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Prince Blueblood asks Princess Twilight to marry him. She gives the rational response.

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56-karat gold... that is not possible cause you can only get 24 karat gold in purity and then it would be to soft for jewelry

*Nearing the end of the story* HAHA! Take that, you snobby, idiotic excuse for a male! Twilight would never- WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!

At this point, I start to wonder what the HELL happened if something like...THAT was to happen.

How does one have a pocket-sized unfoldable battering ram? I wish to acquire one of these for my own use.

What a great story.
Then again, TomXCelestia is a better love story than Twilight

You should write a full story; it would be utterly hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

Now that's a face that even a mother would want to throw into a fucking vacuous pit. Your story is excellent, however I'm going to insist this never happened.

Yea to Invisibleguy Ponymon for that fantastic Photoshop, and to Meme for the fantastic fic to go with it. Bravo! Encore! :moustache:


Being impossible only makes it MORE valuable, don't you see? Also, magic.

Also, Twiblood for the win, because there's tons of ways to cram them together unwillingly so you can have lots of conflict.

Please please PLEASE extend this story! It will be completely comical.

Fun fact:
I think it's been made official that Twilight isn't immortal.
That being said, still a very funny fic. XD

can you please kill me now
my lungs cant laugh much longer, I dont want to suffer!


I think the Prince of Ponyville was pulling that ship before it got canned.

There was another fic which also never finished where Blueblood had an ulcer because of too much stress from working too hard. So Celestia sends him on vacation to Ponyville. Twilight and he know each other from childhood and he was basically saving himself for her, hence his jerk act to Rarity at the Gala. He was pissed off she was keeping him from her.

Damn, I can't remember the title. Might have been a first person story.

:pinkiesick: Hur. Huuuuh. Hurk. chunderdragonsay-blarglearblearblearblearblearghhh

inb4 100,000-words-long epic that takes this premise and plays it straight!

What? To Be a Better Stallion and The Best Night Ever did it! Heck, I'm pretty sure The Return of Nightmare Moon has a Bluelight pairing. And it's actually done pretty well! :twilightblush: Blueblood is just a great character, whether he's a jerk who's only used as a punching bag or a jerk trying to not be a jerk!

Oh... Oh... yeah... go Twily!!! Wait... oh... oh... Wah!!!
Oh! Aha! Aha! Aha!? Haha, my sides!!!


That is so... so very wrong.

No... just no.

Good lord on high, please strike that... thing from existence.

Or the man downstairs, I'm not picky.

As for the story, wonderful.:twilightsmile:

I will ragequit this fan base if even a SPECK of that is true.

Ok, maybe not, but I'd be DAMN tempted to.

~Skeeter The Lurker


That image at the end...:pinkiesick: I'm grateful that is just Photoshop.

Thumbs-up, staying in favs.

I'm in the library and I can't BWAHAHAHA :rainbowlaugh:

Very funny. I'd actually like to see more :rainbowlaugh:
but, :pinkiesick: :twilightangry2: my celestia that horrid image. I nearly shoved roses in my own eyes to get away from that.
again very funny :moustache:

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