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Pinkie Pie causes an accident that involves the rest of her friends. As she waits in the lobby, she wonders if they can forgive her once they get out of the emergency room.

Cover art by DespotShy. Edited by Night_Shadow12.

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This is really heartwarming, and it feels in character that Pinkie would forgive easily. Again Aj is the mother of the group and has the reasonable point. Though for improvement, see if you can weave *sigh* into your writing. For example

"...The rest of the girls are ok and they’re waiting in their rooms for an answer." Spike paused and sighed, looking up at her, "I’m sorry Pinkie, I really am.”

Apart from that, I loved reading this! :pinkiehappy:

7004267 I have always considered Applejack the Mother of the group as well,

Apart from grammar issues, this story really does touch my heart.

Applejack was the best character in this story, and it truly makes me smile to know she cared about Pinkie, even when everyone else turned against her.

Consider this story upvoted.

Proof read your stories man.

7005125 What kindo of grammar issues are you talking about?

7008695 A few missing fullstops, commas, out of place words, and some mispelled words.

Wow, seriously Rainbow Dash? You don't punch people. Wow. This is a pretty good book. But it's gonna be akward with Twilight...

hey, good story. I actually agree with punching Pink. she does tend to go overboard on everything,
not to mention, more often than not, she is more concerned about herself than others. sort of "Better
to ask forgiveness than permission." basically she thinks she's above reproach and that she doesn't
feel the need to be accountable. she may apologize but she then goes back to doing whatever two
seconds later. so, it's nice to, on ocassion, have the others say, "No. Pinkie is not going to slide this time."

You are an abuser the fact that you said she deserved to be hit means not only are you a pinkie hater but you support abuse because according to your sick logic the victim was asking for it! Go fuck yourself with a cactus you fucking abuse apologist

Um falling asleep at the wheel is a dumb reason to get mad at someone.

hey veryjittery,

no worries. I'm not a hater. simply Pinkie rarely takes responsibility for her
actions and the other Mane 5, and others in general, rarely call her out on
it. so, it's rare that one of them actually (and rightfully) punishes her for it.
an ocassional wakeup call for our Party Princess would be advisable. just a
thought. she is adorable in a very annoying, pain-in-the ass way.

Sorry for yelling at you. I'd just gotten out of a physically abusive relationship my boyfriend would punch and slap me and then say I deserved it. Your comments just triggered me. You shouldn't hit people to punish them that is abuse. I knew what you meant I took a look at your page you are in a few pinkie groups so of course you aren't a hater. You can criticize your favorites. They had a right to yell at her though of course pinkie rarely gets called out for her bs. Dash is like buttercup and buttercup has hit her sisters a few times then again she's five she doesn't realize hitting is wrong. Now that I think about it hitting isn't as black and white is it? Ok you know what it depends on the context if you're being a reckless twit you probably need to be slapped back to reality. That's what you meant? Pinkie was being reckless. even in show she almost got crushed by a rock in that sister episode.


didn't mean to hit a nerve. I hope your current boy/girlfriend treats you better.
it's true Dash also does questionable things and isn't called out. I'm simply
saying that the others simply say "that's Pinkie being Pinkie", allowing her free
reign to act however without accountablility. I myself would have a word or
make her take responsibility in a non-violent way. good story. keep it up.

A`lot of the characters felt severely OOC, so I'm hesitant to upvote this story. Combine that with the grammar/word issues, and I find myself conflicted. I like the concept, of Pinkie Pie causing an accident then having survivor's guilt, but the way it's executed doesn't sit right with me...

I've been looking for a story like this! The only thing I didn't like as much was Applejack being nice to her. My brain works very backwards, I love pinkie pie, and yet I hunt stories like these. Great job!

Hey, doesn't this have a reading on YouTube?

7449285 No, but hopefully one day, one day...

Comment posted by fausticornrules deleted Nov 2nd, 2016

This was a great story with a happy ending, something I needed after reading something sad. :twilightsmile:

It's like the feels got feel nukes and fired one at me. This story was so sad, and the part where Pinkie was talking to the tree and asking it if the tree was her friend... I think that just broke the dam.

7117340, while i agree with people being held accountable for their actions, their are right was and wrong ways. And keep in mind pinkie is a rather peculiar pony. If the episode party of one is any indication she clearly has something wrong upstairs. So while i agree that some of the stuff she does shouldn't just be written of as " just pinkie being being pinkie " its probably worth contemplating how much of pinkie's behavior are really her own actions. And im autistic so i speak from experience.

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