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Hey everyone, BK here! Just wanted to give a quick word of thank you for your interest x3 If you want to help support me, check out this link! https://www.patreon.com/AidenFlack

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all Your story's are all to BLOODY GOOD :rainbowlaugh:

I like this, my type of story, can't wait for more :rainbowkiss:

I freaking love WoW, awesome choice for a Crossover!

Is it sad when I read the title, I thought it was a Warhammer fantasy crossover?

'Cruelty of the Alliance' hah, that's ironic, coming from a race if genocidic monsters.

7367000 Camp Taurajo, that is all

I like the start of this lets see what happens next.

7367127 Theramore and everything else. That is all.

7367382 An attempt on Orgimmar and Alliance fleet, sorry had to get involved in this.:pinkiehappy:

Any story that makes coherent sense and a good enough plot deserves a like! :twilightsheepish:
Side note: Why do I find all the good stories in the clop fic section!? I'm there for clop, not amazing fics like this!


No side is without flaws!

Now, can we all just sit down, and keep our red and blue banners in our backpacks while we read this story?

7367523 Alright day-time Emmy, sweet green jesus man no need to get aggressive. :pinkiecrazy:

7367523 NEVER!!!!!! I swear on the Golden Throne, I will never forgive and never forget.

O_o who would have guessed, that me doing a Celestia Pairing involving one of my oldest characters would cause this.... I LOVE IT!!!! I should do it more often, heh. Makes me want to post the MLP/Spider-Man/Warhammer story on here to see what happens... Know what, SCREW IT! HERE IT COMES BOYS AND GIRLS! Don't you just love Daddy BK?

7367572 Only if the Adepta Sororitas make an appearance. Also please work on some of your others first.

7367598 I AM!!!!! Seriously, this stuff doesn't come very easily.

7367627 I'm not trying to rush you, I just asked nicely if you could.

7367572 Alright sorry I was just trying to be funny. :pinkiesad2:

7367657 I'm not reprimanding you man o.o

7367552 Very sorry, didn't mean to get overheated there. Thank you for putting your banner away.

7367559 You! You must not incite verbal warfare over a simple factional difference. Both Warchief Vol'jin and King Varian Wrynn wouldn't want you acting like this.

7367572 Wait... You want your readers to fight??? :rainbowhuh:

7367774 Nah... But it is sometimes fun to watch them fight over the story xD making wild thoughts of how things go, who certain characters be joined to, what they think will happen next. Makes me grin. Though, when it gets out of hand? I will step in to end it there.

7367765 My allegiance is to the God-Emperor of Mankind and no other.

7367788 Alright, well... You may want to rain in Carolusrex over there. :rainbowlaugh:

7367804 *lassos the HELL out of Carolusrex1*

7367932 *breaks out of rope, emits blinding light showing he is now wearing Grey Knight Aegis armour, detonates psyk-out grenade while drawing a Nemesis force sword* Let's dance

7368048 Car, I'm not kidding around now, cool it.

Trying something different I see. so is warlord Grongal Dragonblade go to Equestria alone or he going to bring his best warriors along?

7368506 Oh, I've had this one and "From One Eternal to Another" planned for some time now.... And what would be the fun if I informed you about that, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

7368513 ok and what is a from one eternal to another?

7368529 *slips card up sleeve* A story I'm saving for a later date... If you wish for a hint? Check out Her Guardian Within the Shadows, during the massive crossover connection.

may their friendship never die. This story is AWESOME!:rainbowkiss:

7374460 Oh, it will even grow into much more. After all, one doesn't find these kinds of friendships very often.

If only Blademasters were a class in WoW.

*plot fuckin intensifies:rainbowkiss::yay:*

7374661 They can be, if you're on a Roleplaying Server and can actually RP them correctly.

7374743 More than you think, more than you think. *taps fingers together*

YES JUST YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You sir have made my day. I am beyond happy with this turn of events. May their friendship blossom and perhaps, become something more.:heart::heart::heart: Also, you get all of the mustaches.

7375029 "Oooooh, friend, you speak as if the story has ended.... It is nowhere near the sort."

Moar!!! This is getting really good!!!

Aghhh! It's 11:20 at night and I'm on my iPhone reading this when I should be asleep, but as soon as I saw the second chapter, I had to read it. Even stopped reading so I could go look up warriors. (Btw, the song made it 20% cooler:rainbowdetermined2:) even took time to resign in and comment. (I never comment) amazing story, you've earned yourself a follow. Quick question. Why do you always answer in bold underline?

I Need More Of This Fast.

7376190 To answer your question, it's my call sign. Also tells you if I'm on my computer or cellphone. Every writer has a fanfic thing. Mine is the b,u,i combo

I hope Guilded Crest's father is in the next chapter. It would be glorious.

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