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"Un bon mot ne prouve rien." (Voltaire)


Take a deep breath, then exhale. Now open your eyes. You seem to be in control. But does your body truly obey your every command?

Feed your pet, or your plant, or watch someone else do the same if you have neither. Did it ever feel wrong to be in that position of dominance?

Stop next to a busy intersection. Now imagine yourself walking right into it. Is there a world out there where you did just that?

Escape the confines of your role in existence for a minute or two. Notice how you feel as everything around you instantly becomes meaningless. How could someone in your position – a deity to your own people – attempt to cope with such an idea?

Submerge yourself in darkness. Let your mind paint the world around you, then wonder why it almost always results in a threat. Why should the fastest flier there ever was be afraid of that which they can't even see?

You've always known about these things. All it takes is to be reminded of them...


On one bright Sunday morning, Twilight Sparkle and her friends suddenly find themselves struggling with the very same questions. An experiment gone wrong, a stray thought during a field trip, and even a simple afternoon tea with one's dearest sister manages to set the minds of these ponies down a dangerous path, one which could easily lead to their doom – not to mention that of all others.

Some have suggested that it's just their imagination gone wild. Others suspect that they're being manipulated. A few even dread that it may be contagious, only to then laugh when they hear the victims complain about "strange noises stalking them everywhere." Nopony has answers.

Now that they are aware, those affected intend to find some...

(Adventure/horror/"pseudo-philosophical" fic based on an idea I've had during meditation...)

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Ooo... creepy how Twi can accidentally cause herself to die if she doesn't pay attention to her own bodily functions.

This is actually really interesting and I quite look forward to the future updates. The style that you used to write it kept me on my toes, anxious about finding out what Twilight had done until it was revealed just how far she'd gone. Keep up the great work.

I haven't read this yet but it seems very very interesting! But while I read your story would you please read mine? It's called a new life. It's about scootaloo, I haven't finished it yet but I'm sure it's pretty good for my first try. It's certainly doing better than my story rainbow colored love, it has 3 likes and 16 dislikes. :( oh well.
I'm sure my 3rd story will do much better! (Spoiler alert! It's comedy!)

I kinda zoned out big time reading the description, very, transy.

it's overused because it's a believable trope. Never let something like that get in the way of doing something new with it, which you seem to be doing. Keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:


I don't mean to be rude, but you don't see me coming to your story to ask you to read mine. It's not exactly appropriate or respectful behavior, to say the least...

That said, thank you for deciding to turn your attention to my story, and I will make sure to do the same for yours if I have the time.


Less than a minute after this story made it to the site, I saw someone advertising their story that featured "Twilight messing with a time spell"...

So, yeah... very overused... :trollestia:

Also, thank you!

Thank you for this release, I've been looking forward to the second chapter of this story since I read the first. I really enjoyed it and it live up to expectations. I view the Fluttershy in this chapter like the one from the gala and the assertive episodes, and when she's seen like that, it's well within her personality to act like this.


I know. I suppose I just got so attached to my own method that I kept using it anyway... :derpytongue2:

Also, is that really all the impression this story left in you? :ajsmug:

Track'd (I love the bookshelf system!)

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