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In all honesty, Twilight Sparkle never had much plans for romance. Sure, she occasionally dreamed about finding that one special somepony, but she never had the chance nor the motivation to actively seek him. I mean, all good things come to those who wait, right?

However, when ‘that one special somepony’ is forcibly shoved right in Twilight’s face, it becomes a whole different ball game.

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Did you like your own work? Oh silleh Meme

Meme, I knew you would ship FlashLight eventually. :rainbowwild:

In the meantime, I think that the phrase “freaky-overdressed-monkey fetish” needs to be used more often.

As long as it's used by everypony except for Lyra. You know, to subvert the trope.


Looks like... Flash got promoted into Code T. :twistnerd:
N'jaaa, couldn't resist mate.

Haha, I love this premise. And I like your comedic writing style, so that's a big plus! I'd love to see this continued; it's a great premise, and it's made even more delicious by the other alicorns playing matchmaker with these two, even when pony Flash Sentry has absolutely no idea what went on in the Equestria Girls universe, while Twilight has to make do with the awkwardness of having briefly dated his human freaky overdressed monkey counterpart :rainbowwild:

I wouldn't be lying if I said I'd like to see this happen in an episode as a joke. I'd love to see the panic it causes.


Normally I'd skip right past any flash sentry fics but I'll try this one out only for you meme

This could go places, but the justification for having the guard living with her or being there at all doesn't make much sense. If the Everfree is really that dangerous, then there would be local guards to defend the town and that means he could just live in their base. If it weren't dangerous, then Twilight would know and would use that argument.

Of course there are enemies of the crown but going after Twilight wouldn't really be worth it unless the elements of harmony were a threat to them.

Granted it is Celestia but there's a limit to that.

Oh god, I just realized I have a freaky-overdressed-monkey-fetish! WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!

Anyway, faved.

Very intriguing.

I'm very interested in this. I for one would like it to continue. :twilightsmile:

"Flash Sentry took me to the Fall Formal back in the freaky-overdressed-monkey universe" may be the best in-universe description of part of Equestria Girls I've ever seen. Kudos for that.

I look forward to more of this, because panicky, awkward Twilight is one of the better Twilights. About on par with megalomaniacal, mad-with-power Twilight.

oh, this is a premise i like. definitely following.

Want moar. MOAR! MOAR!! MOAR!!!

Why does her “freaky-overdressed-monkey fetish” Bring Xenophilia to mind ^_^

I've got only one thing to say: MORE!!

Of course Princess Celestia and Princess Cadence have to have a little fun with the new princess and the new guard. Awkward start for Twilight but I'm sure they'll get by it, this could be fun.

Definitely keeping an eye on this one; first FlashLight fic that meets my way-too-high grammatical standards. Excellent premise too.

*reads title* I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND!:derpytongue2::rainbowlaugh:


I'm so conflicted, part of me is like "Don't read it, Flash x Twilight will die out eventually... right? :unsuresweetie: " but then the rest of me is "Meme-asaurus wrote it, it'll be good anyway :pinkiecrazy: " .... meh I'll read it, I'm sure the other part won't die TOO horribly :pinkiehappy:

*after reading* .... Worth XD

I'm always up for a nice Twilight romance story (given her personality, there is always something amusing ... and chaotic ... that happens), and I like what you have going here so far. Twilight and Flash will make for an amusing pair to watch, if their interactions in this chapter were any indication. Watching them warm up to each other and eventually giving romance a try is bound to be both entertaining and daww-inducting.

I'm also quite glad you didn't have Shining Armor freaking out about the fact that a stallion is potentially going to get together with Twi, if Cadence's plan pans out. Almost all the FlashLight fics that have been written so far seem to feature and obnoxiously overprotective Big Bro Shiny, and I feel that doesn't quite match up with his personality as it has been displayed in the show. I'd expect him to take such news in stride, or if anything be happy for her - and for the fact someone has managed to lure her out of her books even more.

The whole "you need a guard to protect you from Everfree" wasn't very convincing though - I mean, Twilight has been living next to it for a few years now, and that has never been an issue. And that was before she even became an Alicorn. And since Ponyville has managed to stay in one piece even before a powerful unicorn like Twi moved there in the first place, and without any guard stationed there, then surely the danger isn't that high.

Though since this whole ordeal is Cadence playing matchmaker between Twi and Flash, I imagine the whole thing was simply an excuse that she asked Celestia to cook up, so that she could have Flash shipped off without giving away the real reason she wants him moved there. And since Twi didn't seem to catch on (or was caught off-guard enough), apparently it worked.

And Twi not good at flying yet, eh? Do I smell flying lessons from Flash? Yes, yes I do. Though I imagine he will have to wrestle with Rainbow for the position, heh. Though speaking of Twi and clouds, why didn't she simply go back down the same way she came up - teleport? Would have helped her keep some of her dignity intact, I imagine. Though it did lead us to this awesome line, so I don't complain:

“Sooooo... you feel like coming down off that cloud now?” suggested the stallion.

“Not really.”

This part had me in stitches. That is Twi's cloud, and no one is moving her from there! :P
Anyways, an entertaining first chapter and your writing is easy and pleasant to read, so I'm definitely looking towards the next one.

My vote would definitely be for more!

2950701 Or Lyra thinks it's being used about her, and gets paranoid and defensive.

Funny funny funny!!! I love it

Heh heh, FlashLight. That ship's name is still funny to me.

This story, I like. :twilightsmile:

I. Am. Loving. This. Very well done, and I'm eager to see more.^^

You know what, I'm really looking forward to the next part if only to watch Twilight Sparkle stumble through an explanation of her freaky-overdressed-monkey fetish, her trying to rationalize it by claiming that while she was a human, she would naturally have human responses to certain stimuli, and other highly scientific explanations of how she's in love with him and somehow not in love with him...

Only to have Flash Sentry not buy it.

I really like the story, though when you gave Twilight and Celestia multiple titles it got pretty annoying. But great story though! :pinkiehappy:


Write more. Um... if that's okay with you.


And with that sentence from your Twi version you broke a couple brony hearts. :rainbowlaugh:
Us poor freaky and overdressed monkeys never stood a chance, did we? :eeyup:

Anyway i liked this idea of Twi and Flash living together in Ponyville as princess and bodyguard cause of Cadance, Shining and the princesses playing matchmaker. I can´t wait to see Twi´s parents reaction to that once they find out. XD

But i think the reactions of Twi´s friends will be the more interesting ones in the days to come and i include Spike in that too. Like i think some will tease her like they did with freaky overdressed monkey Flash Sentry (like Spike and Pinkie cause Spike has seen it and Pinkie knows about it via 4th wall logic), others will be more supporting of their relationship to grow into something romantic (like Rare and Shy) while others will have a more protective stance of Twi against Flash (like RD and AJ) or a mix of all three or other ones i can´t think of right now. :twilightsmile:

Well, i hope for lots of akwards, funny and cute moments of Twi and Flash as well as a good support cast to make them shine and give it a comedic touch. :pinkiesmile:

Ooooh finally a Flash Sentry fic that seems decent enough and not only that! it's also exploring a path that I was hoping someone would write about :pinkiehappy:

Hmm. I think Celestia was being a little pushy on the subject. I wonder if she'll appear in later chapters to check on Twilight's progress. And what Twilight's reaction will be.

This is getting good.:pinkiehappy:

Not the most amazing story, but I'm intrigued. Go on.

Also, I intend to use the words "freaky overdressed monkey fetish" in at least one sentence a day.

Oh, as another comment from me....

I could see her saying that while she was in the alternate world she described, she encountered his counterpart there a lot, and thus why she... reacted, the way she did to his arrival. He'd then ask with a somber: "I take it by your reaction that things didn't go well..." Spike*tries not to laugh*: "More like things went TOO well!" Twilight: "Spike, not you too! I've had enough comments from Rainbow!"

Or at least, that's a scene I thought of when I read this awsome fic chapter and was visualizing things to come. XD

This is a really great story so far! I've been waiting for a solid Twilight/Flash Sentry fic to pop up, and those that have made appearances in the feature box so far have been pretty meh. Ergo, this story was a very pleasant surprise! Written both solidly and amusingly; something that I haven't seen enough of lately. All the elements of the concept – the others playing matchmakers, the idea of Flash as Twi's bodyguard, etc. – all fit perfectly. Everypony feels in character – especially with that Twilight freakout – and like I said, the writing as a whole is just nice. The integration of the GIF was also something that worked surprisingly well. It's normally hard to take a fic that uses GIFs for comedic effect seriously, but your timing was spot on, so it only added to the enjoyment. Well done!

Twilight first became a princess she had soon made it very clear to her teacher that the newly-crowned alicorn wanted to lead a happy, normal life in Ponyville with her friends. After all, wasn't it because of her friends that she became a princess in the first place?
I like this a lot! In my humble opinion, people against 'Twilicorn' who use the idea of Twi becoming distant from her friends as a foothold are just silly. One must imagine that something like this would happen, and I like that you did it here. Your use of the characters and canon just work.

“Listen smart guy, could you please just get around to moving my cloud closer to the ground?” said a rather irritated and slightly sassy Twilight.
“Is that an order?”
“Damn right it is."
Ha haaa! Another very well-timed line. As obviously PG-rated as MLP is, I could just hear Twilight's voice as she said this.

All in all, I really, really hope you continue this! You're the hero this severe-lack-of-good-TwiFlash-fics-community needs. I shall eagerly await an update as I add this to my favorites! :pinkiehappy:

P.S. Twilight's rant was lolz.

2952483 Thank you vury much! T'was my first time editting one of meme's works. :ajsmug:

One day twilight is going to have a colt/filly( sorry still dont know that proper name for a kid pony) named flashlight : D great story!:raritywink:

I know the term for a baby pony is foal, don't know what age the term is no longer applicable though.

This looks promising. I hope this doesn't end in Twilight and Flash falling in love (just to get out of the cliché for a while), though I'll probably still enjoy it anyway.


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