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I spend far too much time reading pony fanfiction, and have an unhealthy obsession with Rarity (she's mai waifu).

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Did you ever look at my recent fic about a female human and a stallion? I liked trying it the other way.

You speak in the words beyond my knowledge.

Hello, I have a question I want to ask you about your group in Ponies in the Real World: Do people becoming ponies in the semi real world count?

Indeed good Sir, that was the impression, however after I finished the second chapter I realized that what I assumed was different from the reality, and I stated as much in the comment. The misunderstanding can be chalked up to the simple fact that it has been a few weeks since I've read one of your stories, so I was not up to par on the intricacies of your universe, as well as my own negative disposition toward Twilight regarding her canon portrayal, which is something that, to keep my answer within the context of your question, does not require elaboration.

Do you feel like Twilight was too unrealistically negative in "Domesticating These Human Boys, Falling At My Hooves Like Toys"? I was aiming for farce (not being dark) and I thought that the ending payoff made it clear that she wasn't acting unrealistically.

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