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I'm starting writing for fun. It's exciting!


In the southern valley of Equestria, sandwiched between the mountain city of Canterlot and the Everfree forest, sat a town. At first glance this town would seem unremarkable. It has citizens like any other. Citizens who live out their daily lives going to work, shopping, eating, drinking, greeting. At first glance this small town, to the untrained eye, would seem quite boring. Little did the citizens know, a certain discovery by a certain unicorn, would change the fate of the world, forever.

Spike, take a letter…”

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Interesting. I quite like how this story has begun. Looking forward to reading more. Though, I did see a few spelling mistakes, but thankfully they weren't that plentiful.

Agreed on all fronts. Squoze, while not really a mistake, is a very unusual way of saying squeezed, and it actually pulled me out of the story a bit.

Maybe slow down, other than that an interesting premise and a decent start.

This is my first ever story.

Bullshit. Maybe, maybe, first publicly presented story. But I’ll eat my left foot before believe something this good is anyone’s first go.

She quickly turned around to face me. “Damn you, Artemis!” She screamed. Lyra flinched back from the sudden noise. “She was my sister! I had no choice but to do that to her! I sent her away. Me. How do you think that made me feel?! Then you just… ran away!” She looked me dead in the eyes and at a disturbingly dead volume said, “You’re a coward.” Lyra covered her mouth in shock once more. God only knows what she was thinking.

Fuck both of you. People mourn in different ways, he didn't owe Celestia a side to cry on. Lyra, you only just learned the situation.

And even if she had to, why should someone close to the person you put out for 1k years comfort you? I know you felt horrible but how did Artemis feel, with the pony that failed her sister and banished her?

Really, fuck you Celestia.

No. Unfortunately, I cant draw worth a damn :twilightsheepish:
I did link to the source where I found the drawing, but I dont know who created it. Sorry I couldn't help you. Thank you for taking an interest in my story!

This looked like an intriguing beginning. Let's see where this would lead us to.

“That’s what Married couples do.”

Cadance: AUNTIE!! All these years you are already married and you haven't told me?! I already prepared the lists for your potential suitors for nothing!

Other than the gender shifts from he to She it was well done

Ponies are like that, they stick together despite only knowing each other for 2 minutes.

Inbuilt Xenophobia.

As it turns out, a ‘ thud’, is the sound a Twilight Sparkle makes when it hits the ground.


“Perhaps I could have been a little more specific. That girl, honestly. She’s so bright and brilliant, but at the same time, so dense.”

I would blame her babysitter for not taught her common-sense in social interaction.

The IT was intentional, that’s why she’s referred to as A twilight sparkle, it’s a joke.

Nice you have my attention cant wait to read more

Definently a great start I'm looking forward to more have a like and a follow dear author:twilightsmile:

My eyes lit up in realisation and I patted the cloak pocket, feeling the liquid slosh inside the flask. Then, smirked right back at her. “That’s because you’re just that intoxicating.” Yep, still got it.


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