• Published 25th Dec 2016
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Behind the Laughter: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Smashology

This is the story they never wanted to tell you. This is the story about your favorite characters that has been kept secret. This is the story... behind the laughter.

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Author's Note:

This is going to be my most ambitious project. This is more than a story. It's a parody, a criticism, an homage and more importantly: a love letter to this TV show that will accompany me for the rest of my life.

Please, sit and enjoy.

They were the characters who changed the world, they changed people’s perspective on shows for girls, gliding a tidal air current of hilarity onto the gates of heaven. But behind the cameras, this funny sextet was trapped in its private hell.

Everybody wanted a piece of us.

They told us what to say, how to speak, which dialogues we should tell.

They found us gettin’ drunk on the sidewalks.

They even banned us from some nightclubs and galas because of that.

My addictions destroyed my personal relationships.

I ended up hating what I had created. Now I know how God feels.

A spear crashes against a heart-shaped ice figure, which falls from a dinner table and breaks into pieces. The crash is strong.

Tonight, “My Little Pony” as you’ve never seen it before on Behind the Laughter.

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