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Since his attempt to unite dragonkind into a singular nation, the young dragon Spike has been feeling lost in the world.

Miss Cheerilee, Element of Laughter, knight of Equestria and teacher extraordinaire has been growing worried about him. But having heard of a dragon professor in the far off Crystal Empire, who lives and works alongside ponies, Cheerilee thinks that Spike could use his perspective.

But upon arriving in the empire, they find that Corona, the Tyrant Sun is also in the city, as well as a shadowy threat from a monarch long gone...

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This story is a sequel to When it Rains

The mighty Everfree Rangers. Once they protected pony kind from the monsters of the Everfree Forest. Now most of the order are branded as traitors for siding with the mad alicorn known as Chroma.

It is up to Lightning Dust to rebuild the lodge that she once pledged to. But with a collection of eclectic recruits on her hooves and a mysterious events dogging her efforts, will she be able to save the organization that means so much to her?

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Once upon a time in the magical land of Equestria...

That's how these stories usually start, but in a world where heroes of legend fell to corruption that once great nation is no more, and now only lingering divided remnants exist in its stead.

Enter Adagio Dazzle, a young and ambitious noble eager to prove herself and what better way to do so then by hosting the annual memorial festival. Unfortunately this year's commemoration is to be held in Ponyville where she must contend with an overzealous political extremist, an insane chef, a belligerent team of forest rangers, and an uncooperative weather patrol.

To make matters worst within the nearby untamed wilds of the Everfree Forest a storm is brewing. Not just any storm, but a herald of ancient evils soon to return.

For as the old saying goes, when it rains....it pours.

Now with a TV Tropes page!

With special thanks to RainbowDoubleDash, Talon and Thorn, and especially Emeral Bookwise for all their advice and feedback as pre-readers and editors!

Cover art by the talented Gates McCloud.

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Naqah, the land of camels and their elemental jinn. Among the thousand stories, told and retold in the markets and coffee houses of the land, is one of a bottled army made of smoke and fire forged in ages long past.

But now that civil war wracks the country, a new story is on the lips of Naqah's citizens. A tale of a mad solar alicorn that searches the mountains, plains and deserts of Naqah for the bottled army as part of her bid to overthrow Equestria. Corona, the Tyrant Sun.

Now Trixie Lulamoon, Element of Magic and her fellow Element Bearers must plunge into a nation far from home, in an attempt to deny Corona another tool in her arsenal to unleash against their homeland.

A Lunaverse story set in the Spring of Season 2.

Cover art by Multiversecruise

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The Sauromachy.

The ancient war between mammal kind and the reptilian saurian race. A war that nopony, save perhaps Princess Luna and her sister, remember. The saurians are long gone, their empire ground into the dust, cities toppled, and memories scattered. Even their immortal emperor is just a ghost of what he once was, forced to watch the march of history play out.

This is the story of how an empire ended and how a ruler became a watcher.

Originally written for the Lunaverse's Something Ends, Something Begins writing event. A (very) distant prequel to Past Remnants.

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The multiverse is a wild and varied place. And the lives of ponies can take many forking paths and the case of Trixie Lulamoon, those paths are very twisted and complex indeed.

In one universe, she's the Element of Magic and the personal student of Princess Luna. In another, she's been tasked with cleaning up corruption in the city of Neigh Orleans by Princess Celestia. And in both they're talented magic users.

And when an ancient magic item switches the two between their universes, they'll both have to scramble to find a way back home.

A Lunaverse/Skitchverse crossover.

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This story is a sequel to Boast Bypassed

Manehatten is an impressive town, and the center of Equestria's theatre scene. Everyday, dozens of productions both on and off the famous Broadhoof Street. And when the human turned unicorn known as Skitch-Sketch is offered work in the city, she brings her friends Rarity and Pinkie Pie along for the ride. But not everything is as it seems. Now tricked into directing one of the worst plays ever, Skitch-Sketch will have to scramble to try and salvage it.

Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie has met one of her foal hood comedy idols! But with his career in a ditch and depression setting in, it'll take every trick in the Element of Laughter's bag of tricks to help him turn it around. Finally, Rarity has some personal business to discuss with her father. Personal business that drills straight to the heart of her life.

Cover Art By NekoKevin

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Equestria is a bright and shining kingdom. Its residents are content and safe in their idealic lives, thanks to the efforts of their benevolent princesses. And it has been as such for centuries. ...Or so everypony has always thought. But when an ancient sarcophagus is dredged up off the coast, Manehatten- and Equestria at large- will have to face the truth that there was something older in the world. A civilization and predators that moved through its shadows.

For before there was a world of harmony....there was a World of Darkness.

Now with cover art by Jake Was Here!
And fan art by CyanJames2819!

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Everypony in Equestria fears Corona, the Tyrant Sun.

But there was a time when the tyrant stood side by side with her sister, in the days far before the founding of Equestria and the elder sister's descent into madness. And when something they found in those early days calls them and Lyra Heartstrings (Element of Loyalty) to a lost city, the alicorn sisters are forced to deal with the shadows of the past.

Some secrets, are better left buried....

A Lunaverse story, set in the Summer of Season 2.

Cover Art by GatesMcCloud

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Everypony in Ponyville knows Carrot Top, the Element of Generosity. Always ready with kind words and a helping hoof when they're needed.

But when Carrot Top finds herself stuck between her friends in the Farmer's Union, and a request from Applejack, she turns to a legend of the Everfree to gain some extra hoof power. But strange magic has its consequences.

Will Ponyville and Carrot Top be able to deal with them?

A Lunaverse story, set in the fall of Season 2.

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