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This story is a sequel to Not Another Alicorn!

After her ascension into an alicorn, Rainbow Dash managed to dodge royal responsibilities in order to stay with her friends and try to grow closer with Twilight Sparkle, the mare she’s fallen head over hooves for. Everything in her life was just perfect.

Well, except for the fact she’s got meddling princesses dogging her every step, alicorn powers that run on emotion instead of concentration causing random weather around Ponyville depending on her mood, and this new guy on the weather team that’s trying to attract the local librarian’s interest.

Oh yeah, there’s also some big evil bad guys plotting stuff in the background too. But…who has time to deal with that when love is on the line?

Rated teen with Sex tag for innuendo.

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and this new guy on the weather team that’s trying to attract the local librarian’s interest

*sees the flash character*
haha good luck with this story.

I'm curious to see where this is headed, but I also really hate Flash. A lot. I didn't even think it was possible to hate a fictional character as much as I hate Flash. I found Tirek more likable and with much more depth to his character. Shining armor with all of his puddle deep character traits is still better than Flash.

...Ahem. This turned into a bit of a rant. And for that I am sorry. However that does not take away my enjoyment of this chapter. Well done lol

I went ahead and spread your story into a bunch of different groups. It deserves more love and attention. Good luck!

This so deserves a...
Liked and Faved.

Flash is evil and must be destroyed!

4410788 I agree with you, I hate flash sentry he annoys me, and destroys any fic that has a ship with twilight :facehoof:

I'm still going to have to read this one. to much unresolved with the last book.
but the Flash tag makes me sad :raritycry:

4414930 makes me too :raritycry:
But I'll make a fic that will have flashlight vs twidash :pinkiehappy:

Cloud Kicker's a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen... Kinda reminds me of my ex. Love it, love it all.

Poor Rainbow. Fortunately for her, Twilight's oblivious. Unfortunately for her, Twilight's oblivious. :pinkiecrazy:

Cloud Kicker relationship equations got a laugh out of me, as did the Royal Canterlot YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

A bit of hesitation entered her mind when she wondered just how a pony interested in astronomy had picked up such a skill, as it was mostly a military thing that some pegasi attributed to their magic

Little and mostly useless information tidbit.
Usually experienced amateur astronomers (because professional astronomers use camera instead of eye) have a very good peripheral vision because dim sky objects better seen by it due to bigger number of the rod cells.

So I had been thinking that Starry might be a returned Aurora, but...

Also, I think your tip of the hat to Chen's Cloud might be a little ham-handed.

4480834 Actually, I think Starry is Luna. Remember, in this universe Luna doesn't do much, and she herself said in the last story she only needs 6 hours of sleep, and wanted to work in the afternoon and not a night, where she would be luna, watching over dreams and evil forests. :rainbowwild:

Why send a Guard, when you can send your sister. :trollestia:

like I said, I had been thinking she was Aurora.

"Had been" implying that I'd since changed my mind. :twilightsmile:

Here's a question, if Starry is Luna, and Kicky convinced Dash and Starry to have a four-way with her and Blossom, is it incest?

Wow, Flash Sentry just wants to be hated here doesn't he?

I was eagerly awaiting this update:pinkiehappy:

The pacing and grammar seem to be more well done than in the preceding story and I think there is more to Starry Night than being another cover up for Princess Luna :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:

I have to admit, I am kind of glad that you are casting Flash Sentry as a bit of a douche, since I've many others I find him to be a silly romantic interest shoehorned into the atrocity that was EqG.

Great story so far, looking forward to the rest. :twilightsmile:

Woahh awesome chapter, dude! Really, i love your story

I don't understand the Flash Sentry hate. Yeah, he was a forced romantic interest in EQ but Tom the boulder had more character development then he did. I'm actually interested to see how his character is developed. This is quite obviously a TwiDash fic so I see no reason to hate Flash Sentry.


Sort of? Maybe?

Dash is still technically Celestia's great x 50 granddaughter in a purely physical sense.

So auto conjecture.....Starry Night is
A. Andromeda
B. Associated with Andromeda
C. Princess Luna

Like the Wonderbolts, another one of her dreams had been taken away.

Only if she lets it.

“Well if you don’t want to do it, then don’t,”

Listen to Twilight, Rainbow, and not just about this latest dilemma.
(Freaking learn how to disguise yourself as an ordinary Pegasus if you have to)
(Also, she only "has" to leave any of her old life behind if she lets herself do so)

Is this fic dead?
This fic is dead isn't it?

4666376 of course its Luna its simple.

The mention of Blueblood in this chapter has had me curious about something. In the previous story, Blueblood was apparently possessed by Andromeda. Is he still possessed in this story? And I say 'apparently possessed' because I am unsure if possessed is the right word to use...

I was uhh....Just wondering, Is this fic ever going to be updated again?

It better be. If not, LordBrony will have to deal with me. and believe me, angry baby monsters made out of skittles are... Unpleasant to deal with, to say the least.
And hi again, fellow AC conspiracy theorist.

“I love you,” Dash said.
“W-what? Since when?” Twilight asked.
“You remember that day, at the university, when you brought those pages for me to translate?” Dash continued. “Since then. You were so kind, and understanding. How could I help but not fall in love with you?”
“But, why didn’t you tell me?” the unicorn went on.
“I…I told myself it was because you weren’t ready,” Dash said. “I mean, you never looked at me like that once and…I…oh pony feathers who am I kidding? I was scared. Scared of what’d you say, that you’d reject me, that…that it would have made things so awkward between us, we couldn’t even be friends. I was such an idiot.”
“No! I was the idiot! I should have seen, should have been paying attention,” Twilight said, “I just…I never had anypony like you even notice me before. But…for what it’s worth, I think I love you too, Daring Do.”
The unicorn shifted be book back over to the alicorn, who took up reading the text. “Then, the pegasus took up the seemingly elder academic in her forelegs. She was careful to hold her as gently as possible, or else Rosetta’s bones, made frail before their time by the temple’s curse of aging would have been damaged. By her mental calculations, Daring guessed the unicorn who had unknowingly stolen her heart had reached the triple digits in her physical age, but all she could see was the brilliant mare that she had run into those two years ago.”

Gah! But... But! But! Why??? Why~?! :raritycry: My hopes were up and everything! Even when I knew in the back of my mind that it was going to be a dream or something, my hopes were still raised! You monster :raritycry: Bwaaah!

Can Twilight possibly be more dense? Just like the series you mentioned in your notes, she's acting exactly like Dash in "The Dense Mind of Rainbow Dash" (I think that was the title. My memory is currently like a sieve). It makes me really want to just pick her up and force her to kiss Dash. I mean, at least that way it would be a little less painful for he! Just get a clue, Twilight, before I make you. :ajbemused:

5383573 she could turn into a block of Tungsten

PLEASE MAKE MORE!! I need my fix of awesome pone wordz! :raritydespair: :unsuresweetie:

...over another winged pony was an even more of a more showing sign of devotion than sex!

Could you revise this sentence please, the structure of it makes it very difficult to follow.

I really like this story so far hope to read more soon:twilightsmile:

Is this story dead? :ajbemused:

I get the distinct feeling that Starry Night is a shape shifting Princess Luna in disguise.


Faust dammit Luna, you bucking jinxed it!

You got our hopes for twidash confession up, and crushed them. I'm going to invent a combustible lemon and destroy your favorite store as revenge

And also for science. You Monster.

Look, if this story is dead, then put up a 'canceled' or 'hiatus' tag, damnit!

Luna and Celestia were a but more…teasing, Twilight supposed

I think you mean bit.

5191794 Yes, he's still possessed. But even he doesn't deserve what happened to him, nopony does.

anchient curse words that nopony even understood

You misspelled ancient.

but Rainbow that just made Rainbow start pulling rank to end their argument

Might want to get rid of the first Rainbow.

And the punishment Rainbow dash was talking about. :twilightoops: Do I even wanna know?

Even Fluttershy would brag on and on about something with a manic amount of excitement

I believe you mean maniac.

we’re going to be calling on ever single last one of you to do your parts one week from today

Left out a y in every.

Fluttershy just gapped at the alicorn’s words

best remove that extra p.

If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say it looks like you stalled because the story became bogged down in daily minutiae and you noticed to many parallels with Winning Pony. The addition of Flankhead Sentry and Definitely-Not-Luna doesn't sufficiently differentiate the tornado arc and with the sudden influx of attention on Cloud Kicker it feels like Dash has less presence in her own story as a result. It's unfortunate: everything prior was good.

I know it's painful, but if and when you come back to this saga, I'd encourage you to scrap most of the close-in details about the tornado preparation (if not the whole thing) to focus on Dash and Twilight and their perspectives, rather than how they appear to others. After all, as readers, we don't need a peek at Cloud Kicker's inner monologue to understand that she's running wingmare interference for RD.

This incarnation of Rainbow Dash has an especially interesting head space to observe: the juxtaposition of her ancient self, her old self, and her current self makes for an unusual and entertaining view of the events we're privy to, and I think you could get a lot more mileage out of her leveraging her past experience to solve current problems than you do now that she's had half a year to accept and integrate them.

On the other hoof, the ever-scintillating Twilight Sparkle is a scholarly dynamo with a bunch of hangups that make attempts to examine her state of mind an adventure in their own right. Her misadventures in education are probably what carried this sequel for me so far.

6698503 Manic is the right word, in this case. Fluttershy isn't crazy, ( a maniac), she is just extremely excited -manic- about her animals.

(Whew!) So that's what its like to channel Twilight. Freakin' exhausting!

Oh come on. Incomplete, always right at moment when the separate threads started to come together.
Hear my plea, guardian of lore, be not displeased with my humble request.

Seriously though, your take on alicorn ascension, that is, based on empathy, is incredibly entertaining and makes me want to see twilight ascend, and this is after I rage quit the show over twilycorn, but the ride never ends.

The long-dreaded Sequel to Not Another Alicorn

The only thing dreaded about this story is that it might never be finished.

Unless Treehugger makes an appearance; then there will be two things that are dreaded.

7823261 ba-dum tish!

8187090 Once in a while, I manage to make a joke that doesn't fall flat. I might just be slightly funnier than Twilight Sparkle, on a good day. :D

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