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Grey Guard Pony passed away on 12/7/2018. · 8:50am Apr 15th, 2019

Sorry, I'm Zalabar; a friend who was asked to spread the word. Somehow I didn't think of posting here. Instead it was... well, direct message to the few we both knew. Phyco put up a blog on it back in December; https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/838448/dust-in-the-wind

It was the cancer, and GGP passed in their sleep.

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Hey there, dreamer.

Part of me feels guilty for not visiting more often, but maybe it's better I don't, gotta keep moving forward. Hard to believe it been 2 years now, however, and I'm really not sure what of make of that. I suppose what I'm supposed to say is that it feels like only yesterday we were chatting just like normal, and maybe some of the times when I let myself forget, it's easy to feel that way. When I do remember though, that's when it feels like each day without you lasts forever.

I'm not sure what else to say really. I guess you'd be glad with how the election turned out. It was far closer than it should have been, but your own home state flipping helped turn the tide... and maybe in that small way it sorta felt like you were still out there, still pestering everyone you could to do the right thing. Maybe there will be a light at this tunnel that isn't an oncoming train after all.

Even this whole covid situation is finally starting to look like the end might be in sight. Although I can only imagine how incensed and furious you'd be at all the people who've selfishly made this pandemic far worse than it had to be... maybe it's lucky you didn't have to see all of this mess, but especially when I've had to spend most of the year cooped up at home, it's been all the more lonely without our online chats to keep me company.

Then again, maybe it's also lucky you didn't have to be here for the whole kerfuffle with Rowling either. Doubly so when I remember that the one time we got to meet in person the gift I gave was a Ravenclaw headgirl badge from my last trip out to Universal Studios' Wizarding World. I remember you'd been so jealous I'd gotten to go back then, but I hoped maybe the next time we'd be able to go together... I guess that wouldn't have worked out anymore even if you were still around.

Kinda struggling to come up with anything good to reflect on. It's been such a crummy year that it'd probably be more fitting if this was only the first year since we lost you instead of the second, but I suppose if that had been the case there might never have been a memorial for you I could have attended to met your family and other friends at. I've lost touch with most of them, but I still occasionally chat with one, no replacement for you, but I suppose it helps a little every now and then when I miss you most.

Anyway... maybe that's enough performative rambling. If there's anything that comes after all this, I hope you're still out there, happily playing out all your wildest fantasies and finally getting to be who you always wanted to be without fear or shame... and whenever my time comes, I hope you still remember me... we'll have so much catching up to do.

Still missing you, dreamer, but I'll never forget.

I have to pay my respects, your works are some of the best I’ve read. Not to mention you have one of the best renditions of trans characters ever. Hands down. The subject is near and dear to my heart, so your writing is very special to me. I would have loved to have been your friend.

Rest well

Just found your stories. Love 'em. Shame you couldn't continue.

Requiescet in pace. Tu illam meruit.

Well... I shall pay my dues. To The Fairest of Them All, as it were.

Rest easy, my little architect.

Hey there, dreamer.

So it's been a year now. Hard to believe it's only been that long, feels like so much more. Still missing you, maybe not every day, but most.

Not really sure what else there is to say, but I felt like I needed to at least do a little something today.

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