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Never forget when I was discussing villains with my friend; I said "villains are hot" while thinking specifically about the Dazzlings. He'll never know.


It's a normal day at Canterlot High for Blueberry Cake- until Pinkie Pie pops out of her locker. Suddenly, Pinkie Pie is everywhere. Why is she stalking Blueberry? Or is she a stalker?

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Oh. some people just automatically downvote everything that's Equestria Girls. That's probably a lot of it right there.

I think I read one of your earlier fics, and this one is a lot better! It's short and sweet and funny. There's less confusion about who everyone is, because you don't need to know that in order to understand the story. So, yes, I think you are improving, and while I don't like assuming that every single downvote is due to the Equestria Girls thing, I would bet that a fair amount of it is.

4428355 Thank you for the feedback! :twilightsmile:

This is great!:pinkiehappy:

But, what do you mean by: "Drama Letter held up her school." ?:twilightoops:

4430080 Must have been a typo. :twilightblush: I meant she held up her skull. Drama Letter has a plastic skull in her hand sometimes.

4431390 Thank You! That makes sooooo much more sense! :pinkiehappy:
But, you might want to mention the skull beforehand...

4432873 Thanks! Have a good one!

RD: Pinkie Pie, you are so random! :rainbowlaugh:
Me: So random! :pinkiehappy: like me! :pinkiehappy:
RD: :rainbowhuh:

i have always Wondered. AHAHAHAHA:rainbowlaugh:
Is Tennis match canon or an OC?
I didn't see her in the movie.

never mind.:ajbemused:

4435212 How are you able to make you're comments invisible until you highlight them?

Where did you get the icon for your avatar?

In the gym scene. When all the bands are present.

5481271 You use ([)spoiler] (<- remove brackets from that) tags to make spoilers, or you use that 'Sp' button on the comments section when you highlight the section you want to obscure... or you use the color ([)color=#ffffff]([)/color] (<- ditto) white tags to change the color of text to white and is invisible in this white box until highlighting. Also, the ffffff is due to HTML or Fimfiction coding colors in Hexadecimal...

Did do that at some point? When did I do either of those things on this page?

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