You should feel ashamed...

8511481 Why would I feel ashamed when I have more people to enlist to my side and achieve absolute victory and power! MUWAH HA HA HA!! :trixieshiftright:

Puns are not very punny

8512667 You must be pun-ished for your non-belief in the power of the Farce. :trollestia:

I do not believe I am pun-ishable by law

"Let's name him Tirek."

"NO." :flutterrage:

Know this douchedad, that child will not reciprocate your feelings. You'll come home from a long hard day of bastardry and douchedom and all you'll want is a little sympathy. You'll want the son you brought into this world to hug you. And that's when you'll realize that things fall apart and the centaur will not hold.

Anon is such a PoS in this one-shot, I mean really >_>

What's worse was, he was technically correct it seems, and everyone knows that's the best kind of correct.

I was prepared to hate this because this Anon is a totally irredeemable jerkass. But then it all came together at the end.

And that awful awful pun was perfect.

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