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I'm mainly a voice actress/singer, though I come here to read fanfiction from time to time.

Little about me..

I'm mainly a voice actress/singer in the MLP fandom, I love love LOVE to act and sing!! I've been doing so since mid 2012 and it's really been therapeutic for me. Most know me as doing fan voices for The Dazzlings and Sunset Shimmer, but I have quite a variety of others I love to put life into!

Who's your favorite character?
I get asked this a lot and it's really a mixture between a few. But lets start with..
Sunset Shimmer! I personally relate to her and several other MLP characters, she's a fantastic girl/pony!

Adagio Dazzle is another favorite, gotta love those villains! She gives me chills, but the good kind I suppose ^^" Plus she's super fun to do voicework for!

Aria Blaze SUPER underrated character, she's a pretty cool gal! Plus her character design is SUPERB! :) Gotta love her attitude, plus she reminds me of one of my besties, haha!

There are so many characters I could list but these are the first 3 I could think of ^^

Ever gonna write stories?
Probably not ^^" Though I might go into Audio Drama territory someday.. Hmm..

Will you do a reading of ____?
Again, I have a long mental list of stories I wish to do readings of.

Feel free to message me! :)

What do you do besides read stories and voice act?
I love to draw! Been drawing for my life, and I love drawing Equestria Girls, only been doing humans for about 2 years ^^" But I hope I'm good at it, haha!

I've done a few dramatic readings of some stories on here! If you ever want to check them out, here's a few of em! ^_^ Narration and voices by me, unless said otherwise!
Also, on a side note, I do not take requests ^^" sorry I just pick ones that strike my fancy, haha.


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hello, Ms. Wubcake :), I'm here to ask (after hearing your cameo in foxwell's review) if there was anyway i could get you to play either Lyra/Bon Bon in what I'm hoping to be my Macabre dramatic reading of Cleave, or if you know anyone who'd be free to do so. Not having any luck finding someone to fill those roles, busy month and all for everyone I suppose ^^'

Happy LATE birthday
Love you! Keep up the dramatic readings and comic dubs!
(good enough for me even if you do never write!)
If I could, I would give you a hug,
Ah, screw it
*hugs you*

Happy Birthday Wubcake! :heart:

Happy Birthday and on First Friday! :pinkiehappy:

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