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WARNING: Mild gore, kind of grimdark, and some adult themes.

Lyra has the habit of not filing down her horn. One night, her carelessness causes a horrible disaster for the mare she loves.

Credit for the cover art goes to willis96 on deviantART.com

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HOLY SHIT.... the cover image just killed my soul a bit....
[old cover image]

I...I must read this...

I think it's funny that this was posted a little while after a story about how Bon-bon is a raging homophobic is posted...
*post-read edit* Dat ending XD. This, though, is something I could see as a potential problem. I mean, Twilight's horn was sharp enough to punch through an opened book's spine just from the weight of it falling on her head. I wonder how ponies deal with this? Better yet, can you imagine if this happened with Princess Celestia? Her horn's longer than most pony's legs.

Anyway, I noticed you jumped perspectives in the middle, just after Bon-Bon woke up. I feel like from the point they went to bed onward should have been told from Lyra's perspective. Like, instead of having Bon-Bon wake up and describe how she was in pain, describe how Lyra woke up to Bon-bon's blood-curdling shriek. Also, you probably should have worked up a little more how poorly Lyra takes care of her horn, like had it get caught on something, mention that it's getting sharp, something.

I really liked the story, but there's one thing I've got to ask:

How is it that Lyra, having lost her horn, suddenly's got it back in the next paragraph-thingy?

729769 T'was but a dream. A horrible, graphic dream that told her to go file her horn and stop being lazy.

729747 Found an alterative, sorry about that!

That was marvelous... magnificent... it was a lot of things I can't quite express in words. I'm not usually into blood glamorization:fluttershbad:, but you balanced it with adversity and emotion so well I can't help but applaud your methodology:raritystarry:. I'm rather glad I read this.

I read it, and it seems okay
But that cover image is gonna haunt me tonight :raritydespair:

(That was a nice miny story you got there! :) :moustache: :trollestia: (you sir deserve a 8/10 :) 2 thing's were rong in my eye's sorry!

729755 Somewhat fix'd. I'll work on it some more later when I get home from school, or if I can't sleep. Thanks!

729771 Well bollocks, I'm quite curious as to what it was (a tad late here it seems). Any way you could link me...? Pwrease?

732496 http://cgeta.deviantart.com/art/Never-sleep-with-an-unicorn-217527715

I had edited it to say 'a' instead of 'an' in Paint.net.

It does appear to be a bit rough around the edges, mechanically. However, it does not in any way detract from the story. It's a brilliant idea and you carried it out better than I think many could have. Bravo, Sir!

*Was mindlessly scrolling through stories* Hmm...story sto-... *stops on this stories tittle* Well this is interesting *reads description* Seems fine, but let's check other stories first *tries to scroll but it won't move* Well...looks like I'm reading this. *finishes reading* And only a single fuck was given that day?

Good lord. That must've hurt like... like... I dunno, getting hit in the crotch? Breaking off her own horn? Yikes.

Then the picture at the end. That made the whole story worth it. I had to restrain myself from laughing.

I give you four moustaches for this.:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

730841>>733781That guest strip for Questionable Content by Johnny Wander's Yuko was actually the strip that was up when I found that site and then started reading it....from the beginning:pinkiecrazy:
I wish I remembered my DA password

I know how you feel Lyra, night terrors are the worst. Well I'm off to sleep. Hopefully I don't wake up screaming.:twilightblush:

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