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Step 1: Take a tuft of cloud.
Step 2: A bright rainbow's glow.
Step 3: Stir with a pegasus feather. Fast, not slow.
Step 4: Watch the whole world burn.

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A picture of Rosedust from the MLP movie back when G1 was airing:
…What the hell is on her head?:rainbowhuh: A horn? An antenna? Some mutation-induced combination of both?

Anyways, if you’re left scratching your head about Duke Duncan Doughnuts of Doughtopia, it’s a shoutout to one best HiE fics out there. Check it out, and not just in order to figure out WTF I’m talking about.

This....strangely makes sense. BTW, why do people always say that changelings evolved from flutterponies?

bug like wings?

So... how why didn't any of the changelings -- or her mom -- ever find out where Crystal is during the several hundred years she was staring at a corpse?

Not bad. An interesting origin story that melds a couple of elements from the show into one. I also like the idea of a changeling being a drained pony.

1181330 Actually, I don't think it would really matter, because they couldn't really get her to look away anyhow.

Anonymous Subject (AS): Hey, look over here! There's this new villian named Discord on the lose, and we need your alicorn-powers to stop him!
Crystal (C): I told you, there's no way I'm leaving this chair. Right, Sweetums?
AS:...You know your "Sweetum's" nose just rotted off and is rolling on the table, right?
C: I know! He's so cute when he does that.
AS: You know what? I'm gonna place a spell that will alert us hen you come to your senses.
C: Whatever. As long as my hubby's still dreamy...

well....that was awesome:rainbowlaugh:

Awesome origin story! :D

This was nice- I like the concept of flutterponies being the predecessors to changelings. :pinkiehappy:

I have a feeling that this story is based off this blog, Cupidite

hey! I love you out of no where... yeah... coz its perfectly normal to be sexually aroused by other species out of no where....

the plot is like a canon ball flying through the air and smashing the reader's common sense right outta them.

slow the hell down.

Sorry, it just seemed familiar to me that's all.:twilightblush:

Awesomly creepy. I have to wonder what the aftermath of Canterlot would be.

This is one of my favourite changeling fanfictions. So that is how the changeling race came to be. Poor Queen Rosedust, starving to death for centuries.

Amazing. :rainbowderp:
This is going straight into my headcanon. I grant you Five moustaches for this brilliant story. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: Bravo!

This involves Flutterponies. I must read.:rainbowkiss:

This was a pretty good interpretation.

Well, to be fair, this story is paced very much like a fairy tale or a fable.

So that, my children, is how the little Princess became your lovey Queen Chrysalis.

i think you mean, "lovely".

yes,and changelings got more violent, beginning to kill ponies, then, another story happens; This one...

“Make me a love potion for my bride-to-be,” ordered Duncan Doughnuts. “And make it weak, so I can win her later with by proving my love.”

Not as confident as he appears to be. If all he wants is a chance to prove himself to her.

Heh. It's ironic. The book called him a 'Prince' while he's a duke. And ironically, THAT is the title technically Prince Blueblood SHOULD have (being Celestia's nephew), but he goes by Prince instead.

That’s why want be put under the spell, too.”
That’s why I want be put under the spell, too.”

One question. The spell lasts only one hour after the victims aren't looking at each other, why was she in mental limbo for 800 years?

And really, she shows the fridge horror of the painful cliche of the character never remembering anything while under mental influence.

To be fair however. I don't believe a race that is "always chaotic evil" really fits with the FiM verse, well, IMHO at least. The idea that the entire changeling races CAN'T be anything but monsters, feel wrong somehow.

I see some spelling errors, but don't want to be a Grammer Nazi

1180388 Cause they look so darn similar.

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