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I am Morgan, and I have the needs of writes. So I have begun. I post updates every two weeks! I am on Twitter at @RedgraveMorgan Please by all means, come add me so I can spam art at you all!

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Yessss......Yesss........Feed me More.

Other chapter drops next week. Honestly I thought this would take a whole day to drop. That's why I posted today so it would be ready by tomorrow. Surprise surprise.

Good start for the continuation. Looking forward for more.:pinkiesmile:

I will read when the chapter is more than 10...

Book 2 is here!

Will this story just cover Orion, Twilight, and Rarity catching up on what's happened in their lives since Canterlot or will they finish their tales and all return to Ponyville halfway through the book?

You'll just have to wait and see. But awesome to have you back.

I'm glad to see the story back, although I almost missed it. I knew you renamed Convicts Shouldn't Have Second Chances, but I'm not as used to the new name. You might want to put Orion Falls' full name in the description, as there are other Fimfiction stories featuring an Orion.

Might be a good idea. Thanks for the advice!:twilightsmile:

Never mind I’m an idiot

No your not a brain fart does not make you and idiot. Just means ya didn't see it at first xD

So, no becoming an Element or something and pissing Celestia off? Darn, there goes my bet. oh well, I it will be one hell of a story then. And wont it be after/during season 9 that they are in Paris if you are going by the loose cannon timeline or are you going with a somewhat extended time line or will you be going Guren Lagan on us and change the story?

The great thing is I am using the original timeline as a guide for pacing, but I am introducing my own timeline and events.

So actually no. I can honestly say that the events of Nightmare moon only happened a short while ago for them. This is gonna be a long arse story xD

Does Celestia still treat Orion as a fugitive? Isn't it obvious the trial was a sham, so what he escaped? He's innocent, he shouldn't need to run when it came to light the judge and others are corrupt , mistrial and some crap.

Then again, hes right not to trust Sunbutt

That is the issue. In a way he was exposed. His activities are now viewed with suspicion by her. Not to mention she would be very curious as to where he learned so much knowledge. Not to mention the now hidden enemies that may or may not exist.

the Isles of Maroe

Ah, The island of Maroe... Fond memories.....is Doctor Moreau still there?

Interesting way to start the first chapter.

Looking forward to more.

The Monk
"Turning to the now gaping Shining Armor, “listen you little turd nugget, this is the holidays. A time in which no one is supposed to be a dick to another. So how about you pull on your big boy pants, and act like the adult you are supposed to be.” -Morgan83

Oh god I'm gonna have to change that now. I completely forgot about that story damnit:rainbowlaugh:

Its public domain, don't worry about it. Besides, if you hit a spat of writers block, it's a good potential option.

The Monk
“There are many ways to create a monster, and the one the girl knows best is rather basic: you tell someone they're a monster over and over again, then wait to see how long it takes before they agree with you.” -Estee

Honestly, the name kinda popped into my head. I will look for options.

OH THANK GOODNESS. I was hoping for that. Please inform us around where in the timeline they are at some point.

Yes... All my waiting has paid off.

Into the story I go.

Jeez after 6 years he's still wanted. Someone's desperate......I WONDER WHO AND WHY!?!😋😋

I shall inform you through the power of story telling. Don't worry my friend, part of the why this story is so long is because the original mlp storyline was rather short though packed with adventure.

My story draws that out and I want events to have a greater impact when they happen.

He may not be wanted by the Government of Equestria. But while Orion may be a bit of a dumbass, he isn't stupid. He knows that Celestia still has questions. Question he cannot comfortably answer.


I wish Celestia would just let it go, Orion isn't out to harm anyone, just trying to live his life.


You kidding? the moment Tia (and Daybreaker) figures out Orion is an enchanter capable of restoring her dreaded military airships, she won´t stop until he has been secured.

Celestia/Daybreaker is the obvious pursuer, due to her curiousity and meddlesome ways. But as the trial and the start of this new chapter showed us, Orion has no shortage of old enemies after him. And then you've also got the minotaurs who know what Orion is and have their own ideas for how he should settle down--by force if necessary. As do a number of other nations I imagine, after seeing what Orion did for the griffons. You could argue the same for his amorous suitors too, I suppose. :ajsmug:

sounds promising human

Strange, I genuinely thought that Orion would be directly involved in the Nightmare Moon incident. (Wasn't there a prohecy saying he would be involved with it somehow? Or am I misinterpreting that and it was referring to Daybreaker?)

Or was the prophecy changed/edited? I'll have to go back and re-read the first story. Keep up the good work Morgan83!


This chapter takes place after the events of Nightmare Moon. So the chapters come detail their lives up to and somewhat after that


Lo when the Moon is high and all seems lost, one will stand with the heart of six, and so push back against the ichor of a dark malady of a poisoned mind. He too shall stand as her bulwark, her shield.

While it appears that Orion wasn't with these two during NMM's return, he still may have been involved with that. We know that Orion was in the Everfree with a certain zebra, and that could have been during that time frame. There are many ways he could have been involved and protected either Twilight, Luna, or Nightmare Moon.



The author basically replied in 10786461 saying that this story is the one that details the events of that prophecy. So I jumped the shark, so to speak.

Orion made a mistake meeting Twilight and Rarity in Prance. I’m pretty sure that two of the Elements of Harmony traveling abroad would be secretly monitored by Celestia.


Should Orion have at least been a bit more concerned about what happened to Twilight after being discovered helping him escape? Orion didn't even ask her how it went.

In a way he did. Just Twilight and Rarity want to hear from him first. It is implied that they bombarded him with so many questions that unless he was talking about himself he couldn't get a word in edgewise.

Finally after losing his temper they agreed to a tit for that scenario, in which she still insisted he go first.

just finished bingeing the first book I am thoroughly excited for this

I appreciate that my dude. My gf is going through the story to clean up a lot of my mistakes, but I appreciate the point outs. Just been busy on this next chapter, it's a long one :facehoof: so it's taking a lot of my attention this week.

well off to find another book well I wait good luck

Guess explains why Orions uncomfortable telling Twilight why he doesn't want return "home" so to speak

Thanks for yet another awesome chapter!

I figured Orion would end up visiting the Castle of the Two Sisters before he fled Equestria. However I definitely wasn't expecting him to stumble upon the Tree of Harmony. I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and say that in addition to healing his wounds. The tree also gave him a hidden ability as well. The spirit of the tree is most likely aware of Daybreaker and her machinations. So I wouldn't be surprised if it's taking steps to aid those that can stop her.

Also, will Errant's sister be playing a significant role in Orion's life when he returns to Equestria?

Will this story be as long as the previous one?

Another great chapter as always, can't wait to read the next!

I assume we'll eventually find out who made the enchantments Orion came across? Or at least if Celestia was alerted to the castle?

We shall see. But I can tell you I don't like to throw away characters. I like to reuse them if I can make their position in the story make sense.

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