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Twilight travels to America in order to investigate new types of friendship. An enthusiastic group of Rednecks is happy to help, but first she'll need to go shopping...

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“But…why do you need that many?"

Quoted for... well, I'm sure you can guess what it's quoted for. Because, seriously? 300 million guns?

I swear, America has more guns than collective brain cells.

so are you going to write about Twilight going to the gun show now? Beacuse that would be awesome.

Your stories are awesome, Totallynotabrony.

I have a feeling this will go downhill very fast.

I have to wonder where Twilight would carry a gun when she wasn't using it.


Yay guns


Yay 10th like

Wow, so I guess she will turn into Solid Sparkle when this is over (hopefully it won't end soon :raritycry:)?

Oh crap, I forgot to favorite and like before I read it....

524569 A holster just like the rest of us. Getting a belt to hang it on would be difficut, though.

Sorry, it's a one-shot.
Heh, pun.

524602 Battle Saddles, ala Fallout: Equestria :rainbowdetermined2:

With so many stories coming out, it is only a matter of time until you delve into the delightful hellhole otherwise known as Ship fics.
:heart: I look forward to that day.

*facepalm* You people won't rest until I write Battleshipping is Magic, will you?

not even a wink.

You know, you have to write that now.

She asks "why?", I'd respond with "why not?"

Awwww, that's cute.
The nice storekeeper is trying not to scare Twilight by saying that there's only a 1:1 gun to person ratio. :rainbowkiss:

Gleefully awaiting more!
...wait what, it's a one-shot?

Well to put it bluntly, your already one of our favorite writes. ( Yes I am assuming control over his fanbase, deal with it)
We simply wish to see you branch out, extend your horizons so to speak.
Regardless of if it turns out good or bad, you already have so much to fall back on it's not even funny.
So why not give it a shot! :heart:

Ah, Kentucky.
I live there :rainbowlaugh:

524602 Ah. I'm a bit totally ignorant when it comes to guns, to be honest.

lol dam dude you have been busy since we last worked on a story. lol

I was expecting more comments about the state. When I posted The Cutie Mark Crusaders get lost in North Carolina, all kinds of Tarheels came out of the woodwork.

This was interesting, but the ending is abrupt, and I'm disappointed that it is over before before the story progressed beyond the safety lesson; it feels like a loss that we won't get to read about Twilight's adventures with the rednecks or her visit to the gun convention.

Sequels, man.
I have to admit, I get involved in too many projects at once. I'm working on three stories at once right now, and I've got ideas for like a dozen others.

Sigh. I need a vacation.

Yay, proper safety and gun discipline! :pinkiehappy:

Don't get jealous because you cant get guns. Also, land on the moon before you start insulting other countries.

Very nice :D

Play nice, kids. America burst forth from the fertile loins of Europe, after all.

Please. As soon as your country has 'Great' in front of its name, you can talk to me.

I know - America is sort of like a disappointing child that way.

Europe's great and i'm proud of my European ancestry. I get mad when people start insulting my county with weak reasoning.
No offense though, I'm fine with the lack of European guns, but you might want one if some goon (or chav/pikey) comes and breaks into your house.


That's a mental image I could have done without. :rainbowwild:


Can I get a Fuck Yeah!!!

I'm practicing to write a shipfic. The public demands it.

What, and get shot? You know, I think I'll stick with a cricket bat. Much less likely to kill someone.

And much more satisfying.

I don't care if i kill them honestly. Besides if some scumbag breaks into my house I don't want to get within (baseball) bats reach, my Ithaca 37 provides the advantage, and controlling guns doesn't work in America, cities with more gun control have a higher crime rate.

525004 525057
I respectfully ask that this discussion be carried on somewhere else. Thank you.

No prob, lets end this now.525078

Sure, mate. Sorry about that.

524689 I live north of your state. We love guns just as much here in the Hoosier state.

525004 Yeah, nothing like beating the ever living crap out of someone with sports equipment. Not to mention they can turn right around and sue you for injury.

524998 Totally agree with that statement.

“But…why do you need that many?"

Because there are people in this world for whom killing is not an obstacle to taking whatever they want from you. And when seconds count, the police are just minutes away. (Call 911, then call Dominoes. See who gets there first.)

And in some terrible cases, it's the police who are coming to take whatever they want....

This was awesome. Here, where I live (Ponyville...no, I wasn't kidding), where there's nothing but apple orchards, horses and gunshops, somehow I can actually see this happening. I'd actually love to see more of this story, just for the sheer dementedness of it.


Yes. Because we couldn't leave fast enough.

I recall one snot ranting in a forum "why don't all you gun-crazy Tea Partiers go make your own country?"
The pearl of a response: "We did. Who the hell let you in?"

it does bring up the question of what sort of handgun would be most appropriate for a species with no hands.... Unicorns could pull it off with TK, but what about earth ponies and pegasi?

Then again, considering the sheer destructive force the average unicorn can unleash just with their horn, for them a gun would be incredibly redundant.... Even a relatively weak unicorn like, say, Rarity, could be a whirlwind of death (scissors, sewing needles, etc..... yeek.)

... And do we really want to reflect on the fact that Pinkie Pie lugs around a CANNON?

Steam, diesel, sail, battle?

Read the description and thought "ponies...twilight...america...guns...BUCK YEAH"

This could be... interesting. Tracked

There's no gunshops up here persay, just army surplus stores and pawn shops. Dis make me sad. I will now go play with one of my many knives. Balisongs are my personal favorite!

SEQUEL IS REQUIRED! Please write more!

Your like one of those few writers who doesn't touch shipping. Or clopping. Or anything else. But Battleshiping is magic? I can just see the Admiral and Twilight.:facehoof:

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