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Weird Stores · 7:53pm November 22nd

I had a medical appointment today and saw two of the weirdest stores I ever have on the way to and from the appointment.

On the way out I passed Valhalla: Indoor Axe Throwing.

On the way back I passed Break Room: Therapeutic Demolition.

It is now a goal in my life to visit both of these stores out of sheer, morbid curiosity.

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Cancer and FanFiction Update · 7:24pm October 11th

It's been a little bit since my last blog update hasn't it?

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Very Bad News · 10:54pm August 23rd

There's no real easy way to say this, so I'm just going to cut the the chase.

I have cancer.

Passed out at work on Monday and got rushed to the hospital. After a CAT Scan, they found legions on my liver and a growth on my esophagus. We're not sure what specific kind of cancer it is yet, but the hospital took a biopsy of the tissue in my esophagus and are going to narrow it down. Then it'll be time to see what kind of treatment I'll be going on.

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The Rainsverse Expands! · 3:17am June 15th

While I've been plugging away at new stories and chapters, we've had someone else jump into the Rainsverse with a story!

Void Knight has begun to spin a tale set after When it Rains, where our friendly neighborhood baroness meets a pair of travelling sales stallions, displaying their amazing automated device that will make everypony's lives easier!

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What's Been Happening (And Things I've Been Reading) · 5:05am May 7th

It's that time again where GreyGuard waxes about what's going on in her life and the state of her stories! :yay:

With When it Rains now in the can, I've opted to focus my limited time and attention on finishing up Blood and Ponies and a Tale of Two Trixies. At that point everything I've started and uploaded piecemeal will be done and I can get back to a more sane production schedule.

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Happy Abandon Internet Day! · 5:03pm April 1st

Just a friendly reminder to all my watchers to not trust anything they read on the internet today, for reasons that should be obvious.

If anyone needs me, I'll be hiding in my bunker until the stroke of midnight.

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TV Tropes! · 3:11am February 28th

One slight piece of business before the main announcement.

I'd like to thank Emeral Bookwise for doing the recolor of that Starlight Glimmer vector that stood in for Skitch-Sketch in last nights small bout of character bickering. It really was an amazing little bit of color work, as I wouldn't have been able to tell it started out as Starlight if not for the shape of the mane. Thanks again Emeral!

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250 Followers! · 2:01am February 27th

Yup! This writer has hit another FiMFiction milestone! Wooo!

I'd like to thank all two hundred and fifty of you who are amused enough by my inane horse wording ramblings to stick around. Here's hoping for two hundred and fifty more!

Now, to get back to fic writing-

Skitch-Sketch: Oh, suuuure! Go back and keep working with Adagio, the big fandom star! I'll just be over here, waiting for you to get back to my fics!

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Carrie Fisher · 7:43pm Dec 27th, 2016


Carrie Fisher Dies at 60

OH COME ON! You just couldn't end without delivering one more fucking punch to the gut, could you 2016? How can you justify this unending shit show that is your entire existence you sorry excuse for a year!?


Oh no, don't you try to ignore me! I know where you live! You come back here right now!

*trails off into incoherent rambling*

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Merry Winter Holidays! · 2:44am Dec 22nd, 2016

I hope that everyone is having a great holiday season!

Just giving everyone a heads up that I'll generally be off of FiMFiction until after New Years. I'll be getting my own holiday stuff on. I'll catch you all in 2017!

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