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I had just turned eighteen

You said there was a 15 year time skip for a 5 year old. It's either a 13 year skip or he skipped at 3. You should at least separate those skips.

I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this one.

have you seen this? sword king

No but now you've peaked my interest.

lol glitch happens when he gets his 'game menu and status' and what not. no magic, or skills. you'll see. just upated couple days ago. (i really like solo leveling, tbh) i have a list of manga i read, a lot of them are isekai with gaming aspects.

This was a epic beginning I love this anime/manga feel, it has me beyond hyped to see what else happens next( no rush).

Friendship is a game is a good fic adaptation that can give u Ideas or Overlord anime does the same bringing the game world to a flash and blood real-world and real rules. But then again you can make something completely new so good luck and I can't wait to read more.

This just keeps getting better feel like I'm reading a awesome GN ,I can't wait to see where this goes next (no rush)

I find it a little odd that Arthur not only played sao before coming here but also later described the mechanics as sao like was confused when Tiff described clearly sao game mechanics. Sure, I was expecting them after Tiff showed up but Arthur clearly enjoys the show.

I'm not sure if I made it clear or not, so apologize if I didn't get the message across. Arthur surprised that this world may actually function like Sao. Now I intentionally made it feel like sao, but without spoiling anything this will only seem like this for a good amount of time.

I have never watched much of the way of Isekai anime, but I knew what the concept of the anime. I can say this story caught my interest and will follow it to see where the story will take our hero. I also want to see how our favorite pony characters get integrated into the story. Can't wait for me, keep up the excellent work.

The story is looking good

Fight on champ

Just wait until he upgrades that spell from a ball into swords. :scootangel:

Just a tip, having so many pictures of unimportant things is just distracting and cuts the flow of the story. We don't need to know what his breakfast, the dungeon entrance, or an ordinary door look like.

Plus, the ones that are important are best saved for the end, in the Author's Notes. Also, don't just rely on the pics for the description. You still want to describe the thing. That way if the picture gets deleted or moved you still have the description.

That was a heart pumping beyond epic chapter my heart was beating on the edge through all the dungeon.

This is a great story so far, and I can't what to read more of it?

so far this is a great story so far i cant can't what to read more of it

"I am known by many names: Mountain Slayer, Thunder Lion, The Chocolate Ax, but you may call me...' He paused as he leaned down. "Tiffany."

"...Tiffany, huh?...That's a pretty masculine name."

.... Love this line

"Well? Go on and try them on, and while you do that, I'll give a crash course on what you need to know."

What is the picture under this text supposed to be?

I'll keep that in mind. Aside from that what did you think of the battle scenes?

i fixed it since i didn't realizes that the image hadn't gone through. Here is what they should look like so you don't have to scroll up .downloadfree3d.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Shortsword-and-Shield.jpg

They were enjoyable. Battle scenes can be very hard to do. Check out these videos. They might help you master fight scenes.

Thanks man. Sword and Shield. Very nice looking

In a dimly lit hotel room, two drunken lovers laid together in bed as the man slowly prepared himself to insert his member into the woman's-

Whoa whoa whoa!! Not this far back! Fast-forward!! Fast-forward!!!"

Now this is my type of comedy

Now this is an awesome story

This story is awesome! Is any of the Mane 6 gonna show up? Also, love the references hehehehehehe. Tiffany best blacksmith boi. XD

Shouldn't the prologue and day one be in separate chapters?

This was a epically wild sweet and spicy chapter, it was awesomely chill I loved the Spirted Away references. I hope he grows as he levels up:raritywink:😉.

Great chapter, nice to read again from you.

But still, for NNN i have to post this

Love the references in this chapter. It's a mix of saucy and sweet. Good combo.

"Oh, sure. I'll go see if Mama Mia is busy or not. Wait right here." With that, she left and ran into the back to get the owner. I decided to take a seat over at the counter till this Mama Mia showed up.

by any chance, is this "mama mia" person italian?

Lol I don't think so, as mentioned at the bottom she is based of the character from Danmachi. And based off the English dub I don't think she's Italian.

Yeah I figured, just wanted to slip in a little joke lol

The bathhouse was from spirited away, nice!

You even used the witch from spirited away. Glad I have a good memory with movies.

Do hope to see this get updated again soon as it looks really interesting.

Vey nice though I really do wish to see you start updating this story again as it is very well written and would be a bummer to see it left to collect dust.

Kinda wondering if this has been dropped or put on hiatus with him forgetting to change the status.

Sweet coco ? Did something happen

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