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New Rainsverse Fic! · 1:00am February 11th

Just giving my followers who enjoy the Rainsverse a heads up. The next fic in that AU has passed the que and is now available to start reading.

In this one, we begin to delve into the fallout of Chroma's attack on The Heartlands and the fate of the Everfree Rangers in particular. If you're interested in seeing what happens next, go give it a look!

One Tin Pegasus

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I've been plotting out the outline of the next fic in that universe. I was derailed from it for a while because I wasn't sure where I wanted to take it next.

I know you and the other Skitchverse fans have been waiting a bit, but I ask for a bit more patience while I pull things together.

Can u continue the Skitchverse?

Happy new year

Happy Holdays.

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