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This story is a sequel to Therapist Visit

After our therapist finishes his visits with Princess Luna, he is immediately thrown into another confrontation with a certain Queen. Chrysalis is crippled, both mentally and physically due to a torturous addendum in Cadence's love spell. Rationale would consider it to be a blessing, while Chrysalis sees it as a curse. Chrysalis threatens to kill the stallion if he doesn't answer her questions. It's a race against time as Rationale struggles to find out exactly what makes the Changeling Queen, something that he has never seen in his life, tick.

A side story to Therapist Visit, written in the same style as a first: Second-Person with dialogue only and quotations omitted.

Based on an episode of House called Last Resort.

Cover art by Midnameowfries.

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I love you so much right now.

Well, Chrysalis certainly does love to drop exposition dumps.

I'll admit, I'm not sure what to think of this at the moment. Mostly because I'm not sure what Chryssy stands to gain from kidnapping and interrogating Rationale.


What does she have to gain? :twilightsmile:

what are the odds? I check equestria daily story updates for the first time in months (seriously who uses that now that fimfiction exists), and stumble upon the unexpected sequel to Therapist Visit by accident. You can't fight fate. Also, the last line really makes this first chapter. Im excited to see what emotional responses Rationale can get out of Chrysalis and how he uses them.

And here I was, thinking the next one would be about Twilight Sparkle, since I've seen a comission fanart called therapist visit about her. You got me on that :twilightsheepish:

Wow! Dude, I didn`t see that coming!!
Awesome chapter!! Waiting for more!!

Two paragraphs in and I hate her. :ajbemused:
I never thought I could hate Chrysalis...


Poor guy... You'd better let him live through this.

So, if your "wife" is a changeling, and she cocoons you to the ceiling and threatens your life... is it still domestic abuse?

(Disclaimer: Abuse of any kind isn't a joke. Please do not ever even consider physically hurting your friends or family.)

2428561 depends... did it happen in your domicile?

Since I'm basing the scenario on Rationale's dilemma, yes.

2430963 And I was making a joke. *looks at chapter again* Huh, I guess I wasn't paying close attention, I didn't notice that it does actually take place in Rationale's home... Go figure. :facehoof:

Oh. My. Gosh!ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!:pinkiehappy:

Therapist Visit was awesome. And now it has my favorite villain!
Aaaaand.... commence reading.:rainbowkiss:

Didn't care much for the info dump on the beginning, but I guess the premise is interesting enough. Let's see where this will go.

Comment posted by StarchildSam deleted Jun 1st, 2013

Now THIS is a sequel to the Luna journey.

Still what a super villain that diabolical Changling Queen is.

I wonder how our slient shrink will get out of this one ?

Wow dang why i didn't know about Sequel?

Heh therapist visit of 2 my favorite chars dayum. Waiting for more

I was a big fan of the original Therapist Visit and I really wish you would continue this. I had good feelings about this one and it's sad to see it hasn't had any work since the last time I checked. I was really hankering for this story, today.


As a writer, I'm terribly sorry that I couldn't finish this as intended. I will definitely pick it up at a later date, but I just have so much on my plate at the moment.

3110953 Don't worry. A lot of writers on this site are going through similar problems, and even I'm not terribly prolific. Take things at your own pace and don't rush.

Well this is interesting. I wonder exactly how you'll portray Chrysalis, apart from her basic nature I'm pretty sure that there's a lot of hidden stuff underneath. At the moment she's defensive and doesn't want to reveal much, but her reactions are telling me something that her words alone are not. Anyway, can't wait to see where this goes. Hope you update this soon!


Interesting note, whenever I see the word 'Therapist' I'm reading it as 'The rapist.' :pinkiehappy:

Im still waiting when you gonna ressurect this.

and srsly what the hell why i didn't had that favored when i clearly had

Still waiting

We're all eagerly waiting ^~^ this was very interesting afterall.

Waiting forever... :ajsleepy:

Countessrose's review on youtube brought me here. But now I regret coming here since the guy DIDN'T FINISH THE DAMN STORY and has been on hiatus for 5 damn years!

Got this idea in the shower. Sweet. Another character to explore!

Obviously, writer never had another shower since then

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