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Fire Fox - Arceaion

When the DMMORPG Heroes of Heaven shut down some players stayed to the bitter sweet end vowing to see there world die this is the story of those who stayed.

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Chapter 3: The Princess of the Twilight Hour - Path to Ascension

Location: Floor 8 - The Wells of Life

Shadow and Artificius stood quietly as the waited as the floor guardians slowly arrived, as soon as Occhi had calmed the young filly now in their care Shadow summoned the other floor guardians to the eighth floor to discuss what to do. Ecx was the first to arrive and take her place at Shadows side. Next to enter was Saer, the Dullahanian leader of the Floor Three Guardians, as Saer entered she bowed to Shadow. "It is an honor to see you my Emperor." She said before rising with a smile.

"Saer, good to see you again." Shadow said with a kind smile. "How is the third floor?"

Sear shrugged her shoulders. "It's fine as long as we keep Etidorhpa in check." She said as she walked away.

Shadow sighed and nodded as a portal opened and spit out Cain and Kreig. "That's the last time I let you make a portal!" Kreig groaned as he stood up and tried to wipe whatever the liquid on him was.

"Oh, like you can do any better." Cain retorted. "The last time we used one of your portals I was set on fire and you got thrown into the Nether Realm!" He yelled as they joined the group and sat next to Sear. Next to come was Meteo who bowed to Shadow and sat beside the two brothers. Next was Red and Blue who joined Artificius.

"And with that everyone’s here." Shadow said as he snapped his fingers and a circular table appeared before the group. "Everyone sit down, there's a lot to cover." He said tiredly. The group slowly gathered at the table taking their designated seats, once everyone was seated Shadow took a deep breath and started the meeting. "So, we figured out where we are." He said tiredly. "We're in a land known as Equestria, it's... form a little girl’s television show." He said in a resigned tone, over the next several hours Shadow explained what exactly was going and with the help of Artificius he was able to cover all the major events of the show as well as a considerable amount of the fandom.

Once everyone was up to speed the reactions varied, some were shocked while others simply accepted the information as fact however eventually the main problem was brought up. "Several hours ago the parents of Twilight Sparkle, Element of Magic died on the first floor and left their daughter to us." Shadow said causing the Floor Guardians to freeze.

"So what do we do?" Meteo asked calmly.

Shadow sighed. "That's what I gathered you all to discuss." He said tiredly. "At present we have in our position the proverbial 'key to the world'." Shadow said calmly. "The choices made today will not affect just the Shrine but the world as a whole."

"Before we decide anything we need to figure out whether we should find a way to return her to Equestrian controlled society or keep her." Sear said calmly.

The others looked at each other and nodded in agreement. "Perhaps we should weigh the pros and cons of such a decision first." Kreig countered and the others nodded again.

Artificius cleared her throat. "Very well then, as of this current moment the pros are as follows. First we would gain access to one of the Elements of Harmony, a weapon that can be used to imprison beings that are on par with literal gods."

"Such a weapon would be extremely useful..." Meteo said slowly.

"But from what Emperor Nebula said it requires five others to use, while we would control part of it we wouldn’t be able to use it." Cain countered.

"But neither would they." Red and Blue said happily.

Shadow smiled. "There is a way to usurp control of the Elements of Harmony." He said causing the others to look at him confused. "The Multiverse is a vast place and there are many stories out there where Twilight gains total control of all the Elements."

"That may be true...” Artificius replied with a frown. "But the cost of that is constant training and even then the risk is too great."

Shadow nodded. "True but then again we don't follow the rules of this world." He said. "There is a sub-class I have that could be used on the Elements." Aurora gasped and Shadow turned to her with a smile. "You know which it is."

Aurora nodded. "It's a sub-class you gave I and all my sisters, it's called Holy Warrior." She said causing the other Guardians to look confused however Artificius nodded in understanding.

"Holy Warrior, it's a sub-class that allows the Warrior class to use Holy Magic and any Holy Weapon they acquire." Artificius explained causing the Guardians to look surprised. "The Elements of Harmony do fall under the parameters of a Holy weapon, this means that anyone with the Holy Warrior sub-class could control it with little problem."

The group nodded slowly. "So what?" Kreig asked casing the others to look at him. "We train Twilight to have the Holy Warrior class and use her as a simple tool?" He said asked casing some of the group to frown. "I don't know about you all but that's something I can’t condone, the use of a child as a tool or pawn." He said as he slammed his fist on the table.

"Nor I." Shadow said calmly. "That's why we gathered the leaders of the Floors here; we must decide what to do with her."

"If that's the case then may I make a suggestion?" Sear asked.

Shadow nodded. "Go ahead Sear, the floor is yours."

Sear bowed her head. "Thank you Emperor Nebula." She said as she stood. "I propose we take the child Twilight Sparkle in and raise her as we would raise any child." She said as she began to walk around the table. "By weighing the benefits of why we should keep her or abandon her we set her fate to forever be a pawn, be it to us or another." She said causing the others to look down and Shadow to smile.

"And who would you pose to take care of her Sear?"

Sear turned to him and bowed. "I do not know my Emperor however if I may be so bold I would ask she be adopted by you, as a member of the Royal Family she would have access to everything she would need and be well protected."

Shadow frowned. "Not the worst idea but I will be taking a more active role in ruling the shrine, I can't always watch over her."

"Then we all take on the duty of caring for her and training her." Occhi said quietly casing everyone to turn to her, after a moment Occhi looked up at the group. "I agree with Sear in have Twilight Sparkle be adopted into the Royal Family, Emperor Nebula can teach her how to rule and lead, Lord Artificius can assist in this when Emperor Nebula isn't available however she will also be taught under us, the floor Guardians." Occhi explained.

The others sat in silence as they thought for a moment before coming to an agreement. "Very well, Twilight becomes a part of my family; I'll teach her how to rule in a just fashion." Shadow said as he looked at Artificius who nodded. "Artificius will act as her teacher, at least in the academic side."

"So what will we be doing?" Kreig asked calmly.

"When she is old enough you all to train her in the many ways of combat other skills." Shadow said. "No matter what we do her destiny is too important to be ignored, her life will be a hard one and unlike what Celestia did, I will see to it she is prepared for what's to come."

The others nodded or muttered agreements. "So what do you propose we do for her other quirks, from what you said she will be a near total narcotic mess obsessed with books and learning." Meteo said.

"Those are habit we will have to break." Shadow said sternly. "While a thirst for knowledge is good it cannot grow into an obsession, we have an entire library to prove that." He said muttering the last part.

"She will have plenty of social interaction as well so we don't need to worry about anything involving her... mental conditions." Artificius said confidently. "Most people debate if our personality is simply something we are born with or changes in who we are exposed to, I am of the opinion that the debate of nature and nurture is foolish and it's actually a combination of the two that makes us who we are."

"If we are to do this than I have two things to add." Aurora said drawing everyone’s attention. "The first is that she not be anywhere near Etidorhpa till she is of age and has an in-depth understanding of what's right and wrong." She said as she glared at Sear who raised her hands in mock surender.

"You have my full agreement on that, she may be my sister but even I know that allowing a child near Etidorhpa is just asking for either rape or mental scars." Sear said as she lowered her hands. "I’ll make sure Etidorhpa is kept on a tight leash."

"Kinky." Kreig said with a chuckle only for his brother to smack him.

"I'll keep this pervert away as well." Cain said with a sigh.

Aurora nodded. "Thank you, my second request is that she spends several years as a Shrine priestess." She said earning a raised eyebrow from the group.

"Why do you want this Aurora?" Artificius asked.

"Twilight Sparkle is young and the early years of a child are the most important, as a Shrine Maiden we may teach her the ways of the gods and spirits." Aurora replied. "If she is to become member of this family then she must earn the favor of the gods and spirits of the world, just as Father and sisters did, and just as I have."

Shadow nodded. "It is true that I spend years serving the ancient spirits, gods and Goddesses of the world, have you fully completed your studies?" He asked receiving a nod from the Head Priest. "Very well, when she is of age she shall become a Priestess for the Shrine till her time has come to train in the ways of combat."

On that day Twilight Sparkle was formally adopted into the Shrine of Ascendancy Royal Family and given the named Princess of the Twilight Hour, on that day the fate of the world was forever be changed. Though whether it was for better or worse was something only time would tell.

If one were to say that the life of the youngest princess of the Shrine of Ascendancy was interesting they would likely cause any resident of the nine floors to laugh. While the young Twilight Princess was no trouble maker she quickly became known as a trouble magnet. Even as a small child, or filly, she was a hand full. The first few years after Twilight arrived at the Shrine she was looked after by the Shrine Maidens who tended the ninth floor, Aurora, and Occhi. She was restricted to the eighth and ninth floors and had to always have a guardian accompany her.

Twilight didn't seem to mind this restriction all that much and would often play with the children of the ninth floor village, if she wasn't playing or drawing trouble to herself she could be found on the eighth floor enjoying the garden or reading books about the many gods and goddesses the shrine allowed to be prayed to.

As Twilights grew older the responsibilities she was given grew as well and she began to grow from a care free child to one who was knowledgeable on both the laws of the Shrine and the teachings of the Gods and Goddesses it worshiped. When she turned seven a mark appeared upon her flank in a Flash of light, a six pointed star with two leafs covering it. It was also on this same day that Aurora was given her second condition and she was made a Shrine Maiden, during this time Twilight was taught many rituals, practices and beliefs of the Priestesses.

It was also during this time it was discovered that just like any race form Heroes of Heaven she was able to 'Level up' gaining both stat points and Racial Points. This came as a surprise to all the others in the shrine and Shadow was forced to quickly explain the many classes, sub-classes and abilities she now was aware of.

When Twilight turned eighteen her father sent her away from the Ninth floor. As he sent her away he gave her a single task, to train with each floor guardian and prove her worth as a both a warrior and leader. With this task set before her she was sent to the first floor where her journey began.

Twilight stood in shock as she looked at the doors to the Shrine she had spent her entire life in; tears fell from her eyes as she slowly pushed the doors open hoping to see the Jade Doors of the throne room, instead she saw the shrines of the many gods worshiped in the shrine. She was on the first floor, The Grand Hall.

Twilight rubbed her eyes and forced the tears to stop; crying wouldn't help her she thought as she approached the many shrines inside. Slowly she walked through the maze like corridors till she reached the shrine of the ancient goddess Isis, the goddess of magic and wisdom. Slowly she knelt down and bowed her head. "Oh' Goddess, I ask your blessing on the trials ahead. May your Knowledge Guide me in my travels and your Magic light my path." She whispered as she remained in prayer for several moments before rising and turning to the exit.

Calmly she walked up the stairs till she reached a set of massive doors forged from iron, on each side stood two massive Golems wearing armor. As she approached the eyes of the Golems glowed a silvery color as they raised two swords crossing them and blocking the path. "Thou knowest not know the heights of heaven above, does thou seek to Ascend to the Throne of God?"

Twilight hesitated at the Guardians words however she slowly nodded. "I am a Seeker of Ascendancy, I seek neither fame, fortune nor power, I only seek Peace." She replied causing the Guards to pause before sheathing their blades, grabbing hold of the massive rings set into the doors and heaving them open.

"Go then, prove thou are worthy of thy wings, prove thou are worthy to bear the power of a God." They said, Twilight took a deep breath and walked forward through the doors. As she passed through the doors slowly closed behind her and she was left alone on the second floor of the Shrine, The Mountains of Beginning.

The Second Floor was a well known challenge with in the shrine, very few of the residents ever went to the floor and even fewer actually came to the floor twice. As Twilight looked over the floor she saw why, the environment wasn't a single mountain either but rather a range spreading out in every direction. Twilight looked around careful trying to discern the highest peak as it was the tallest mountain that held the key to the next floor but because the skyline was dotted with both hundreds of mountain peaks and swathes of small plateaus it was hard to find the right mountain. Twilight thought for a moment before smiling and pulling a few branches of spruce out of her inventory and tired them together with a red ribbon on. "Hear me spirits of the forest, I ask that you guide me to the tallest mountain." She said quietly as she channeled her magic onto the branches. After a moment the branches lifted into the air and began to float off in a random direction. Twilight smiled and began to follow them.

Twilight calmly walked through the barren landscape watching her surrounding s cautiously, it had been several hours of hiking and the sun was starting to set. Twilight sighed and grabbed the spruce branches from the air before canceling the enchantment and looking around for a cave. After several more hours of searching she found a cave large enough for her to sleep in and lay down to rest. As she closed her eyes and began to drift off the sound pf rocks falling drew her attention and she looked up to see a small humanoid figure enter the cave. Twilight quickly lit her horn causing the creature to let out a panicked cry and cover its face.

"Bright!" It yelled in panic as it fumbled with some form of goggles on its face and quickly pulled them down. "That was rude." They said in a heavily masculine tone and Twilight frowned.

"What are you?" She asked wearily.

"Names Dogma, I'm a Dwarf, what are you." Dogma asked in a gruff tone as he eyed her

"I'm Twilight Sparkle." She said as she dimmed her horn and the dwarf frowned.

"I've heard that name before... where did I hear it?" He asked himself before snapping his fingers. "You’re the youngest princess!" He said as he looked at the mare surprised. "What are you doing down here on the second Floor?" He asked.

Twilight sighed. "My father sent me down here, I'm to train on each floor and face the guardians to prove my worth." She replied.

The Dwarf nodded. "I see, so you've been tasked with the Challenge of Ascension." He said as he eyed her. "You look like you never fought a day in your life." He said causing the Mare to look away. "I see, you don't know what your doing do you?" He asked as Twilight lowered her head.

"I learned the basics of battle but I don't know enough to win, I have no armor, weapons or proper training." She said sadly.

Dogma leaned back against one of the cave walls. "Then you need to be taught." He said quietly before nodding to himself. "Princess, do you know of my people?" He asked.

Twilight nodded. "Dwarves are miners and smiths; you spend your time forging the ores you mine into some of the best armor available on any of the floors.

Dogma nodded. "That may be true princess but we are also warriors, many monsters roam the tunes we carve and the mines we craft. My people are strong, one has to be to survive the Second Floor, but you are not strong. To survive the Mountains you must become strong like a Dwarf." He said as he looked at her. "The Quest for Ascension is one that many have taken but few have claimed. This floor was forged through strength by the Half-Golem, Seven-Souls-Lost. He was the Lord of this floor and it was through his strength that the Guardians of Bronze, Steel and Meteo were forged. He stood at the Emperor side till the end. Even if he has past from this land we still pray for his strength and guidance."

"So I need to become stronger but how do I do that?" Twilight asked.

Dogma smiled. "We may not be able to teach you the ways of war but we can teach you the way of smithing, crafting and mining." Dogma said with pride. "We can help you; teach you the ways of the Dwarf, the ways of the smith."

Twilight frowns. "How will this help me, and what's in it for you?"

Dogma smiles. "It was our ancestors who taught your father the ways of the blacksmith and in exchange for our knowledge he aided us in the mines, all that you forge will be mined with your own hands or in your case hooves. You will become stronger and better prepared for your trials ahead." Dogma replies. "And you shall mine the ores you need in your lessens and then some for us."

Twilight smiled. "Alright it's a deal then, you will teach me the ways of smithing and I will aid in your mine." She said, the Dwarf smiled and spit into his hand before holding it out. Twilight hesitated but moved to follow only for Dogma to sigh.

"No Princess, you must do the same!" He said with a sigh. Twilight hesitated but spit in to her hoof and the two shook hands. "Rest princess, tomorrow I take you to our City; there you shall learn and prepare." Dogma said as he lay down against the walls of the Cave. Twilight lay down once more and closed her eyes trying to get some sleep.

Author's Note:

Well here is the next big chapter, I hope you enjoyed it an I will see you on the next chapter. Now Normally I would leave it there but I do have one more thin g to talk about and it's actually right below. Since this is an entirely different Twilight I felt it appropriate to create what you could call a character worksheet for her. Now It's not exactly finished because there are some skill that are locked, these skill are for when she becomes an Alicorn later on.

IMAGE: Twilight Sparkle

Cutie Mark:

Name: Twilight Sparkle
Race: Pony
Class: Mystic
Appearance: Twilight Sparkle is a quadruped Pony with a lavender coat, violet eyes, and a dark purple mane and tail both with a Magenta stripe running through it. She wears a traditional Japanese kimono and has a silver colored dragon 'tattoo' that covers her entire left fore-hoof, the left side of her neck and part of the left side of her face where it stops at her eye. She also has several runes carved into her flesh that glow purple.

Twilight Sparkle was given to the Shrine by her parents at the age of 5 mere minutes before their passing form injuries giving to them by a flock of Griffons. When taken in, she was adopted into the Royal Family and as such has grown up within the Shrine with little knowledge of the outside world. She has spent several years as a Shrine Maiden and has a great amount of knowledge on both the Gods and Goddesses of the Shrine and the laws of the Shrine. Despite her race being mostly herbivores she actually has adopted a more omnivore type diet consisting of vegetables, fish and tea. Twilight is an avid scholar and is extremely intelligent able to match wit against her eldest sister Arial, who is considered the most intelligent individual in the shrine if one excludes her father, Emperor Nebula, and Lord Artificius.

Skill Class:
Common Class: Mystic Duelist
The Mystic Duelist Class was not a Class created in the game Heroes of Heaven but rather was developed by Twilight herself. The Mystic Duelist Class combines the Magician class Eldritch Mage and Warrior Class Swordsman. This combination grants Twilight the ability to use any magic that's available to her and also duel wield swords if she wish's making her a formidable foe at both close and long range.
Sub-Class 1: Rune Warrior
Rune Warrior allows the engraving of magic runes onto items giving it a special effect.
This ability allows the user to put Runes onto their own body however this has heavy draw backs and can be detrimental to the users health.
Sub-Class 2: Dragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior is a sub class that allows the user to fight with the power of a dragon, those that use this Sub-Class will have what appears to be a dragon tattoo burned in to their flesh however the mark is a natural part of their flesh. The Mark will cover the users entire left arm as well as the left side of their neck and part of their face stopping at their eyes. When activated the mark glows faintly the color of their Elemental Draconic Magic and the user undergoes several physical and physiological changes. The first and most prominent change is that they will grow scales on their arms, legs and around their neck and lower parts of their face second is that their eyes will become draconic, the final change is that astral draconic horns will appear on their head as well as claws on their hands.
Sub-Class 3: Holy Warrior
This class is a sub class to Warrior that allows the Warrior class to use Holy Magic and any Holy Weapon they acquire. Holy Warrior has several beneficial abilities such as immunity from Holy Magic, protection from one-hit-kills and the ability to use Holy Summons such as Angels.
Legacy Class: Infinite Library
Twilight Legacy Class ability is a Reality Marble that is known as the Infinite Library. Infinite Library is Twilight inner world and as the name implies it is an infinite library, this ability allows Twilight to store anything she reads in her mind and recall it later with perfect clarity. If Twilight desires she can actually open a temporary gate to her Inner Mind and bring others into her Reality Marble however this requires a massive amount of magic.

· Dual Wield: Dual Wield allows the user to dual wield swords or guns.
· Summon: User can summon a Familiar or activate a Tiered Summons.
· Skill Locked Till Ascension
· Skill Locked Till Ascension
· Skill Locked Till Ascension

Equipment: Twilight wears a traditional kimono made from silk that is white at the top but slowly fades to a peach pink color as it gets lower down, at the bottom it becomes a dark purple color with a star pattern. At her side are two swords the first is a Katana while the second is a Wakizashi. Both Swords were forged by Twilight herself with a extremely rare metal known as Star Metal and as such are extremely strong.