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I'm just your average Brony. I love trains, I love history, I love writing stories, and I really, really love wolves! But most of all, I love writing my stories here for your enjoyment!

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Great start my friend

Battleship Texas? :heart: Love that ship.

Hello Ryder Steele,

And I'm glad that you like the story so far

Hello Battle154,

And yes, the one and only USS Texas BB-35. There aren't any stories about her here on FIMFiction, and only 1 or 2 that I can think of that even mention her. I decided to change that, and give the Texas the love and respect that she deserves

Hello Ryder Steele,

And I'm glad that you like it. I put a LOT of time and effort into writing it, and I had to research a LOT about the Texas, as well as her many systems, both before I was writing, and while I was writing certain parts. Who knew that so much could go into such a seemingly small battleship like the Texas? I thought that it was some, but not to the degree that my research revealed to me!

Quick question. Is this a Human vs Ponies and other species thing, or Humans saving their assess'?

Ah, good to see the Last Dreadnought having a fic.

Hello Warhorse,

And not to spoil too much, it's Humans and their Pony allies vs a rouge Griffon ex-baron, and his forces of pirates and marauders from all over Equus. The Americans and the Texas arrive just in time to start striking back against the Black Baron's forces while he was contemplating trying to invade the Griffon Kingdom (aka, his ex-homeland), or conducting massive bombardments on Equestrian coastal cities to prepare for an invasion there. So yes, the Humans are saving the Ponies from a very dangerous enemy.

Hello Edguy0009,

And yes, I thought that it was high time that the USS Texas, the Lone Star of the Pacific, the LAST Dreadnought-Era Battleship on Earth, and one of only 6 ships remaining that served in both World Wars deserved her own story to give her the tribute that she deserves. There were no other stories about the Texas, so I hatched my own. I hope that you enjoy it.

Fucking amazing I cannot wait for the next chapter I love mazing job keep up the GOOD WORK

Hello RanBro,

And I'm really glad that you like this story. Yes, it took a while to put together to get it to this point, but I'm glad that it was worth the effort, and that you really like it so far.

The next chapter, Chapter 3, is called "Landfall". I won't spoil too much yet, but the Texas crew realize that they're NOT on Earth anymore, and the story finally has actual Ponies in it, and they realize that a massive, unknown warship is suddenly right of their coastline, and they think that it could be hostile.

Hello Jamesonboo22,

And yes, the USS Texas BB-35 lives. There was no stories dedicated to her, and I decided to change all that. Now the USS Texas has her own story, one that honors her legacy, and also plops her right into Equestria just in time to do what she does best; kick some enemy ass!

Oh. Well I'm sorry that you're not into it. Humans helping Ponies against foreign enemies isn't for everyone, but it seems to be a well-liked genre overall. I hope that you find the story/stories that you're looking for

Hold on a story about AMERICA and one of her oldest battleship? You have my attention.

Griffons vs. Texas's wall of anti-air... That's just mean.

Hello AndrewFreedom,

And yes, this story is about the USS Texas BB-35, as well as the crew of 200 engineers, volunteers, and Naval Reservists who were helping to bring her from the shipyard in Mobile, Alabama where she was restored at in 2022, to her new home in Galveston, Texas. However, something goes "wrong", and the ship, her crew, and the 3 tugboats that were escorting her are suddenly whisked away to Equestria, and will soon have to fight for their lives against a foreign enemy who wishes to hurt the Equestrians. There hasn't been a dedicated story for the USS Texas so far, so I decided to change that with this story

Hello M1_A4_Abrams,

And it's only a few rogue Griffons. Most of the Griffons are allies to Equestria, except of course for the Black Baron, and other Griffon Pirates and Marauders. However, there are also Pony, Minotaur, Diamond Dog, and Saddle Arabian pirates and marauders too, and they have a LOT of ships and airships that need to be taken out, not to mention an entire fortress island on the Celestial Sea, so the Texas will actually have her work cut out for her. As you will eventually see, the Black Baron does NOT take to kindly to the arrival of the Texas, and soon begins to make plans to deal with her, and her crew. It won't be a one-sided war, trust me.

*sniffs* Ah, I love the smell of a good stomp.

Woah, woah, WOAH. A story whos main character is an inanimate object rather than a main/support/OC of the show? Shut up and take my money! But before I read the story, the only gripe I have about it (possibly so far) would be the Humans falling in love with ponies. Maybe its just me, but their is just so many NOPES with that. I have no problem with racial relationships, but specie relationships? Only other type of romance (besides just romance in general) that I look down on is Aged romance. What do I mean? Look at the people that ship Eren and Levi for example. Other than if your a gold digger, their is no reason to fall in love with someone that is 10 yrs. or older than you, let alone over half your age.

Yeah, there will be a stomp alright. However, the enemy will hit back, and hit hard. That's the thing about this story, it won't be a one-sided beatdown, at least not at first. The crew of the Texas will have to hit hard, hit fast, and there's something EXTREMELY critical that they have to do as well. I won't say what it is yet, but it involves the Texas, and the enemy. You'll find out what it is soon enough, and it will most likely shock you

Honestly i just imagine sandy cheeks being a crewman aboard the Texas after reading this chapter.

Hello ms Tatzlamiajack,

And while the USS Texas is the star of this story, she's not the MC. The MC, aka the storyteller, is a 23 year old US Naval Ensign named David Gardner, a native of Corpus Christi, Texas. He tells the story, and is the MC, but the Texas is the real star, as everything in the story revolves around her, and what she does.

And the Human X Pony romance is not the focus of the story, it's secondary. The story's primary focus is the war between the Equestrians, as well as the Texas and her crew, against the Black Baron, and his forces of Pirates, Marauders, and their ships and airships, based on their fortress island in the Celestial Sea. And yes, the MC, David, does fall in love with a Pony. Which one? Well, spoiler alert, it's Princess Luna. I guess that this is 2 check-marks against this story being liked by you, as it has Human X Pony, and Human X Pony who's older than him. Again, it's not for everyone, but that's what happens to David in this story, even though his romance with Princess Luna is secondary to the main war action.

Hello ShadowLight96,

And actually, that would be pretty funny to see. I wasn't thinking of this when I made the whole crew Texans, but yet, Sandy certainly wouldn't be out of place. Heck, she wouldn't even need to use her diving suit(?), as like the Texas crew, she breathes normal air. However, I don't know how the Crew of the Texas would react to having a giant talking squirrel on their ship either!

I'm glad. It'll be further down the line, but believe me, it'll be worth the wait when you read it

Well I'll say this you have a hell of a writting style.

Well, thank you for that. I tried my absolute best to make the reader feel the tension of what was going on, especially during the storm scenes, as well as the rising fear and panic that the crew were feeling. I'm glad that you like it.

You got a like and favorite sir. This reminds me of this one war train story i read on here. The something Express maybe? I have to look at it again. Looking forward to more
I wanna say it's The Battleship Express.
Just looked and saw it was another of your stories.
Welp another of your stories finds itself on my favorites list

Thank you ShadowLight96! I'm glad that you're looking forward to more from this story:twilightsmile:

And yeah, that's my most famous story of them all, "Battleship Express", the story that touched off the Battleship Express Saga. My first story to break 1k views, then 2k views, and now 3k views. However, now this story seems to be well on its way to rival that one

Considering you have a lot of experience now after that story, I don't doubt it. Can't wait to see what shenanigans you pull this time around

Also kinda pissed I missed the continuation of the battleship Express, gonna have to reread the first few chaps and pick it back up.

this sounds like the thing for me

oh goodie a new one by my favorite restorationist funatari hateing madman with a love for anteque machenery that rivals my own!

this is gunna be a treat!

btw good to see you again remember me?

Can’t wait for the next chapter!

Hmmm, this should be interesting! Keep up the good work!

aight, so i'm gonna ask this before i read so i don't get surprised
which ponies end up in relationships in this?

I'm so excided for this. I wonder how/if you will write some training with the Thompsons/M1s/Grease guns. im a huge fan of WWII firearms. my fav being the mosin nagant m91/30. I don't care how many people call it the garbage rod. I still love my dirty Russian.

A giant talking squirrel who is also a karate master.

Great work keep it up I love war ships stories

Very nice. Good delivery and nice dialogue for the characters. Can’t wait to see more

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