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Hello, I am Kam. I have a wiki page or something HERE: http://mlpfanart.wikia.com/wiki/KamFiction there ya go


Twilight Sparkle is and always will be a delightful and intelligent fraulein. However, when a cult of unicorns who fervently support the Return of King sombra took interest to her, things quickly got out-of hoof.
Day by day, Twilight gained strength, studied the Darkest magics known, and even fell in love with the unicorn mentoring her in these ancient and terrifying arts. She became isolated from her friends, and began to prepare to betray the country she once loved, in the name of glory and the pursuit of power.
This is no fairy tale. There will be war, there will be battle, there will be death, and there will be blood. There will also be romance, ballroom dancing, kisses under the moonlight, and most delightful of conversations too.

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Hello Friends, Readers, fans, and all alike.
I have a very sad announcement to make.
O how the mighty have fallen...
You may have noticed that the story is gone. This is true...
Due to contractual obligations, I have been forced to delete this story in order to produce it as a Manga Publication of the same title. There will be limited reference to my little pony in the story,
but there will be some.
I wish I could keep the story up, but it is simply not possible.
I may be required to delete this page in full soon. So... If anybody here wishes to contact me, to be involved in the manga in some way, please email
Thank you for reading, supporting me, and otherwise... but unfortunately I must remove the past to move forward.
Love you all
-Kameron Ajax Chartreuse Meinzer-



I really wish there was something I could do for you, and all of you.

But... such isn't the case.

Well, actually. There is. One thing.

if anybody cares... of my fans, and favorites. Then I will offer one thing to thee.

Send me an email. Not a PM, but a real deal email. Then, through that, we will discuss for some short time, a few details of the stories (for I have 1 on 1 questions for my readers)

((remember, thats KINKHORSE @ Gmail.com

Provided that both of the above happen, you will then recieve a FREE copy of Spellbound... the magical girl manga in ~ 1 year. Out of my own heart, and my own pocket. That's right. Printed. Signed. Numbered too. To your door, absolutely free. Thats Totally 100% ABSOLUTELY FREE.

...Unexpected, but awesome. :heart: Will do that later


Well... as I see it. Fimfiction, and Ponyfictionarchive are genesis

Without your reads, comments, reviews, messages, and the like...
I would never have written.
I wouldn't even bother.

Sooo... I would have never even had the opportunity to do this without you guys.

In fact, quote my editor... "The positive comments on your story really sold it to me"

So... there you go. And yes, I would keep it here if it was my own decision, but... there is copyright stuff, and copyright stuff... and other stuff. So really, I have to distance the manga itself from MLP, and I also have to remove the story in all its published forms online, as per required by my new overlords (whom I love and respect very much XP )

So, that is why this happened. But still... I owe you fine fans of mine SOMETHING right?

True. But now I want to see if I still have this in a .txt on my comp so I can read it :facehoof:

Ah well... as fun as fanfiction is, nothing compares to the thrill of creating a universe and characters of your own by writing original fiction. Hope your magical girl manga is an amazing success! :twilightsmile:

Where can I buy one these?

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