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We all know what happened during Lesson Zero. Twilight Sparkle screwed up big time. But she got off the hook. Nothing bad happened. No dire consequences to speak of. Nothing in her life changed for the worse.

But what if something did? After all, that’s how all fanfictions start. Just changing one detail, no matter how small. Just one minor detail. In this case, it concerns something being born inside the head our little Twilight that day.

Look out Twilight, because you’ve got a new roommate in your psyche. She’s everything you aren’t. She’s sporadic. She’s unconventional. She’s absolutely insane. She hates your guts.

Her name is Screwball.

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But seriously, this is something I have never thought about. Then I saw it and read it, and holy moley, this is going to be hilarious. I can't wait to see more. AND! Considering it's you writing this, which I can see when I read through it, I know that you are the perfect person to pull this off magnificently :twilightsmile:

What to say to this? uhh.

We all know Twilight has a few screws loose, but now that's taken even farther. Wonderful story, and i can't wait to read more about Twilight's descent into insanity.

Ponies broke out in cheers and clopped in applause

I guess they were really happy about it...

Sounds good and a little confusing for a frenchy like me.

Hey Twilight! That's really a mind protection helmet to keep your little noggin from being taken over by mind control magic. You should wear it all the time. *snicker* And make sure the little propeller keeps spinning, that's what powers it. *snort*

Sprout wings and become royalty?

I see what you did there!:pinkiehappy:

So Twilight is sleep casting?

You could say that Twilight is having

(⌐■_■)...( •_•)/⌐■-■

Night emissions.

*Runs away.

It does t matter if something is original, if its good then there is no problem, like example, cod, its unoriginal and its bad so it's bad!... Bad example...

Well this is an interesting concept! Glad I happened across it, I definitely want to see how it turns out!

Well-written too. Kudos.

Being inspired by a piece of art is not a measure of originality. What you create after inspiration has struck is the measure of originality. Ten people can see the same picture and write ten unique pieces of literature. This story is original. Keep up the awesome. Have a :moustache::moustache:.

Jekyll and Hyde style story? I'm just going to squee for a few minutes, because that is my Favorite musical.
Oh and...

Interesting. Faving to mostly track, but I like where it's going so far.

Haven't read it yet , but faced and upvoted

I do say, this story merits more reading.

Ponies broke out in cheers and clopped in applause as I smiled in satisfaction of a job well done.
and clopped in applause


Anywho, this is awesome. Have a like and a fave.

edit read it and all I can say is MOAR!!!!!

:twilightoops:i got a feeling somepony's watch'n me

need moar plz :derpytongue2:

“Rule #6: If either one of us breaks the rules, then it officially qualifies as a declaration of all-out war. Believe me, it would be a war you would never win.

Dun dun duuuuuuuuun

Can't wait for that rule to get broken

No way this ends well. You don't negotiate with a split personality.

I don't know why, but you continue to impress me. Also creepy screwball picture that comes out of nowhere is creepy.

In the words of Timmy Turner, the king of jinx, "What could possibly go wrong?"

Please, continue. :pinkiecrazy:

2156922 can you really break a rule about what happens if you break a rule?:rainbowhuh:

“Are you my Mommy?”



Whoa, your opponent's going to be tough, Twi. For what I know, she can speak in RED ALLCAPS!

Joking aside, I umm'ed a bit when I see her being persuaded to not tell anyone, even the one who probably can handle this situation better than her own, with only one sentence. I know it would make for much better personal conflict and drama, but her apparent resolve is deconstructed very, maybe a bit too quickly. That tidbit aside, this story is simply brilliant.

cue screwball learning how to "discord" people.

yes Discord is a noun, adjective, and verb. your argument is invalid:rainbowwild:

2157873 Damn! I was hoping you'd see past that plothole... Oh well, at least you're tolerating it.


2157105 Really? You thought that was creepy?:rainbowhuh: Twilight's been known to smile waaaaay more disturbing than that.

Well here we are.:ajbemused: Twilight in one side, Screwball on the other, and total war just looming on the horizon. This... This is a war worth seeing!!:rainbowlaugh:
Though there is one misconception in this chapter. Just cause I'm inside your head doesn't mean I have to play by you rules.:rainbowderp:

2158356 But she WILL play by the rules if she wants to be outside again. That is, as long as she doesn't find a way out...:twilightoops:

Nice counter sir!:moustache: Now release the madness, that is your skills, and bring the next chapter into fruition!!
Also what was the name of the Brit tv drama?:fluttercry:

2158396 Jekll. Just Jekll. Look for it on Hulu or Netflix.

Tell me is it worth the watch? I'm a guy that only watches the good stuff, will it be filled with suspense, craziness, and above all twist!?

2158436 There's only one season, with six episodes in it. That said, it is worth every precious second. Watch it. WATCH ALL OF IT.

dude, that picture gave me the willies like nothing else i've ever seen. just trying to wrap my head around the idea of twilight turning into that....thing, gave me a headache. and the personality, dear luna you are a crazy dude to be able to come up with this thing. you have my highest praise and a healthy amount of fear and respect. just, please, don't put another picture like that in there. i don't need nightmares.

Ohh great!! When I can I'll give it a look.
Also what's this I hear of a picture? I haven't seen it.

Wait... Twilight turned into that... You sir have just won my fear and respect. Literally, I jumped in the air when I just popped opened that image tab and was met with... That. All manners of god help Twilight for what ever happens next, will be epic!!


you sick twisted little man.:facehoof:

Hu I somehow get the feeling Screwball is gonna make (forcfuly) Discord her daddy....or the checklist both are posible. I dont know why I wanted Fluttershy to go "Twilight if you tell them you did this CELESTIA GONNA SEND YOU TO MAGIC KENDERGARD- NO THE DUNG- NO WORSE THE MOOON :fluttershbad: !!" As i said no clue why i'd want that.

Well looks like Twilight has a little filly ego hope you make more..........Mommy:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Split personality ftw :rainbowwild:
Reminds me so much about the pyro beanie

This is going to be epic....


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