After the tumultuous events of the Canterlot Wedding, Rainbow Dash goes on her nightly flight to relax. She's used to flying alone, and enjoys the solitude. This time, however, somepony accompanies her.

Takes place right after the Season Two finale.

Thanks to Inspectah Dash, Leonzilla, VarlorlordV5, TunaKebab, Loopy Legend, kooarbiter, and EricKilla for editing.

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Rated Everyone.

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You... plus SoarDash? Excuse me while I go scream joyously into a pillow.


WOW. I'm impressed.

This is well done.

~Skeeter The Lurker


:pinkiehappy: Hope you enjoy this one! :twilightsmile:


Yes. Soooo cute! :rainbowkiss:


Thanks Skeeter! :pinkiehappy:


Music (take your pick. Personally, I think the first version fits a little more):

Bad, why. Why you make me d'aww? Do you enjoy toying with my sensitive emotions like this? :raritydespair:


:rainbowkiss: Agreed, first version is better. Thanks for the music! :twilightsmile:


Glad you did! :pinkiesmile:


Yes, yes I do! :trollestia: And I will keep playing with your emotions as long as you follow me! :pinkiecrazy:

I... abslolutley love this my freind.
Its simply marvelous!:raritystarry:


Bad Seed, this was rather well done. Enjoyed reading it, and was very much an excellent one shot standalone, although it could easily turn into something more if you wanted it to be so. Excellent.


Thank you, my friend! :raritystarry:


Thanks, spacecowboy. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. :twilightsmile:

Rainbow Dash locked eyes with Soarin, sapphires meeting emeralds in the middle.

Dash's eyes would be amethyst. Sapphires, while they can come in a violet shade, are almost ALWAYS blue. The amethyst is the closest gemstone to her eyes.


Emerald is correct for Soarin.

And this story... simply OUTSTANDING!


Thanks for catching that! That has been fixed. :twilightsmile:

Woot! Glad you enjoyed it! :pinkiehappy:

This was absolutely fantastic! I would love to see a continuation of it :D


No words can describe how beautiful this story is

I rarely read stories, but when I do they are very good.

Nice job.

Very nice! I would also love to see a continuation of this.

'Tis a nice story, a nice one shot. I had fun pre-reading it.

You made my day. :pinkiehappy:

Once again you have released an excellent piece of work that was both a pleasure to read and very well done. I really enjoyed the way you characterized both Dash and Soarin' in this with just the right amount of playfulness and seriousness. Congratulations once again.

And now... your quote :scootangel: "So few people realize that dancing is more than an act or an action; no, dancing is about moving in rhythm with not only yourself and your partner, but with both the heard and and unheard music of creation as well."

2967544 2967857 2968584

Thanks everyone! I may continue this at some point in the future. :pinkiesmile:


Aww, thanks! :raritystarry:


Thank you! :pinkiehappy:


Thanks, and thanks again for pre-reading! :raritywink:


Glad I did! :scootangel:


Thanks, Shadow_Wolf! A mix of deep emotion and light-hearted playfulness was what I was going for. As always, you continue to deliver awesome quotes. Dancing is indeed about far more than rhythm and tempo.

Here's a quote back that you may like:

"On many an occasion when I am dancing, I have felt touched by something sacred.In those moments, I felt my spirit soar and become one with everything that exists."

--Michael Jackson

You are indeed correct, that was an excellent one :twilightsmile:

T'was my pleasure.

I am I the only one that got "A Whole New World" from Aladdin vibe from this? :raritystarry: By the way lovely story! :twilightsmile:


Thanks! Glad you liked it. :twilightsmile:

one could say ''that ship was sailing''.....................ba dum tshhhhhhh
but seriously best ship of all time


Hehe thanks! It is indeed an awesome ship. :twilightsmile:

I loved this! I shall give this a like, favorite...gaaaah! This is to awesome for words, only short grunting noises!


Wow, thanks! :rainbowdetermined2: I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. :moustache:

Awww. That was such a sweet story. :heart:

Another Hoof Beat reference...:moustache:


Thanks! :heart:

Glad you caught that! :moustache:

This was a masterpiece. If I was more prone to cry tears of joy due to romantic waff moments, I would, but it was a happy feeling so I will go with that. The only thing I didn't really like (and once you really think about it, it isn't really all that bad) was that you left off with a good sequel hook :flutterrage: This is one of those stories that is kick ass, but would be fucking awesome as a short novella or something :pinkiecrazy:

My goal, is to read any and all stories that you write. Regardless of tag or rating. This is my own personal challenge and unless you suddenly decide that pones are suddenly not worth your time anymore (but you would have to be crazy to be that bad :pinkiecrazy:) should accomplish this.



Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I may continue this at some point...not quite sure yet. :moustache: Challenge accepted, eh? Prepare yourself for many more stories to come! :rainbowdetermined2:


Knock, knock.

"Rainbow Dash?"

Knock, knock, knock.

"Rainbow Dash? Are you awake?"

"Twi, we gotta get goin'!"

"I know, Applejack. Let's give her a few minutes."

"But, Twilight, darling, they won't hold the train forever! You need to knock louder!"

"Yeah! Or maybe I can pull out my party cannon and give her a big, happy, 'Hooray-for-waking-up-and-not-making-us-miss-the-train-to-Ponyville!' party!"

"Um...Twilight...perhaps you could try knocking again? If...If that's alright with you..."

Twilight groaned and face-hoofed. "Alright. One more try, and then if she still isn't up, I'm dragging her out of bed."

This time, Twilight pounded on the door to Rainbow Dash's suite.


After a few moments of silence Twilight decided to intervene. ''Alright Dash were coming in!''

''Oh, but how?'' asked Rarity.

''Easy i have a master key given to me by Celestia herself!'' grinned Twilight.

''I find that rather disturbing Twilight.'' said Rarity a bit surprised.

''Nonsense!'' objected Twilight, ''I would only use this in an emergency, and this is an emergency.

''Well i do hope she is alright.'' said Fluttershy as Twilight unlocked the door and opened it.

''Wakie Wakie Dashie!'' yelled Pinkie Pie as she hopped over to Dash's bed and poking at the mound in the center as Dash was totally covered by her sheets. but still unresponsive Pinkie decided to surprise her by yanking off the sheets, ''I said wakie wakie!.

''What in tarnation!?'' yelled Apple Jack as all the mares gasped in unison at the sight before them.

''Is.....is that Soarin?'' asked Twilight shakily as Rainbow Dash had none other than Soarin the Wonderbolt in a warm embrace.

''What!? Rainbow had a slumber party and didn't invite us!'' exclaimed Pinkie.

''Um Pinkie my dear it appears Dash here had more than a slumber Party with Soarin here.'' gasped Rarity

''Oh........my.'' squeaked Fluttershy blushing heavily.

''Ugh whats with all that noise?'' said a very weary Dash opening her eyes. after a few moments of adjusting she realized who she was holding and what had transpired a few hours before Dash bolted upright ''OH MY GOSH SOARIN!''

''Nice to see you finally awake.'' said Twilight still shocked at the sight before her.

''GAH WHAT!?'' screamed Dash surprised at all her friends standing right next to her, ''What are you girls doing here! I.....it.....it's not what it looks like.''

''Oh its not is it. then what do you call it?'' asked Twilight.

''Well its um.....'' stuttered Dash, but before she could finish Soarin awoke.

''Uh wow what a night that was. So how did you sleep my little DashieANOHMYSWEETCELESTIA!'' yelled Soarin in shock as he saw all of Dash's friends around them, ''Ummmmm hi?

''What do you have to say for yourself missy!'' stated Twilight slightly angry at the situation at hoof.

''Yes do tell how was it?'' asked Rarity excitedly

''Rarity!'' exclaimed Twilight surprised at Rarity's vulgar question

''What? asked Rarity giving a slight pout face, ''I want to know how it was!''

''Well um.....'' began Dash looking at everypony. then with a smile and a renewed confidence continued, ''it was THE BEST NIGHT EVER'':rainbowwild:

.............................THE END....................??? could write more but this is enough to get the point across!


I approve of this. :moustache:

2978244Bwahahahaha! I love that! Soarin's reaction was priceless:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Aww, that was soo sweet! <3 I love SoarinDash


Thanks! Glad you liked it. :twilightsmile:

Yay, soarindash :pinkiehappy:


My favourite ship, awesome story by the way :twilightsmile:

Wow...you write good! This was an amazing one-shot, but I curse it at the same time, for making me want more!!

2994105 2994351

Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed it! :pinkiehappy:

Reads* "this is so amazing!" * learns writer has no other soarin'dash stories "what do you mean liquid pride I'm just uhhh sweating ... through my eye's... Man just can't stop sweating, hey is it warm in here"

You sir have succeeded in making me the saddest yet happiest pony you've ever talked to. (via the Internet)


:rainbowlaugh: Sorry, my friend...Maybe I'll do more SoarinDash in the future. :rainbowkiss: In the meantime, glad you enjoyed the story!


Well well well, it looks like you can read fics that I love after all, Bad_Seed_72


I think you mean write. But thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

The "dance of the pegasus" kinda reminds me of the courtship of bald eagles.

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