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Funny thought for a writing prompt · 5:04am Feb 8th, 2017

So there I was, sitting on my thinking chair. I was thinking, and then it hit me like a cold stream from a bidet. Actually, it was my bidet I forgot to run the warm water, but that is beside the point. What if someone put a "want it, need it" spell on a sandwich? Would the poop become part of the spell? Since the eater has made the sandwich part of them would they become more desireable? The things that cross my mind on the porcelain altar are like a scorching hot blast on the brown eye.

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Thank you for the like!

2435881 media2.giphy.com/media/6SsqPmVoB2IMM/giphy.gif

You did well with your tea story. I shall peruse you bookshelf.

Thank you for watching me! :pinkiehappy:

Thank You for adding, "Can Horns Grow Back?" to your Favorites!


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