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Cheerilee is considered to be one of the best teachers Equestria has to offer. But even somepony as good as her can stumble a bit when tasked by the Princess herself with the lofty task of teaching Prince Blueblood manners.

Written for the Crack Ships Inc. May prompt!

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:yay: This deserves to win. Good job

:pinkiesick:i´m pretty sure i wouldn´t have been able to control myself there...

I dont know, but it seems like blueblood adapted a little too fast for the sneak peek of his snobbishness that we saw at the gala

2604549 He is still the same, he simply won the 'bet' with Cherilee as you will also; Blueblood is right. It was just a foal and he has standards.

Make a sequel for this plz

... I have only read the description, and by that alone I can see there is a bit more to this story than meets the eye.

Ha. Go get that Princly snob Cher!

*Grins and applauds* Very cute. nicely done.

I personally enjoyed how Cherllee and Blueblood interacted, it felt very natural and not forced

hilarity will ensue and hopully lessons will be learnt by Cherllee how to be a even better teacher and BlueBlood to be a better pony

Good luck!

That was great! Funny, well thought out, and the pair stayed in character so flawlessly! Bravo!

*reads the blurb, looks at the pic* That must be her reaction to the task... MIND-FUCK [sorry for the language, but it really is a mind-fuck for her]

Dayum, that was some hardcore teaching, even with all those distractions

Cute :raritywink: Yet another OTP has been born.

An unrepentant jerk... but one with at least some standards!
Not many fics get me to literally laugh out loud, but this one managed! And Sweetie the inadvertent matchmaker...! :unsuresweetie:
I was entertained!

YAY Blueblood!:pinkiehappy:

I think if I were a mare, and Discord weren't taken (by Fluttershy, so obvious), I'd want Blueblood, too. Or Luna. Doesn't have to be a stallion. :twilightsheepish:

:pinkiesick: 'Why does no one learn not to eat Sweetie Bell's baked bads?' :pinkiesick:
I'd call hypocritically, but you're going for dramatic effects. The story explains why Cheerlie does and shows why Prince Blueblood did.
Personally I don't ship these two, I am more of a CheerilMac if I had to ship Cheerile, but I can see her attempting to reach Blueblood

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