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My name, is not important. If you want to know what it is, I'll email it to you when I'm dead. Since you are reading this, more than likely, you've stumbled across my journal. Which is what this little snippet of information details. Within the contents of the book, I hope you will have the courage and willpower not to cringe, and throw it off like so many before you. There will be trial and error, sarcasm, god's insatiable curse called Headache's,

And Ponies. So... many... Ponies...

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 90 )

pro tip: make main character 200% more savage to make things more interesting.
(equestria gets roasted like a burnt sausage)
EDIT:maybe 300%, to be safe.

7399555 agreed, also, insult Skittles as often as possible, eventually leading to a fight by chapter 6.


Alright. More Savagery. But... How much?
Crooked wants 200-300% Savagery. If I output to much, the story might be the one burnt instead of Equestria.
Comment it based in the next chap, it isn't just the main character that's savage.

The idea here isn't to make friends with the mane 6, but to piss them off as much as possible for ultimate comedy. Think about it. Main character wants to go home, causes of loss of home fails to get him back twice. So, he'll be pissed for a week or so until he finally numbs it down, for which about a week of extreme roasting and crushing/losing to skittles occurs. Eventually, you can tone the savagery down a little.

But that's just my suggestion.:moustache:


(Ppsssstt, suggestion noted). But then again, that's going to be the attitude the majority of the story. Its not spoilers but hey, apparently someone knows what to expect.
Its fun writing, and all in all hilarious to read and see how far the character can go, pushing someone until someone pushes back.
Hopefully he's savage enough for you ppls. If not, then let me know and ill try and find if I can push him harder.


pyro is looking quite angry right now... spy is spy, but once met with pyro...

Lets just say things have been heated between the two...

*Reads story*
Pretty dank bro.

Pretty good story. I like the funny semi-parody take on the HIE clichés.

So far, I've never seen unique personality in fimfiction, so I'm lovin the comedy.


Heh... vO-O
Next chapter coming soon.


Never? Wow... I'm surprised actually. Well, I'm trying. Its a lot of fun to make, and all the comments help out a lot. So keep the comment thingy going!

*reads story for 3rd time*
*sips coffee*
We should make a group about this
*proceeds to do so*
Have you seen a group like this before?

What do you mean by a complete savage?


An asshole. Or if you want the censored version, still, the asshole.


Oooooo. Good catch. I'll get to editing it soon. It was supposed to be,
"-I don't have my wallet-"

Sweetie Bell is incorrect. Got my ass chewed out cuz of that. (Damn.... Fans....)
Sweetie Belle. Have to remember that. THANKS FOR COMMENTING AND LIKING!!

imagining him as dan from 'dan vs.'!

The story of what would happen if cancer-incarnate came to Equestria. I'm enjoying this.

Like a bawss.
I really dislike the trope of being a jerk and no one pushes back. You treat everyone like a jerk that you are and sooner or later, someone better than you will pushes back.

'When September Ends' by Green Day doesn't have any super complicated riffs as far as I remember. Why didn't you pick a more impressive song?


I wanted to do, 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams', but that isn't as complicated as it sounds.
I did, 'When September Ends' as an Ode to the fact that he hadn't played guitar in a while. My mistake, I'll try something more complicated next time he picks up the instrument. Oh, THANKS FOR COMMENTING!! :D

Aw, I missed the update for this story on my tracking list. Oh well, better late than never.

I get that you're implying that tick is a chaos element, but I can't figure out which one.
Edit: 'First' by the way. Based on how you ended this chapter, I assume he's lust. From what I remember of the beginning of this story, solitude would be a better fit.

I think I'm mixing up details from other stories.



But I will say, think simple. Who knows, Tick might just be a simpleton.
:3 you'll find out soon.


7709583 The fic suddenly changes to mature with sex tag
I think he's Lust lolol :trollestia:


Well... If demand overages supply, then maybe... MAYBE...
That's what the comments are for though, so if you got an idea, PM me, or post it on this section for fimfiction to see.

And I give no promises on subject =v=

If he is a chaotic element I think he is solitude. The story description itself says he's a solitary guy, and hes pretty much always wanting to be alone.

Second is that he asked if the chaotic elements are polar opposite of the harmonic ones and they said they were. So if Friendship = magic, then Solitude = anti-magic/no magic(this added to the fact humans don't have magic as well).

I... Think I did. Lucive was not the correct term! ERMAGERD, GOOGLE DOCS, I'LL KILL IT WITH FIRE!!

B-bubutbubutbutbut- waht about teh other charateurs?

7768815 Harem protagonist!
Or not...Either work for me.

7768815 I meant for the "vivid dream" thing. How would the vividness affect your memory of the dream? It would really only work with being aware while in the dream, I think.

*insert thinking rage face, because I am poor*
The possibilities... Are endless with that. I will dwell on the subject. But- Is it a cliché in your mind?

Yeah, my bad! :P Kinda had a brain fart while writing portions of the chapter. Honestly it was supposed to be Lucid. But unfortunately, I slipped up and "that" happened. Good catch!
*slowly creeps back to edit...*

Don't even recall what happened in this story. Anywho I bet this orb turns out to be able to record sound and image too.

7768835 Most fanfics are cliché for having an existence in the first place.
Though, keep it at a sane number, no more than 3.

Nah. Think smaller.
Yah thinking smaller? Okay, Imagine it was a harry potter reference. Hm? Its more of something he can use to get somewhere safe.
I'll explain in other chapters, and go in depth so ya ain't-
WAIT A MINUTE!! You don't know what's happening?
...Send me a PM of why so I don't blow up the comments... Criticism and all!

Dude, It just, *BOOM*, and I was like,

"Damn! Talk about an explosive situation!"

No... In real talk I was scared shitless and almost broke my chair ALONG with my laptop. Got it fixed and back to writing!

But leafy is scary... And redundant owl is always appearing wherever I go.

See, I've always done the opposite, of where its an OC in Equestria. Never a Human. Human is way more fun than an OC!
And the story itself kinda has some cliches... I've counted about 47 of them. Yay(?)

Y'know, I'm wondering why Tick doesn't have a concussion


You uh... Didn't hear this from me...
looks around
the encyclopedias were actually abridged versions
Tick was exaggerating :D

Tick: No, I wasn't.



I feel bad for him. Maybe.

also that makes a lot more sense

This is probably the best comedic fic I've read yet. xD


There is this one comedic short, named; Through the Eyes of Another Pony. That, is the best comedy served fresh. In my opinion at least.

Unfortunately, CardsLafter has discontinued it... Which is sad because there is no more funnehs...


Anger, a small but rather solidly built foal, nodded, “YES, IT SEEMS I AM ALL OUT OF OATS, FEAR.”
Fear murmured, “Oats?” Shaking his head, Fear scoffed, “Why in the Dickens is that a problem?!”
Anger slammed a hoof down in an attempt of looking tough, but failed and merely looked as if he were throwing a tantrum, “I AM HUNGRY, AND IN NEED OF SUSTENANCE.”

Anyone read Anger's lines with Krato's voice?


...Hmm... Okay, Maybe. Totally would agree with you on that.


got my inspiration from dis

It is the funniest crap to write this guy out.

Your existence is spitted on,

Past tense of spit is spat.


Ooooooh. Good catch.

Thanks for commenting!

Okay so, that was going to be one of my jokes. No lie. I had a scene and everything planned out for it too.


thanks for commenting....

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