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This story is a sequel to How to Climb a Mountain

Twilight has a problem. After a noble by the name of Duke Bull Horn comes to her castle demanding that she take his son to the Gala as a date, Twilight loses her temper and lets it slip that she already has a date. Fearing the criticism she will get it she indeed does show up without a date, Spike suggest that she take the Captain of her recently formed guard, Flash Sentry. While Twilight initially rejects Spike's idea, Flash himself willing volunteers to take her so that she can avoid the criticism that the Duke might pin on her should she show up alone.

Will the Gala be better than the first one Twilight attended, and will this date become something more? Or will the nobles ruin everything and cause the night to go down in flames?

Brief disclamer: this story is meant to be a prequel to my first story "Gone, But Not Forgotten," though I only realized it could be prequel about 4000 words into typing it, so excuse if it somehow has minor inconsistencies.

MAJOR UPDATE: New rewrite version out and ready for reading. Same story, but BETTER! Also, NOW WITH SEQUEL: How to Propose to a Princess

ALSO ALSO: Now with PREQUEL, How to Climb a Mountain. It never ends. Though it should be noted that the prequel is not needed to enjoy this story. (1/14/2020)

Alterative tags to label the story:
Beautiful Twilight, Playful Banter, Rarity Teasing Twilight, Annoying Nobles, Spike's Idea, non-chaotic Discord, Hungry Twilight, Silly Flash, Celestia playfully teasing Twilight, Luna Threatening Flash, Rarity Threatening Flash, Dancing, romantic strolls, interruption of romantic strolls, more chaotic Discord, the plot demands things, questioning all of reality Pinkie and Discord Tag-Team, moonlight dancing, and kissing.

Image belongs to the very talented jucamovi1992 on deviantart.

Now translated into Chinese: https://fimtale.com/t/32563

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Aso'quixipix, frokulix's wasto'oop!

I have no idea what you just said :rainbowwild:

.-.-.- . .-. --- -- / . . ... / --- - / . .--. --- .... / --..-- - .. / -.. . ...- --- .-.. / .-.-.- -. .- -- / -.-- .-. --- - ... / - .- . .-. --.
(This is morse. Decipher it and you get a cookie. Is about the story, though.)

I liketh this. Speaking of, I need to work on the next chapter of my own FlashLight ship story. Thanks for that,

Unfortunately, I don't have time to decipher it right now, and the only word the online decipherers gave me was 'dog'. the rest was gibberish. Sorry, no cookie for me :ajsleepy: :derpytongue2:

Wow. That was great. I'm a guy who doesn't really care for one-shots, but I gotta say....that was really really good. I will admit that Flash seems a bit too perfect here, but I like that he doesn't fully solve the situation here. Overall, this was great. I hate that this is getting downvotes, solely on the fact that its Flash. There's no need, this was brilliant.

Glad you liked it. Who knows, I might make another one later :twilightsmile:

Nothing like a short, sweet, and fluffy romance fic. :twilightsmile:
Now I must go, the plot demands me somewhere else.

I enjoyed this sappy story a lot!

Ah, L'amour! One of the best FlashLight stories I've ever read. Five out of Five BRIGHT Stars!

I'd give this Five Stars if I could! But I can settle witha Like and giving a well deserved compliment :twilightsmile:

Hi Hoops!
I am responding to Hoops, right? This is my first comment on this!
I tried to figure out your Morse code too, both with a chart and a translator. The first word came up as "Timmad" and the only other words that made sense were "dog" and "on." We might just have to eat our own cookies, but maybe something got messed up between writing and posting?

Nah, it's actually TWO codes. It's morse and something else.

I love reading the comments on here. Y'all always say the nicest things!






Thank you everyone for the kind words. They really mean a lot :twilightsmile:

Also, WOW, this story really took off. I have never had so many alerts or likes and favorites in such a short span of time. Maybe I should make equal to this one day. I don't know what will happen, but I do think it will involve Twilight catching on fire with rage, probably because of nobles again :facehoof:

Also, we need a flaming twilight as a emote. Get on it FIMFICTION! :flutterrage:

You're very welcome, sir.

That was pretty cute. Man, that was one stupid family of nobles though.

Thank you. And yea, after reading plenty of stories with high and mighty nobles that are also kinda stupid, I though I would add them. Definitely fun to let them realize just how wrong they were though :rainbowlaugh:

“You’re right, that was an impression of the nobles. My bad. Let me try again. ‘Doth mother know…you wearth her drapes?’” That earned him another light smack.

:rainbowlaugh: Oh! Oh! You didn't! :rainbowlaugh: That was too good.

But before Duke Bull Horn could continue, the plot demanded Pinkie.

“THE PLOT DEMANDS ME!” Pinkie yelled, jumping off the nearby gazebo and throwing a pie, which hit the duke squarely in the face. As he stumbled back in shock, Pinkie pulled her party cannon out of her mane and slammed it down on the duke, shoving him in the barrel so deep that only his rear and back hooves were sticking out. As he flailed about, Pinkie turned to the still shocked Twilight and Flash and gave a sailor salute before firing.

WHY?! Sweet Celestia, why?! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I was going to comment on how Twilight's first Gala as princess involved everything covered in ooze, but then I saw the AU tag, so never mind.

I will admit, the drapes part was inspired from a comment my editor/girlfriend left me in the rough draft of my story, so I can't take all the credit (she's a huge marvel fan, and I am too :twilightsmile: )

This is awesome. I love this story

As a solution, Flash himself volunteered to be Princess Twilight’s personal guard. This made sure she was protected when out of the castle, and with help from communication crystals of the Crystal Empire, Flash could always call for backup should the need arise. That had yet to happen, thankfully, despite the crazy shenanigans that happened in Ponyville on a weekly basis (usually on Tuesdays).

:rainbowlaugh: I get it

Well, you already had the 'bolemb omble bo' Yondu impression planned out, so I thought 'why not?'
Plus, you were setting me up for that comment and you know it. :raritywink:

*sighs* This is cancer my friends.

One of the best FlashLight stories I have ever read.😁

Just wait. I have a revised draft on the way (though I will leave the original up) that adds a bit more story and a lot more entertaining narration from Flash. Trust me, you will love it if you like this version :rainbowdetermined2:

Wow, this is definitely bigger. I really liked it, especially since we see a lot more of Flash and his personality.

This is damn good! Still don't get the 'second best kiss' part, though. Can anyone clarify, please?

This is a prequel to 'Gone but not forgotten', where it's implied they eventually end up married.

AKA, their best kiss was probably the one on their wedding day.

Unfortunately, not an idea I am currently writing, but I do have plans for that in the future

If you're rewriting the last chapter, does that mean you're going to delete the old one?

Nope. I like the old one a lot, and I think it's a good comparison to see how much I've improved in my writing. Also, it will let people see what facts I may have excluded when shifting the story's focus

Dragon say WHAT NOW?!

:moustache:: What.

The additions to the original story were beautiful. I couldn't stop laughing at them. Flash's emotions were wonderfully expressed.

Oh, before I forget, I was almost worried that you were going to cut out the Marvel references, but I'm glad that you managed to keep them in there somehow.

Yes. They are both the same story, the rewrite is just a revised version of the original

Glad you liked it, and yea, I was never going to get rid of the marvel references. Actually, this entire idea began with Flash and Money Bags interaction, and and it just expanded from there :rainbowwild:

I want a sequel where Shining Armor and Cadance find out about them kissing and losing their minds only for Twilight to bitterly remind them that she didn't hear about their wedding until the day of.

The next story I have planned will show them remembering back to when they first met each other’s parents, so I will see if I can include that somewhere :pinkiehappy:

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