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What to say about me... I'm a novelist, I enjoy writing Fanfiction (seriously I like it. Although I mainly do Justice League or Highschool of the Dead), and thanks to Dr. Whooves I found FIM.

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This is...different. Not bad different just...different.

OK good at least you did not go full anime with this and have it take 24/26 episodes for them to deal with this, lets hope after there done they can agree on something.

Now there’s some more good quality original content. Good job

That's an interesting deviation from the Overlord story, nice.

Just some criticism: you should make a break when the PoV changes back to Mannulus. As it is we were in Solar's PoV one paragraph then suddenly Mannulus in the next one, it was quite confusing.


Thanks, and I did make the break, after I submitted the chapter. Neither L0RD0F7HUNDER or myself caught it until it was submitted. At which time I went in and showed the change of view.

Hmmmm.. I miss sebas ... maybe someone could've made shade sombras alternate persona he started as a guard afterall and made him a dragon ...shadow dragon in particular. Plus having another guy to hang out with could lead to a guys/ girls night out joke chapter. Plus ive always thought fluttershy and sombra had a beauty and the beast thing going on making for another possible couple/herd forming because truthfully if Manny gets every girl it'd seem kinda boring.

Hey I was wondering if your story was open for crossover becuse I am working on a story that has it own game system it's not near ready yet but I just wanted to know

Anyone else get the reference to goblin slayer?

Yes and i notice the reference to how not to summon a demon lord


I'm personally Okay with having it open for Crossover, and if it helps the leveling systems i'm using are a blend of the Leveling system from Overlord (Via the soft novels) and from Dungeons and Dragons version 3.5.


Thanks for noticing!

i was hoping that someone would notice that as well :)

But right now I dont see a way for both of our charecters to benefit from meeting my guy is only level ten and can't talk since he's a skeleton

Veneficus? Is that a reference to HP and the Power of the Dark Side?


Nice guess, but actually it's Latin. Sticking with the naming system I've been using it's more or less another name for what he's disguised as.


Ah, good point, but remember that Mannulus is a Necromancer. Speaking to the dead are part of his abilities.

First off, i noticed your reference to Goblin Slayer with your use of the name Orcbolg.

And i think the second reference with the mirror that measures adventures power is either to KonoSuba or How not to summon a demon lord. Not quite sure which though since it's been close to a year since i read either the manga or watched the anime...

Well he'll get his body back eventually I have a whole evolution system in place as well

Fight me Darkskull the machine god.

Did something happen yesterday with the story? I couldnt find it yesterday?

For some reason the mods had removed it. I edited it, and reposted it. with any luck it won't be taken back down.

Did they not say why they took it down?

Comment posted by lunalover375 deleted February 15th

So, what does Hephaestus look like? Is he a Pony/Equis or does he look like the greek god?

I planned on describing him in more detail, but I also wanted to share a picture of how I believed he looked. In short order, Hephaestus is modeled after the Greek god. He is the blacksmith for the temple, and he is capable of creating, and modifying, magical weapons and armor. He is exceptionally proud of his craft, and designs his weapons and armor to be nearly perfect. He would strive for perfection, but both Mannulus and Sombra the Magnificent didn't want to make everything too easy. So instead he installs a sort of safety switch in each weapon and suit of armor. However, the only ones that knows what, and where, said switch is tends to be Hephaestus and the owner of the weapon or armor.

That said, here is the closest picture to how I personally Invision him.



Not yet, and hopefully it will be fine. If not, then the Google Doc and the Fanfiction version will still be available, so it's all good.

A pleasure to read as always and i look forward to more of your work ^_^

Alright, i like the story so far :)

Just hope Fluttershy and Discord be together, I remember seeing an ability that allow soul transfer to a new body. Perhaps that's how Discord will finally have a true body?

Great chapter dude!
But be careful with how similar you make it to the anime, kinda ruins the fun when you know what's gonna happen.

You said 'That said' three times too many at the end of the chapter in my opinion, but so far so good. Looking forward to the next.

The plot thickens, and I like what you included in this chapter, certainly sets it further apart from Overlord

Hmm looks promising, let's see what's it all about

Welp gotta admit story's great, granted there are mistakes and gramma errors here and there but overall it's a very good story. Not much more i can say - not enough material to write a proper opinion,
So all that's left is add it into tracked along with favorites lists and await the next chapter :twilightsmile:

I wonder if Sombra's dead for good or if Resurrection is possible in this world.

10096843 Granted it was a NPC, but someone has been rezed before

That's my question as well. Firstly this is second fic that i find surprise nazis inside this month. Kinda strange, but oh well... Secondly - resurrection. There wasn't anything about it's limits. Maybe it's scalable with person's lvl or what have you. But they seem to behave as if his departure is permanent.

This and the fact that the people of the village have been on the run for four days kinda put a difficult spike on the plan

♪ Bellows of rage,
The bearing of fangs,
The echoes the haunt and bereave thee.
No ocean contains,
The vengeance I crave!
The fury it never leaves me.♫

And now comes the real fun

I agree. This is well written and I find few mistakes but the events so far in have been exceedingly similar to Overlord. I would advise caution and creativity in later chapters so that you aren't accused of plagiarism later on.


That's a piece of advice I have taken whole heatedly. The further you read into it the more diverse it gets from Overlord.

He walked out, and I realized what had happened. Sombra the Magnificent, the character he created in the game, had taken over.

Now I'm worried.

What are the characters alignments?


The guild itself is sort of Chaotic good. Mannulus typically has his morality toward being like the Fae. He protects what he considers his, and he typically will be helpful, unless someone, or a nation, has attacked what he considers his. At which point he will become a living nightmare toward his enemy.

So you toke the TRUE king on what I said real...
Cool. :rainbowdetermined2:

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