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My name is Jackson keon William and I'm the the legendary saiyan, and here in Equestria my life is weird not only do I have to train two new students, I also have to help protect their world from villains from this show but other shows that I got my powers from as well; this going to be all of work.

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Hope you enjoyed my first displaced story

wow it love it and i love you for it 😋😜

Look at you, wasted and gasping for air. But you don't get to go, yet... When your planet is in ashes... then, you have my permission to die.

I get that this is your first displaced story, but this feels...well rushed and jumble mess. I mean the super saiyan aspect is pretty cool, but having the Sharingan kinda killed it for me. Not to mention the grammar errors I kept finding when reading this. But I can say that I do like the beat down that Luna was given in Chapter 2 of the story. All in all, this can be a good story to read if the story was well paced and the grammar was fixed.

Now I get it, but also I will try my best on the next chapter

Guys I really need help on these Fusion names got anything for me

Call guys and you need your help I'm kicking a fusion name I think but Princess Celestia and Luna Fusion it will be called eclipse and also helping in having a picture made for spike and Jackson's Fusion along with the name

Why does the saiyan in the picture look like Akuma from Street Fighter so much?

I don't know I just put in dragon ball z oc characters, and I just like this one better
But also I need a fusion name for Jackson and spike I already have for Celestia and Luna fusion it's called eclipse.

First Fusion name Spikson
Second Fusion name Princess Celuna

Reason I agree with you is it goods by how the fusion naming is normally 2 to 4 first letters of one name and 2 to 4 last letters of the other name for the fusion like gogeta go from goku and geta from vageta. If they fumble the fusion you could give it another name and shorter duration like they can choose to cancel the fusion early. Fumble names could be Lucia or Tiana for celestia and luna fusion and for the spike and Jackson, jaike and Jackie as fumbles.

...but.. didn't people give you fusion names already? There is always two names depending on the fusion. Vegeta and Goku made Vegito with the earrings, while the dance made Gogeta. I gave you all the combinations via PM, but you still need help despite given plenty of combinations?

No I'm doing a crossover displaced the next chapter will have the fusion in it

Who is your favorite saiyan
Because my gogeta

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“Well it looks like I’m in season one when Twilight and her friends went to go get the elements of harmony” then I felt a spike in chi levels meaning not only Celestia is here but also Luna has been saved by the new element bearers.

By not seeing the mare in the moon he could literally be anywhere in the canon timeline why does he assume Season 1?

Nice! Also, I don't see Jackson needing Super Saiyan to deal with anyone on Equuis. The exception may be Discord, simply because he can create a hole leading to another dimension, but even then, all Jackson has to do is go Super Saiyan 3 and shout a rift between dimensions that leads back to Equuis. Also, Celestia's and Luna's power levels could be around 10,000, and that's being generous. Before you tell me that they can move Celestial bodies, that doesn't equate to very much in terms of raw energy, like ki. In the comics, it was stated that with all the magic in Equestria as Tirek's own, it was only enough to blow up the continent of Equestria. In terms of raw, destructive power, Nightmare Moon doesn't even reach Raditz. Actually, forget Raditz, I doubt if she'd even make it past Master Roshi in his full power form. He blew up the moon with a power level of only 139, and I'm pretty certain that the moon is bigger than a continent. Now granted, magic can be tricky, but in terms of raw power, Nightmare Moon probably doesn't even register as a 50. As for Discord, while he's also not very high power level-wise, he can open portals to other dimensions and chuck him into one, like the DevilArtemis universe, where the strongest thing there is either a gun or Zarbon, so that probably makes the draconnequis the biggest threat.

While Celestia and Luna can move the sun and moon, but remember that it's using magic to move it, not pure, raw energy. Even with all the magic in Equestria at his disposal, the comic stated that Tirek was only capable of one-shotting the continent of Equestria. Meanwhile, even in base form, all it takes is a power level of 18,000 at most to blow up a planet, as shown by what Vegeta said about his Gatlick Gun back in the Saiyan Saga. Magic is one thing, but in terms of raw energy, it is severely lacking. Again, the only problem might be Discord since even with his body destroyed, he still has his ghost/spirit and could probably snap himself up a new body. Of course, if Jackson knew or were to have an attack as powerful as Hakai, then Discord would be boned. As for Super Saiyan 3, that's more of a galaxy buster than a mere world buster. Remember that according to Super Perfect Cell, who was as strong as a Super Saiyan 2, he made a Kamehameha Wave that would have been powerful enough to destroy the entire solar system had it hit something and gone off in an explosion. Instead, Gohan won and cancelled it out before it could explode. And as for mach 3 speed, are you talking about just flying normally, or are you including Instant Transmission and hyperspeed? Because Instant Transmission is at least as fast, if not faster than light speed, and hyperspeed is where they move so fast that they're invisible to the naked eye.

You DO know that both non-canon and canon LSSJ Broly are over 9'0", right?

That's why I want to have villains from Dragon Ball and Naruto in the story

I had ideas of making this kind of story but things got complicated and I decided to stick with my Frank story and scrap the saiyan idea. Though I would to have our characters crossover

The plot and idea are sound for standard Displaced story. But you really need to check your sentence and language a bit. It was so messy that I had to stop and guess what you might want to convey in this story.

Hey there any more displaced writers because I want to do a crossover with you but after I had my character meet the Third hokage and become the king of the village.

Private message me when you're due

Oh right, I forgot, I need to leave a like.

Are Jackson and Twilight still dating? You never told us their relationship status after Discord.

Ah, nevermind, I just found the answer to my question about their relationship status. Yayz!

Yeah, breaking out of stone sounds about right for a Saiyan. Nice.

I hope you guys enjoy this story I'm going to take a break on this one to do some chapter on the other ones

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Why you delete my comment?😑

"They are Minotaur Jiraiya they always act stupid, they rather fight their problem then deal with it," Jackson said before adding something else, " but I can't really say much since my whole race did the same thing.

:unsuresweetie:...that's quite true

Have you heard the tragedy of your Darth plague is the wise

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