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    This is a post I've been wanting to make for a long time.

    Hope you enjoy it. :heart:

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Humanity · 6:45am Jan 10th, 2016

This is a post I've been wanting to make for a long time.

Hope you enjoy it. :heart:

One of the essential questions of life—if not the essential question—is "Why?"

Why do we exist? Why are we here? Why are we alive? What is our purpose? What are we meant to do?

What is the meaning of life?

This is, of course, a question asked by humanity, in relation to humanity. While we have a simple answer for the rest of life on Earth—for everything from ants to alligators—the answer "To live and reproduce" doesn't seem enough when it comes to mankind.

Surely, there must be more to life.

Surely, there must be more to meaning than pure survival.

Surely, we aren't just little passengers on this pale blue dot, clinging to it for life and sustenance throughout a vast and empty Universe.

Surely, this can't be it...

Can it?


The answer to that question is an uncertain one, tied up in a plethora of philosophies, religions, ideologies, hopes, fears, and dreams. That answer is something I or anyone else could wax poetic about for eons, and still not even be close to the beginning of the beginning, much less than the end of the end. That answer is the subject of endless debate, vast journeys, and deep dives into the limits of human knowledge.

And it still not enough.

For that answer may be that there is no answer.

For that answer may be one we don't want to hear.

Or that answer could lie with someone we don't want to listen to.

Regardless, I think that, for now, we have to make our own answer.

Humans are not only pattern-seeking beings, but we're curious ones, at that. While we have grown beyond asking "Why?" at everything as a child, that same thoughtfulness—that same need to know—has not, will not, and should not leave us as adults.

So, when it comes to life, and the meaning of it, humanity must have an answer.

Whether that answer is God, or family, or love, or friendship, or making money or art or children or climbing Mount Everest or diving the Great Barrier Reef or taking photos or learning guitar or writing stories or becoming a leader or being a follower or being kind or being generous or saving the whales or saving the world or just—

—being happy—

There must be an answer.

You must be asking by now...

"So then, what is your answer?"


Love, in all its forms, in all its stages, is the meaning of life. To learn love, to show love, and to cultivate love.

That is my answer for the meaning of life... and the meaning of humanity.

Love is the answer.

To be human is to love.

Why, you may ask?


For love can do great things.

Love can create compassion.

Love can heal the wounds between those we used to hate, and those we used to fear.

Love can drive us to face danger, to look it square in the eye and step towards it, for the good of those who lie beyond us.

Love can drive us to leave our mark in the unlikeliest of places.

Family Photo Left By Apollo 16 Astronaut Charles Duke

The love of our fellow man can drive us to simple, yet powerful acts of generosity.

Even if it's for nothing more than a smile.

In a world where "business ethics" is an oxymoronic phrase, we forget that not all proprietors have forgotten how to show love.

In an age where entire generations have known nothing but war, we forget that love sometimes builds bridges, however small.

When "dog-eat-dog" is the law of the land, and competition is injected into our blood, we marvel at those who help their fellows cross the finish line.

When those with power and those without often go toe-to-toe, it makes headlines when we see what our love for our fellow man can do, insignia be damned.

Protesters Surprise Brazilian Officer With Birthday Cake

When endless greed and lust for money drives economies, it astounds us when someone willingly goes without, in the name of love.

When xenophobia dominates our politics and we pin our fears on entire groups, nations, and religions, it is love that shows us where we were mistaken.

Christians Protect Muslims During Prayer In Cairo, Egypt

Pakistani Muslims Form Human Chain To Protect Christians During Mass

When life, as beautiful as it is, becomes overwhelming and unbearable, love shows us that it is still worth living, that there is still much more waiting for us.

When we cannot enjoy the simple things in life, whether due to circumstances within our beyond our control, it is love that steps in and shows us we are still meant to partake.

Reading Man

When disease and despair come as tidal waves upon our shore, it is love that shows us we are not alone, that we are in this together.

When the world offers us wealth and fame, it is love that declines it, so that others may live.

UNH Senior Cameron Lyle Ends Athletic Career To Donate Bone Marrow

Pat Tillman

When the world blesses us with wealth and fame, it is love that spurs us to bless others, as we have been blessed.

And even among those of us who will never know wealth or fame, there is still a great capacity for love.

Lowe's Employees Fix Veteran's Wheelchair

Because love tells us that even the little things matter.

501st Legion Builds Stormtrooper Armor For Bullied Girl

Because love tells us that we are strong together.

Ahmad and Fatima

Because love tells us that kindness is worth it, even when the darkness surrounds us.

Homeless Man Who Returned Engagement Ring Gets New Home

Because love tells us everyone has a place at the table.

Because love gets us to believe in magic.

Because love shows us what it means to sacrifice.

Because love shows us we are stronger than tragedy.

In spite of all of this, evil, darkness, and hate still have, still do, and still will exist in the world.

To deny this is not only ignorant, but dangerous.

To deny this is to deny history.

The Moment The Towers Fell

But it is important to remember that the power of love can overcome the love of power.

1968 Olympics Black Power Salute

That what once divided us, is not bound to do so forever.

Bobby Moore Embraces Pelé

Graves Of A Catholic Woman And Her Protestant Husband

That there has always been opposition to the forces of evil.

That there will be, one day, an end to tyranny.

That even there will be, one day, an end to war.

For if humanity can gaze upon itself as so...

And look upon things only thought of in dreams...

Mars At Sunset

Then, I know, one day, that such suffering shall be a thing of the past.

As we hope, love implores us to look to what is already remarkable.

Helen Keller Meets President Eisenhower

Love reminds us that light still shines through the darkness.

Greg Cook Reunited With Coco After Tornado

Baby Girl Found After Japanese Tsunami

And that anything is possible.

Connie Kopelov And Phyllis Siegel Wed


Perhaps I am wrong about some, or all, of this.

Perhaps I am wrong about love, about good, about hate, about evil.

Perhaps I am wrong about humanity.


But maybe...

Just maybe...

I am right.

Only time will tell.

As for me and my house, we will believe in love, in goodness, in humanity.

That's all from me, folks. I hope you enjoyed this.

Take care, and remember to be strong.

Comments ( 70 )

Grazie. Grazie mille.

I just came across a comment you made on another story and was wondering, how are you doing? :ajsmug:

Agree completely that we must decide what will give our lives meaning. As long as I leave the world just a little better than I left it, even if only for a handful of people, I will have lived a good life.
That was beautiful Bads. I've honestly been feeling down for the past day or two, but I think this post made me smile a bit (and listen to some 60's hippies tunes) before I head to bed.

Hope you are healthy and doing well. :heart:

Damn Girl, were you trying to make tears roll down my cheeks? Mission accomplished, I assure you. *hugs* Miss talking with you!:heart:

This blog needs to be shared over and over again.

Nice post, I haven't seen something meaningful for some time.

I used to listen to a ton of radio and one woman called in telling the story of Mike Myers (of Shrek fame... not the OTHER Mike Myers) and how her kid had cancer and really REALLY REALLY liked Shrek... so Mike calls the kid role playing as Shrek (awesome) and how he sent Shrek DVD's. I don't remember much, but the Zach Galfinakis story reminded me of that....

I hope you are doing well... I hate you for giving me feels, and not a update blog... seriously! But you could write a children's book with pictures using these blogs as inspiration. That's how my inner voice decides to read these blogs... so take care Baddie and hope you get to catching up with us loyal fanatics and followers...

I think some of us would become your loyal followers should you snap and decide to rule the world. Such is your legacy on this crazy pony fan site!

You have a beautiful soul, my friend.

Even in this world of darkness, you remind us of the light that resides in us all. And yes, even in my darkened and bitter soul, there is light.

Bless you, and may the light of your soul forever lighten the way.

I was out with friends not 30 minutes ago... When I say out... I mean that I am presently hammered. To that end.... My reaction to this was extreme. I will sum up my drunken thoughts and wilfully admitted tears to the pictographic imagery with this.

"Thank God for spell check. Thank you for this. My seasonal depression gets pretty damned bad this time of year. Thank you. I needed this. "

That was onslaught of feels by feels.

Glad you still churning happily away at life Babs.

A fine way to end the night. A fine way to welcome the new year.

Personally, I am sick of seeing people only bring up the bad and ignore the good. The good gets ignored and pushed aside in favor of the bad, particularly here in the states, and all because good news just don't 'sell' or 'entertain' people enough. I was witness to this firsthand while working for a local publication of news not too long ago. It's rather sad, actually.

Now, I can't claim to be a good person myself. Done quite a lot of bad things in my life thus far, even if it isn't that long a time all things considered. Some of those things I did because I had no choice and had to survive, and others because I didn't know any better and only saw the gains without ever seeing the costs. As a result, I grew up a cynic and nihilist. I'm sad to say that for some time before I got my life on track, I was a part of the issue I brought up at the start of my rant.

Today, I know that I—we—can do better. I have kind people like you to thank for that.

I still understand that life isn't always going to be happy. I can't say that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, or that people will one day lay down their arms and hate and hold hands to sing in harmony; I have the misfortune of knowing firsthand that isn't true. Growing up—and trying to stay alive—in a third-world country showed me that real quick. It may not get me anywhere—nor make me many friends, for that matter—but I will always be the first guy to say this: Life can seem meaningless at times. Life can be cruel and the world can seem to be a very cold and empty place. Life can sometimes reward the wicked and punish the kind, and life can sometimes seem devoid of righteousness. Yet despite that cynical outlook, I keep moving forward by telling myself this: Don't cling to pain; don't expect happiness; don't fear loss and accept reality as it is. Enjoy the good and endure the bad. Don't make a big deal out of anything and just be humble and kind. Be selfless and just and unconditionally loving without ever expecting a reward for it. Life can hell sometimes, and we're all bound for the grave, so why not make each others' lives worthwhile and enjoyable in the meantime? After all, the only thing that matters is letting people know that you care about them. Because whatever someone is, has, or can be doesn't mean a damned thing in the end.

Again, my views don't afford me many friends, and I can understand why. After all, why would they be friends with a young cynic like myself? I won't change my views, but I will adjust them if it means helping and understanding someone else. But as I said earlier, the fact that people don't quite like me doesn't matter to me. I'll still help someone else, even if they have to hear my grumble about it from time to time. I will still try and save someone from jumping off a bridge, even if a large portion of me thinks it pointless due to our impending mortality, and I will certainly keep moving forward and hoping that people stop being so fixated on hurting each other, even if a part of me can probably make up some excuse about it being 'part of the genes' or some such nonsense. This is just who I am; your friendly-neighborhood anti-nihilist.

Thank you for sharing this blog with us. The world needs more people like you. I'm no good at stuff like this, heh. Until next time, farewell.

Heck of a blog, Bads. I can't actually add anything to this. Would be a better world if more people thought like you.

Bad stop giving me feels dammit.

Long post is long.

But so fucking worth it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Hmm. What is the meaning of life? That is one way to look at it. Here is my way to look at it if you want to read. Lets start from the beginning. What do we know, lets say nothing. how can we know? We gather knowledge with our senses and mind. Lets get the existential part out of the way first, Is anything real? After all we are trapped in our body and mind. We only see the world in the filter of our brains so we cant "prove" that anything is real. What is reality?

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away. ~ Philip K. Dick

So either we are in some sort of matrix or we are in the real world, Its your choice and i chose that we are in the real world.
Now then, why are we here? Ok why ask? Well, we do like to ask questions and since we ask about existence and the laws of physics Its only natural that we would ask about that. But like the laws of physics we have the same answer: we don't know. Why dose gravity exists? We have theories of how it works but not why it exists in the first place. So then why do we exist? Did you realize something about that question? You presume that we have a purpose. So who gave us that purpose? Ok lets go with that, lets say that someone/thing made everything, a god, the universe or whatever. After all, If things follow a universal law book then is it so strange to think that we have one to? But why do we not know our purpose?

Now we can get somewhere.

Meaning of life 1: We must discover our purpose.
Our quest is to explore the universe and ourself and tame them with the power of our minds. Knowledge is the meaning. After all, we are conscious, we can ask this question and we feel the need to find the answer. So maybe that is our purpose. But why this hassle? Why would we be created just to find out that we were created to find out that we were created?

Meaning of life 2: Master life itself.
To strive for Immortality or die trying, to evolve and adapt, to reproduce so to continue life. We do not want to die, we like to reproduce. Instincts yes but with a clear purpose. life is real, and what life wants is clear. But there is nothing unique about this meaning. All life wish to reproduce and all life wish to stay alive. And when you are immortal what then?

Meaning of life 3: Religion.
If you speak of that we were given a purpose then maybe its the ones that gave us that purpose we should turn to? Maybe the religions of the world are more true than we think? But then, religion have quite the story behind it. Not only in deed but also in scripture.

Meaning of life 4: Reach your maximum potential and achieve your dreams.
Perhaps the most common one. Achieve your dreams, make your mark on the world, exactly as it says on the can. What do you value? what do you want? The meaning is to do. Make something of yourself, be the one you always wanted to be. We love the feeling of achievement, to make something. You yourself are a content creator here on FimFic. You probably know the feeling of achievement and fame. We want to be remembered.
But when you fail. Not everyone will be remembered. It is so easy to fail.

Meaning of life 5: Power.
To rule, to control, to master. The generic bad guy. But who is to tell you that you should not? Power is not always bad. The universe is out there, just waiting for someone to claim it. If becoming famous is hard then good luck conquering the world.

Meaning of life 6: Live life to the fullest.
Eat, drink, be marry, experiences sensations, seek pleasure, avoid pain, life is meant to be lived.
But if this is the meaning then what would happen if everyone lived like this?

Meaning of life 7: Do good.
I don't think that i need to explain this one, you already did. But here is the problem. If there is no evil in the world. Then what is good?

You do not have to believe in a god to have a meaning. Maybe you just feel like it. In the end everything we do make us feel better, or at least, potentially less sad. But then there are those that don't believe in a meaning. Because that is what it is. You believe.

Meaning of life 8: Do not seek the meaning of life.
You do not live if you endlessly search. Even if there is a meaning then what makes you think that you would understand it? Or maybe we should turn on it. We are the ones who are asked: What will you do with your life?

Meaning of life 9: There is no meaning.
We were created by chance by the physics, not with them. It is in our nature to question but that do not mean that there must be a answer, and that is what makes life so special.

Meaning of life 10: Life is bad.
Go kill yourself. Better to never have been.

The three last ones are more pessimistic then to others but it is your choice. However there is nothing that says that life cant have multiple meanings.

In my opinion having just one meaning will just bring problems because they demand that you have to live a certain way. And then you have all the moral problems to deal with. So i do not have to be on top of the world but if i can help someone get there i will be happy.

There are a lot of amazing people in the world screw the converstion beauro im proud to be human.
this blog has inspired me to do something nice for a stranger.
my favorite part was all those people tipping the train to help that woman

Beautiful and encouraging. :heart:

Exceptionally well said, Madam Bad_Seed_72. Exceptionally well said indeed.

There are good people in this world and they far outnumber the bad ones... we just have to open our eyes and take a look for them.

"Kindness costs nothing, but more often than not, it is worth everything to the people who receive it."

Thank you for the reminder that, even in a world where bad things are caused by bad people, there are still beautiful, wonderful souls out there. Thank you, too, for being one of them and for sharing this with us. Be safe and be well.

I've got a case of warm fuzzies and wet eyes coming on.

Thank you, Bads.

I needed a good cry. :pinkiesad2:

Thanks for putting this piece together, Baddie, not just because of how beautiful it is, but because of how it reminds me to think about the big questions in life. There was so much going on in my life this past year, more than I think was healthy, and even though I found a lot of happiness, I felt a definite lack of fulfillment with my place in the world.

I know why: it's because I've haven't made time to ponder the universe or to get together and discuss what really matters with people, to think about the universe and challenge the assumptions that have settled into my brain over the years. This blog? I want more of this. I want to write more of this and to always have ideas and curiosities the way that I did when I was in high school or college. It's so easy to get lost in the mundane or to put all one's energy into being productive, and the moments of context – those times when you can take a step back and just be – are the first to slip though the cracks.

New Year's resolutions never appealed to me, since I don't like the idea of only changing yourself once a year, but reading this blog has given me second thoughts. I want to spend more of this year carving out time and brainpower for this sort of thing. I don't want to feel guilty about not spending my time in a way that maximizes my productivity or pleasure. I want to keep all these things that I've learned over the past year as a part of my life, but I want to normalize a little more towards being thoughtful and noticing what the world is saying to me.

So again, thanks for giving me something worthwhile, Bad: a moment that made me think. :heart:

I teared up a bit a few times reading this.
It made my day.:heart:

God there are actual tears running down my face right now. You are the best Bad! When you post stuff like this I am so happy to say I am a friend of yours! Love you!

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

I really needed this. It's been extraordinarily depressing in the news lately. I'm getting so damn sick of it.:ajsleepy:

Truly though, love is one of the strongest forces in the universe. What else, when properly applied, can remove divisions, bring people together, and completely change a person? That which branches off from love.

Still, I think it's going to take a long time for us to slowly change ourselves from within.:applejackunsure: It's possible, but it will take a very long time.

Going back to the "pale blue dot" discussion for a moment, I think that things would change quickly if we had some outside force acting on us. Suppose we suddenly find out we're not the only sapient species in this universe? What happens when we find out some other race that is trying to reach out and make contact with something out there?

Surely then, we'd have to take a good look at ourselves. I'm not saying it'll be an instantaneous positive, cure-all experience, but it would definitely bring about a change in the way we think.

This post should be shown to every misanthrope on this site.

You're making me tear up... :pinkiesad2:

It's interesting that your answer to the question of life's meaning is love given it was itself the subject of one of your other blogs like this. Either way, it's cool reading you philosophizing on the subject. :twilightsmile:

This made me cry the happiest of tears. Summed up my own philosophy far better than I can. I definitely will be sharing this blog post. Thank you, bad seed. :heart:

Perhaps this is relevant

We must all feed gravel to Malcolm, the King of Love! That's what gives life its meaning. :pinkiecrazy:

This was a nice little message for the day. Gives me more reason to have faith in humanity. So thank you for this post, I really appreciate it:twilightsmile:.

Thanks for making my day.

Beautiful, thank you. :pinkiesad2: I cried from how this us written and the imagery is powerful.

That was the most beautiful thing I've ever read. You have no idea how refreshing it is for me to see someone who shares the beliefs about humanity as I do. I actually found myself crying throughout the whole thing. As a species, we are imperfect. Just as much as we are capable of doing some of the worst atrocities imaginable, we are also capable of doing truly great things. I also want there to come a day where peace and love become worldwide and that war goes to where it belongs; in fiction.

You know whats weird... I just watched this...

... Now after reading your post, I feel like going to Eddie Vidders house and proceed to give a loving swift kick to his dynamic duo for being a nihilistic jackanape.

... I'm a horrible human being:fluttercry:

This was so inspiring... Thank you very much for writing it, it was like a breath of fresh air.

... I'm very happy to have come across this, as I've been rather pessimistic lately. This ripped that out out of me, bitch slapped it, and shoved a heaping dosage of optimism back in its place. You sir, are a great person.

And now I'm crying like a little bitch. I fucking love you. :fluttercry:

The meaning of life is just be cool. What is cool? Everything is cool, and nothing is cool. So just be cool.

Fuck, I'll read it when it's not sleepy time for me, but I'm still stating this until I can say something about this.


A "Bloom County" collection chronicling the last year in the life of the 1980s comic strip.

So long, and thanks for all the fish! Remember to love each other.

The first line is a reference to an introductory scene the movie "Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy." In the scene, all the dolphins leave Earth for good in order to escape the destruction of Planet Earth.

Unforgettable, that's what you are
Unforgettable, both near or far
Like a song of love that clings to me
How the thought of you does things to me
Never before
Has someone been more

Unforgettable in every way
And forever more, that's how you'll stay
That's why darling it's incredible
That someone so unforgettable
Thinks that I am unforgettable too

Unforgettable in every way, oh, oh, oh
And forever more, that's how you'll stay
That's why darling it's incredible
That someone so unforgettable
Thinks that I am unforgettable too this it? Is this your idea of a farewell blog?

Well, then. I honestly don't know what to say. I just wish I was here earlier to watch you make this...thing.

Mi povas dormi, sed la frenezo en miaj sonĝoj paliĝas kompare al la turbulado ke estas reala vivo.

Maybe you'll live an absolutely anonymous life now, won't you?

3769430 I figured I might as well reprise my previous comment.

Also, is this her farewell blog? Did she leave again?
That makes me even sadder...

I don't know if you'll ever see this comment.

I choose this.

Thank you.

You've made a difference.

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