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Instead of the Marvel Heroes returning to their world, what if Twilight made sure that they would stay instead? Peter Parker and Twilight Sparkle won't be only Marvel-Equestria married couple.

Set a year after the Dystopian Future and months after Capcom, and five years before The Sinister Six, watch as the Marvel Superheroes form families with the Elements of Harmony. Johnny Storm will wow and impress Rainbow Dash, Logan shows a softer side for Fluttershy, Janet proves to be sweeter than any gem Spike has had, Mayday now has more heroes to admire, plus a few others. Perhaps this is the start of something bigger.

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So begins the AU. I imagine with these guys around, Part IV will be easier
on Peter. I wonder how they'll handle the Sinister Six when the time comes or even meeting Spider-Mare. Looking pretty good so far.

By certain characters showing up earlier, what do you mean? And is Capcom still able to show up, or was that the same portal that got destroyed?

It might not be as easy as you think. :ajsmug:

By certain characters I mean like Ember and Flurry Heart. And no the Capcom portal wasn't destroyed, but it is sealed away for now. More on it will be explained. Some chapters might be released in pairs since I don't want to take too long to show certain things, and some of them are kinda small so I don't want to release them little by little if they barely add to the story.

I like this timeline already, more happy thoughts and feeling in it. More!!!

All HELL YEAH now that is how it supposed to be.

"I want to, I really do. The problem is that I don't know if that's the right thing to do," Logan said.

"Huh? How is it not the right thing?" Peter asked. "You love her don't you?"

"Yeah, I do. I'm just worried though, I mean I'm not exactly the greatest example of the perfect guy," Logan said.

Logan is right to be hesitant. Because the people that are closer to him the most usually end up dead in his never-ending road of bad luck. For example, Silver Fox was killed by Sabertooth and Mariko was poisoned and Logan was forced to kill her so she could die a honorable death. Hell, even Old Man Logan's family ended up murdered by the Hulk gang. So not matter what hard he tries to move on, bad luck may find a way to catch up to him and Fluttershy could suffer a similar fate.

"Twilight Sparkle? What did you do?" Celestia asked.

Twilight looked to Celestia with an apologetic face, "I'm sorry, but I just couldn't stand here and do nothing! I had to do it Princess Celestia!"

"You just destroyed the portal Twilight, that was their only way home," Celestia said, a little unhappy with what Twilight had done.

"That's the point, they don't want to go back and we don't want them to leave," Twilight said and looked to the heroes. "By destroying that portal, they can stay in Equestria as well."

:duck: Um excuse me, Twilight? I don't mean to criticise your judgement, but you do realise that by destroying the portal that was the only way home back to Earth for the heroes, you have stranded them on Equestria (regardless of whether they actually wanted to stay or not) thus forcing them to abandon their heroic duties and responsibilities on Earth and adapt into Equestria that is very different for them compared to Earth's culture, not to mention that they'd be leaving behind friends or family that are still on Earth and possibly never see again. You stranded Peter in Equestria by accident when you first summoned him, which to be fair you had no idea and was did it with the best intentions and eventually worked out over time. But here, you've done it to these heroes deliberately without heeding the consequences that could put the universe at risk. Now I can't speak for the others, but to me that sounds pretty selfish and stubborn of you.

Sounds like Discord's gonna upgrade his Sinister Six to a Cabal. With so many heroes, he's gonna need to plan ahead from his initial scheme. More villains against more heroes equals more chaos. If he is getting more villains, I'm betting on Mole Man and Sabretooth showing up somehow. Since all of Marvel's on the table there are so many options for him to wreak havoc.

Glad to see things working out for the heroes though. And man does news spread fast in Equestria.

Man we got three wedding coming up

Dang Deadpool show keep his mouth shut around peter

Jesus Christ! The Thing's right eye brow looks like a duck's bill!

"There's a chance the portal could work without the imbalance!" Twilight said. "It would take a lot of magic but I think all of us could pull it off, especially if we had help from the Marvel world, be it Dr. Strange's magic or even Mr. Fantastic's science!"

I wonder if Tony Stark could help? He created certain pieces of technology using science and magic. Like I think he created a portal that linked Asgard to Earth using science and Asgardian magic.

"This time we could have easier access to The Avengers though, they'll be able to help," Sunset insisted.
Luna looked unsure, "The Avengers? I don't think we necessarily need them, we have Peter and his allies, plus The Elements of Harmony."

Like I said it might be possible that Tony might have something to contribute. And as you know, Stark is a founding member of the Avengers.

I cant wait to see the rest of the X-Men for Wolverine's, Ice man's and Gambit's weddings. :yay::raritystarry::ajsmug:

I was kinda hoping for more dialoged with the X-Men but oh well.

Are Peter's friends going to get their own story arc's.
Maybe a babysitting adventure with Deadpool and the Deadpool corpe made in a parody of his movie.
Logan, Remy, and Bobby in a logan movie kinda way.
and Johnny taking his wife and daughter to the human world and have some family bonding time with the Fantastic 4.

Each character is gonna have a little story arc, for now it's how they'll each bond with the families of the ponies they married, plus each of them becoming parents as well.

Babs scratched her head, "Such a strange town."

I agree

I didn't really see a Deadpool arc in this, please give him more shine in the next story.

Wait til hope meets the kirin race?

It's best not for her to be paired with any of them,

She'll just outlive them all

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