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Fascinating start.

Sometimes I think Celestia and the tree will be the creators of their own downfall.

The Monk
"Knowledge is power and power corrupts, so study hard and be evil." - Reykan

That fucking BITCH! I hope she's constantly get brutalize with absolutely no breaks in between them in hell for what she did to her.

What a way to start. Why don't I find stories like these more often:ajbemused:

I would have never found this story if it wasn't featured. Ughh, we need more stories like this on fimfiction. I once planned for my first story to be similar, but I never went through and did something else instead.

A story like this... Oh it leaves so many questions and so many answers.

Well, I'm glad you've enjoyed it thus far.

Im also very surprised I'm featured mere hours after I posted it o.o

Ah, yeah. Glad you liked that.

im hoping for celsetia to get put in there and anri to become public knolage

You wanted Celestia, down there in a jail where only those who have repented can go free. And a murderous psychopath to become public knowledge. The biggest question is:
What the heck do you have any reason for the two things you suggested?

celestia made a secret murder pit and tossed an innocent in there.



There's more to the story yet to be revealed.

All in due time.

Oh, so we're walking into the aftermath of a tragedy

What is a human, if not an animal that can go beyond their instincts. What happens if that was peeled away, and all that remained was the instincts? We're a special kind of killing machine, that creates rationale to why we should or shouldn't do certain things, and when we do, we're very creative. That horribly play, she went from beating Cozy's head in, beating her with her severed leg, to using Cozy as a club to nearly kill her former friends. Instinct was at the helm, and that little shit died from its emotionless cruelty.

You just put a smile on my face.

Take the upvote!

Makes me wonder how deep into philosophy this story is gonna go or hint towards. It would be interesting if the story took a turn in that direction. It has Luna and Twilight tag, so I wonder what their opinions are on the matter...

Until the Press leaked it, you ever hear of a place called Guantanimo?
Do you still hear about it?

Hope that Celly's not an asshole dictator or the "too dangerous to do anything therefore lock 'it,' up" or some other drivel. If so, pm me and ill just fart-off.


Just keep a bit of an eye out later today. I'll give you a few more pieces of the puzzle to play with.

I can guarantee there will be some, just because of the nature of some characters.

All I can do is say "Wait and See."

Dang! This is a brutal start!
Can’t wait for more!!

Wow Tartarus went from 'Lol Tartarus' to like Super Guantamo Bay real quick

This story is heartbreaking to think is that an innocent person gat sent to the pit of Tartarus a place like that can change a child or innocent person a monsters are not born they are made from actions out of their control is it's only until it is too late that we learn why they became monsters and when we do finally understand we feel no hatred for them we feel sadness heartbreak and sorrow they did not choose to go down that path they were forced to go down that path

But did you enjoy reading it?

Oh no! Not super Guantanamo!

“The sweet girl we knew became the Innocent Monster, because Cozy Glow began eating her soul.”

What the absolute fuck on all levels of hell

its good that he'll pay for his crimes

No, please! The time there is so... Unstructured.
And the guards don't beat you, they just tell you how "disappointed" they are in you.

A good read so far. I’m interested about where the plot is going. While I tend to dislike that cozy was sent to Tartarus at all in general, I guess it’s just because she’s young and threw her future away. I wonder how chrysalis will interact with her since she has such a unique way with emotions. Can’t wait for more!

It is hard to be repentant towards a crime that one does not commit

I really like how Tartarus is depicted and the concept of the story, but for some reason I just can't bring myself to like the story

Hmm. Big "it's/it's" error right there in the description :unsuresweetie:

If you're unsure, the rule is simple: "it's" is always short for "it is". The possessive form of "it" is "its", without apostrophe.


Thank you!

Im working on little to no sleep, so this really helps!

Oh this has a lot of potential!

Well.....This is about to get good, Wonder how long until Twilight finds out how bad she has fucked up? It will be justly devastating, it will.

“I came to ask if you were alright, regarding Celestia.”

Wait what?

Twilight’s face turned away. “I’m not, and I won’t be for a while. Especially since I will be taking her place alongside you.” A slight shudder went down her spine, agitating her stitches once again. “You know the history with her, and what she said as Daybreaker still hurts.”


I'm intrigued. Very much so, but I'm kind of at the hairline of utter enjoyment and ??????????????? and backflipping outta here. It's written well, and the premise is interesting...

I like to worldbuild without explicitly saying everything that happened.

As one commenter put it:

"We're in the Aftermath of a tragedy."

She had to have been forcefully teleported with a spell that had no safety features in its formula

wait does this mean that twilight knows that innocence is well innocent? Then who sent her to the pit?

I think it might have more to do with whatever happened to Celestia. Though she may recognize Innocent's circumstances if/when she ever hears the story of her crime because of it.

Although, said incident could also be Innocent's arrival.

I have a gut feeling Celestia's absence, coupled with that room (apparently in the Palace??) going uncleaned for long, might indicate SHE was the victim. Maybe an assassination plot gone horribly right, mage thinks he's summoning a demon, instead summons large-ish bald ape that squishes the target without even trying.

You would think she'd be able to put two and two together, but even if she was, there would be the problem of what Innocence has done in her current state on top of undoing the damage by Cozy Glow. There's another problem as well, you can't repent/ apologize for something you didn't do, if I'm understanding the functions of all the wards and such correctly, she's stuck there unless they want to completely open up Tartarus just to free one person who may be beyond salvation. You have to truly want to change for the better and truly feel guilt for your crimes. She can't feel guilty for something she didn't do, and she can't want to change for the better when her only crime is being teleported against her will to the wrong place at the wrong time.

You can't rehabilitate a criminal for a crime they didn't commit because all that's going to happen is they will adapt to prison rules if they don't want to get fucked or shanked, she would've been free from the start otherwise. Even if she does get out, what are they going to do if she reacts violently with the inevitable flare ups of PTSD or relapses in some way? If her mind can't be restored, what are they going to do with someone that basically embodies survival instinct?

I'm curious as to the reason why Twilight is revisiting the records of a crime that happened at least a couple of years ago.


If she was, then the girl might be left to rot anyway because they might feel they need SOMEONE to blame for it, and who better than the one who "caused" it?


Just seeing you guys discuss this brings a smile to my face.

seriously, I'm grinning like a fool at work, and I'm currently working on the next chapter. Like damn guys. Me hart. Me sole.

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