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Voice Actress/Siren who does dramatic readings of stories on here from time to time!

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Happy New Year!

Oh bother. Oil's well feels well for some of us here. But I'll give you a tidbit: In one of those stories, the Mane 6 and Starlight become juxtaposed out while on Earth, with Captain America and Iron Man sliding into tension over the Sokovia Accords, and Twilight's hypocrisy into agreeing to it, and Rainbow Dash, being the brash, levelheaded girl she usually is, does otherwise, and the trouble surrounding the Winter Soldier over his framing on the disastrous UN bombing that resulted in the death of Black Panther's dad. This eventually lead into a terrible Civil War with Twilight, Starlight and a few of her friends on Iron Man's cause, and Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Spike, the bost beloved no. 1 assistant, with Cap's. This later erupted into the ultimate bloody clash when Iron Man learns that the then brainwashed Winter Soldier killed his parents. Enraged, and hellbent on slaughter and consumed by vengeance, he trades vicious gut-wrenching blows with the star-spangled man with a plan, with a desperate Twilight gashing out a savage bloodshed with Dash. Iron Man is eventually stopped, and the true culprit, having completed his heinous scheme, attempts suicide, and is stopped by Black Panther who before went for the Winter Soldier. And now that the Avengers had been completely desecrated and disbanded, like the Beatles, Cap, who had just freed his faction from prison cells, gets sanctuary in Wakanda at the acceptance of Black Panther and Rainbow Dash returns home to Equestria with Twilight, deciding that both had to be distant for the time being until their near-severe scars had been cured, which did years later, the ponies' magic of friendship having nearly collapsed to a meaningless rubble, the ties between Equestria and Earth being on the strain, thanks to this very tragic ruse, and, after a small crossing with the Guardians of the Galaxy conversing with the Royal Sisters and leaving, Twilight Sparkle, the near-broken Princess of Friendship, tells everything that happened. That's when the story holds up at the buffer stop.

Ah I'm not very familiar with the Avengers so I'm afraid I wouldn't enjoy it as much as someone who knows it o:

Well, excited to meet you, I did. Know you are here in this site, I am not.

Well, reading these really fantastic stories which are crossovers between MCU's The Avengers and My Little Pony. If you would try reading em, they're great.

Yes, thats me! Hello! How are you?

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