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Aunt Celestia

Hi to keep it short I like to read. My oc name is Cloud Runner thats about it.


Twilight and Luna become foals. Dark tag due to the actions of the characters of the story.
On hiatus because of life. Its been years still trying to find time. Sorry.
Editor/co-writer: StarFall13
Co-writer:Autum Breeze

Give a big thanks to them.

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"As you all know, the initial blast from the elements was aimed at Nightmare Moon. It has turned her back into my sister from before she first became Nightmare. But also Twilight, she was the main source of power. Which it seemed to back-fire. From when me and my sister where young Discord, tried to rip her horn off. Then in turn I blasted him into stone. Back on topic, this seemed to have a memory sent to her threw the blast. Now my sister is younger because she was sealed in the moon. Twilight is now younger because when Luna transformed back, this made Twilight regress as well." Explained Celestia.


4579562 oh how do I love to confuse people. By any way she regressed due to the spell that they used to fix night mare moon into Luna. And remember when I mentioned twilight trying to rip off her horn? That was a memory from the past.

I think you meant "delusions"

um not to bother you or anything but i just got a email saying that chapter 2 is up but when i check there was no chapter 2 so i was just wondering is there one up and there is a glitch going on or there is no chapter 2 yet and i got a false alarm on my email

4580239 there is one up but it has a red mark on it. So idk what to do about it.:twilightoops::twilightsheepish:

I'm mean there are two chapters but the second one has a red mark

Nevermind fixed it.:pinkiehappy::ajsmug:

i like it and can you please make it so Celestia dose not find a cure for Luna and Twilight so they can grow up again as Celestia daughters

4581086 ok and can you reply to my first comment

4581102 yah I'm doing that. That was my plan to make twilight think she is her daughter. And would you like a sneek peek on why she did not send spike a letter?:rainbowkiss:

4581121 ok :pinkiehappy: and yes i would like a sneek peek on why she did not send spike a letter

4581118 I did that in the first one but I will again. I will reword it. Yes I will not let her find a cure. I was going to make Twily think she is her mom.

And spike is not real. I'm mean he is to twilight but that's when she gets old enough for a imaginary friend. Hence the AU tag.:pinkiehappy:

4581161 ok and what about Luna dose she still think of Celestia and Twilight the same where as before

4581161 why haven't you reply to my latest comment on this story and sorry that i reply to your comment two times right now i hope you can forgive me for that

Comment posted by Aunt Celestia deleted Jun 21st, 2014

4581297 I tried I'm having WiFi troubles. :applecry: and I don't have a computer only a tablet. As for you question Luna thinks Twilight is her sister and I might make celestia go a little evil by making Luna think she's her daughter but idk.

4581365 i am sorry to hear that and ok and please make celestia go a little evil by making Luna think she's her daughter i would like that

4581374 OK besides I like that kind of stuff.:pinkiecrazy:

4581387 ok and what kind of stuff would that be you like

4581086 okay thank you so much:twilightsmile: and just got done reading it and LOVED IT:heart::heart::heart::pinkiehappy::raritystarry:

4581390 regression in twilight in Luna. I may even make celestia make twilight stop talking altogether. And just give her a bay mind with no thought comprehension to English. But still idk.:trollestia:

Celestia: oh what do we have here?


Celestia: Well OK. But if you going to write this make me a tad bit more motherly after I do this to them.

Me: O-Okay. See ya! *runs into my and hides under my bed*

Comment posted by dream1990 deleted Jun 22nd, 2014
Comment posted by dream1990 deleted Jun 22nd, 2014

4581408 i men't to ok and please don't have celestia make twilight stop talking altogether. And just give her a bay mind with no thought comprehension to English. and i am sorry i delete 2 comments of mine on this chapter i hope you can forgive for that again

4581514 its fine I'm not an angry kind of girl. And I will try to make it how you want it. But it depends on what other people think.

4581640 ok and please try to have all of the stuff that i want to happen in this story that we talk about in chapter 2

THE CUTENESS, IT BURNS!!!!!!:fluttershbad: But in all seriousness dude great story. A few minor spelling mistakes, but overall awesome.

4582172 thanks and yah I did this on a tablet and still am. But any thanks. And PS, I'm a girl that is 14 and got an A on itfrom my old 9th grade teacher. I'm almost in 10th. You guy feed back helps me improve this story.:twistnerd: :pinkiehappy: so thanks one again.

Thanks and I did this on a tablet so yah a few errors. And PS I'm a dudet. Not a dude. Lol.:pinkiehappy:

So cute :fluttercry: please more

i can both edit and do cover art if youre willing, please feel free to pm me. check out my blog post for my portfolio

4579619 to me it would make somewhat more sense if her prolonged stay in/on the moon caused time there to be altered (like an exaggerated version of how after a long time in space astronauts haven't aged as much physically) and when twilight blasted Nightmare Moon she was reverted to how she would have been. Or something like that. :twilightsmile:
And also when Twilight channelled her magic into Luna/Nightmare Moon it created a magical connection between them

Comment posted by dream1990 deleted Jun 23rd, 2014

Fast Pony Runner i am sorry i delete another comment on this story again and can you reply to my resent comment i put on your page today or send me a private message back so we can there too if you want to


yay a new chapter :pinkiehappy: and i like it :twilightsmile:

Great chapter, I can't wait to see what Twilight and Luna are going to get up to.:twilightsmile:

LOL:rainbowlaugh: LOVE IT:pinkiehappy::raritystarry: can't wait for more:twilightsmile:

A little confusing but good.

Need longer chapters, but otherwise I liked it.:twilightsmile:

Is this even the same story?:rainbowhuh::applejackunsure::unsuresweetie:

4667540 no its not. I just put it here so you guys have son thing to read well I work on the new chapter. I will probably take down that chapter when the other is out. Then make another story with this one.

4667556 ok it just confused me it was very funny and confusing:derpyderp1::derpyderp2: have two Derpys

4667594 that chapter was originally a one shot I posted on this site called After Ever Almost. But I took it down because every one hated it. So I put it here for now till I have the second one to that. He came out with a second After Ever After. Now I have to make one for my own sake! :pinkiecrazy: But thanks for the compliment.:pinkiehappy:

i like the cover art for this story

4673347 Thanks, oh and the next chapter is underway!:pinkiehappy:

4673365 your welcome and ok

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