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Fluttershy is fine. Really, she is. Sure, she was a magically created fruit-sucking vampire hybrid a week ago, but now she’s fine. She’s seen a pair of fangs in the mirror now and then, but she’s fine. She drools at the thought of apples, but she’s fine. Nothing to worry her friends about.

It’s not like she has a problem or anything.

Everything. Is. Fine.

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Ha!:rainbowlaugh: Twilight reference!

I'm surprised there aren't a ton of Flutterbat stories on the feature box. It's already been a day!:rainbowderp:

You left an instance of Countess in there, just after Mac pokes his head out from the covers.

Also, "You told me told me to, Mistress." I think you duplicated it there.



Well, I just wanted a good Flutterbat story THAT WASN'T PORN.

What is a mare? Nothing but a misrable pile of secrets!

3702465 Seeing Fluttershy become a vampony yesterday instantly made me think of that fanfic!

That was short, sweet, and to the point. Great!

Sparkley Flutterbats I can handle. The only other vampires that sparkle should be because they're on fire.

Perfection thy name is Flutterbat :yay:

3702396 You just introduce me to a porn story.

I can honestly say I saw this one coming

Ohohohohoho this is going to be good.

EDIT: I was right.

For a moment there, I was worried Fluttershy forgot to get carrots. And dear god, that dream. I'm pretty sure I'm ad-libbing 4chan on this, but I think Dream Mac was basically saying he was the victim of charitable theft and consensual rape for the sole purpose of procreation.GOOD THING THAT NEVER HAPPENED AND NEVER WILL HAPPEN!

But yeah, perfectly normal.:yay: Just like another normal pony we all know is completely sentient and loves her big sister.:unsuresweetie:

no Mature-Sex on the bottom?
pssssssh fuck dis hoe

that dream with big mac is so funny i was like wait wtf holy shit thrall Big mac this cannot end well in the end it was only a dream

That ending!


~Skeeter The Lurker

:rainbowderp: That... Was... AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy::heart:
Great job with this, you did really well! :twilightsmile:

I don't know, Crystal Flutterbat would kind of awesome.

In any case, nice follow-up to Bats! Poor Fluttershy. Though at least she didn't get hit with a parasprite's appetite.

Seems like Fluttershy might need a professional intervention.
(Also would be a good excuse for a Luna-Shy shipfic)

3702396 As it so happens, there isn't a single mature story in the featured box at the moment. Which means this fic is probably the most sexually suggestive thing there.

"I'm Fluttershy and I'M FINE!" :flutterrage:

Whenever something new comes on the show, everyone has to write about it.

Read that when it was first published.
Okay then, here you.
Twilight of the Flutterbat

Glad this didn't turn into a shipping story those just make me face palm. Only ship I actually would read is a discordxfluttershy (if I feel like it)

(Reads summary) You have a weird way of saying everything's not fine.

Also, I liked this story. The ending was unexpected, but pretty amusing.

I'm glad I gave this a chance, usually I avoid all fics based on new episodes like the plague 'cause... well generally they're crap.

This however is quite marvellous. Love your writing of Fluttershy. Definitely believable. Top notch.


I'm going now.

This is glorious.

Take my fav and a moustache. :moustache:

That was awesome :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

XD the latest episode... the last scene was to egg the fanfiction writers on

Dark Mistress Fluttershy is best Fluttersy. And best Dark Mistress.

All of the D'aawwww:rainbowkiss:

Tho i lost abit of interest at the Big mac scene... it turning out to be a Nightmare was freaking Hilarius, and made the Fic awesome.:rainbowlaugh:

As you can see from my avatar, I'm a chiropterophile, and I was initially very worried about how this episode was going to unwind. I'm glad they made the bats simple animals instead of anything supernatural, though they could have just made them fruit bats and left the "vampire" thing off. But any time bats are referenced in pop culture vampires are going to be mentioned. Ugh.

Anyway, needless to say, I'm glad Big Mac and Fluttershy's throne of darkness were all a dream in this story. After all, she got turned into a regular animal bat, not a supernatural thingie (though I don't think real bats hiss, or that they're sensitive to sunlight; they're just nocturnal). But you just know where most fics and pics of Flutterbat are going.

Thanks for making this fic funny, and for making Fluttershy self-aware while she's a bat. Hey...she takes care of regular bats as part of her job, you know. She often has a bat in her cottage.

This is very well written! I loved it! I was kind of thrown off at the Big Mac part but after, I thought it was halarious!:rainbowlaugh::heart::twilightsmile:

At least there's no peaches.

Also, I see your Twilight reference there . . . :twilightblush:

Hmm...so in Equestria, the "Twilight" novels are about Crystal Vamponies?

Is it weird that I'm disappointed the ending bit turned out to be a dream?:applejackconfused:

okay.... i was going so say.... what the fuck fluttershy:fluttershyouch:

but then the ending, okay. that was just a total mind fuck

It was a dream?
Ugh, that's such a cliche ending.

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