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  • 215 weeks
    Grey Guard Pony passed away on 12/7/2018.

    Sorry, I'm Zalabar; a friend who was asked to spread the word. Somehow I didn't think of posting here. Instead it was... well, direct message to the few we both knew. Phyco put up a blog on it back in December; https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/838448/dust-in-the-wind

    It was the cancer, and GGP passed in their sleep.

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  • 249 weeks
    Not Dead....Yet

    My apologies for the prolonged radio silence coming from this account. It's been a rough past couple of months.

    Fuck cancer so hard.

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    New Rainsverse Fic!

    Just giving my followers who enjoy the Rainsverse a heads up. The next fic in that AU has passed the que and is now available to start reading.

    In this one, we begin to delve into the fallout of Chroma's attack on The Heartlands and the fate of the Everfree Rangers in particular. If you're interested in seeing what happens next, go give it a look!

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    Writing Lessons: Blood and Ponies

    ...This fic exhausted me.

    If there is one over-arching lesson I learned from this little crossover is that having a plan for your story, even if you end up deviating from it, is important. It gives you at least a loose guide that you can follow and for someone with ADD having something that can help keep you on focused and on track ends up being really important.

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    Weird Stores

    I had a medical appointment today and saw two of the weirdest stores I ever have on the way to and from the appointment.

    On the way out I passed Valhalla: Indoor Axe Throwing.

    On the way back I passed Break Room: Therapeutic Demolition.

    It is now a goal in my life to visit both of these stores out of sheer, morbid curiosity.

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Grey Guard Pony passed away on 12/7/2018. · 8:50am Apr 15th, 2019

Sorry, I'm Zalabar; a friend who was asked to spread the word. Somehow I didn't think of posting here. Instead it was... well, direct message to the few we both knew. Phyco put up a blog on it back in December; https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/838448/dust-in-the-wind

It was the cancer, and GGP passed in their sleep.

Unless someone says otherwise, please consider any characters and stories created by GGP copy-left. Use them as you see fit, but point back to the earlier works so anyone else can do the same. It's what they wanted.

I'll check back on this entry to answer what questions I can.

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:pinkiesad2: this is the saddest news!
I'm happy that it was peaceful, the alternative would have been horrible :fluttercry:

We were aware of Grey’s passing; since Grey contributed a lot to the Lunaverse we had a memorial post on our forums.

Actually as long as you are here I do have a request. We have a Google docs to a story that Grey completes but never posted, called The Leaf Festival. We wanted to post it in memoriam but weren’t sure how to go about doing it. Do you think you could help us out by getting it posted on Grey’s account?

Sigh... I guess that makes it official then.

I mean, I've know for months, but I suppose there was always a small part of me that kept hoping it wasn't real, that one day Grey would just log back on to reveal this had all just been some ill-conceived prank or an elaborate "quitting the fandom" ruse she'd finally decided to go back on... and even now part of me can't help hoping that still might be what's happening behind the scenes.

But I've got to face facts, that whatever the truth may be, the Grey I knew is never coming back.

Anyway, try not to feel too bad for taking so long to post an announcement here. I might have been quicker to spread the news in my own circles where I could, but as much as I was doing so to honor Grey's memory, I was also sort of doing it to make up for the fact that I'd failed to make any announcement when another of my friends and fellow FiMfic authors likewise passed away this past summer.

Grief can be a hard thing to process, and no one should be blamed for letting a few things slip between the cracks while trying to cope with it.

RDD, of course. Where is the file?

Emeral, I... I'm sorry. Losing one friends is always a kick in the teeth, and I can't pretend is be anything approaching stable after she passed. If you need a shoulder, just let me know.

Well, shoot. My sympathies to those who knew her, both in person and through her work. I'm one of the latter, I enjoyed her stories and am saddened to hear cancer ultimately got another notch in its belt.

I've been curating Goodreads listings for Fimfiction stories and as a result GreyGuardPony has a Goodreads author page. It's just an empty default placeholder, but if there's a bio somewhere (or someone who knows her wants to write a bio) I could put that up there in memorium. I note that I've not put a listing for One Tin Pegasus up yet, I'll remedy that tonight (and of course do The Leaf Festival once it's published).

Oh, is there a specific flavor of copyleft that GreyGuardPony wanted her works under? May be worth noting that somewhere less ephemeral than a blog post.

I'm sorry to hear that, but appreciate an official notification.

My condolences to their friends and families.

I know, at least GreyGuardPony is in a better place.

I'm sorry to hear this.

Oooh, that's how you reply to specific posts.

FaceDeer, she did not have anything that specific prepared as far as I know. The hope was living works, if that helps. Public domain, essentially?

I'll see what I can put together for a bio.

Oh wow I didn’t know she passed away! And her I’m leaving comments on her stories.

Oh wow... I hate that I missed this. An amazing author who brought forth wonderfully worlds.

Just found the first Skitch-verse story and ouch.

You might be able to talk to a mod, have the story unpublished on your account, and transfer it to this account once published. Something along those lines? I think you would have better luck with them if you want the memorial story out sooner than later.

I tried. I was told that I was gross because the mod I spoke said that it felt like I was asking to puppet GreyGuard's corpse. Personally I view it as a bit more like taking an old friend's car out for one last drive. In any event I was told I couldn't do it.

That's... a little odd to hear, and I'm sorry it turned out that way. I don't know of any of the mods that would say that, but if it was on her account and with an author's note it sounds like it should be okay. That's awfully perplexing.

May I suggest publishing it on your account with A “authored and in memory of” with links in your blog post and here?

At least she went in peace…

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