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Grey Guard Pony passed away on 12/7/2018. · 8:50am Apr 15th, 2019

Sorry, I'm Zalabar; a friend who was asked to spread the word. Somehow I didn't think of posting here. Instead it was... well, direct message to the few we both knew. Phyco put up a blog on it back in December; https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/838448/dust-in-the-wind

It was the cancer, and GGP passed in their sleep.

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Well... I shall pay my dues. To The Fairest of Them All, as it were.

Rest easy, my little architect.

Hey there, dreamer.

So it's been a year now. Hard to believe it's only been that long, feels like so much more. Still missing you, maybe not every day, but most.

Not really sure what else there is to say, but I felt like I needed to at least do a little something today.

I reviewed When it Rains a while back and I remember it being a story that showed a lot of promise. I have to say, I'm disappointed I wasn't there more to see you shine.

Rest easy. :heart:

May you rest easy now. And may the stars guide you to eternal happiness.

Thank you for all you've given us here. I am especially grateful for the Skitchverse and Skitch in general.

For the record, there's nothing wrong with talking here if it helps you.

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