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The Sauromachy.

The ancient war between mammal kind and the reptilian saurian race. A war that nopony, save perhaps Princess Luna and her sister, remember. The saurians are long gone, their empire ground into the dust, cities toppled, and memories scattered. Even their immortal emperor is just a ghost of what he once was, forced to watch the march of history play out.

This is the story of how an empire ended and how a ruler became a watcher.

Originally written for the Lunaverse's Something Ends, Something Begins writing event. A (very) distant prequel to Past Remnants.

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This is marked as incomplete despite the epilogue. Might want to fix that.



Doh. It's fixed now. :twilightblush:

Loving this story!

I'm not sure why Kerzog would want Xin to see everything though, it would have made more sense if his astral projection had been the result of his connection with the comet and not at all anticipated by Kerzog... still it works just as well in this story!


To be fair, I suppose you can view it as kind of both, if you want. If you notice, immediately after he grabs hold of the comet, he feels the daggers in his mind and is picturing things all over the place. Kerzog's statue could easily just be a tweaking effect.

Though it is also pure, damn, spite. He wanted Xin to see the last decay of his own empire, and mammal kind taking over. Kerzog is not a nice guy. :twilightsheepish:

The death of Zaltic was very touching. Love the way you show the passage of time and blurring of eons in the mind of the Immortals.

I admit I had my doubt about the Ancient Dinosaur race but you've made them work so well! Totally worth it!

5609043 Kerzog totally is a huge bastard :p

This is a pretty neat epilogue BTW. I hope once Discord has passed you'll write a webisode about Celestia visiting the Watcher!

Does the Watcher have a scribe so he can put what he has seen into writing?


Thanks Fizzy! I'm glad that I managed to make them work for you. The saurians in general are a good example of what compromise can help accomplish in the Lunaverse, I think.

And, assuming that RDD doesn't touch on the watcher during the Season 2 finale, I will totally write something showing the two meeting again! As far as the scribe goes...he doesn't really have one now, though I imagine it would be easy enough for him to get one.

Great story!!! I was captivated from beginning to end, and wanted to see more. I think, however, that you left the story at a good end, leaving people wondering what's going to happen next. It does leave you wondering what would happen to one like the Emperor/Watcher. I like to think that I too would become a watcher of civilizations: recording what happened within, write it down and pass it on to future generations to read and discuss it with. Immortality is seen by many to be a fate worse than death, but I would try to do something constructive with all that time.

Thanks for writing something so thought provoking and captivating!! :twilightsmile:

Guardy, you've done it again.

I seem to say that an awful lot.

¡The end of the Dinosaurian Empire! At least other archosaurs, the Dragons, will rise in the Mammalian World.

Before the Dinosaurian Empire, ¿was there a Therapsidian Empire? I can imagine Gorgonasids ruling.

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