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At Celestia's advice, Twilight sets out to the frozen north and the mysterious mountain know as Celeste. Her goal? To climb to the summit of said mountain. Not for any reward or as some sort of test, but because Celestia believes it will help Twilight develop as a princess.

But this will be no easy feat. Celeste is a mountain that, for reasons still unknown, contains a unique magic all its own, one that interferes with any other form of magic brought within its boarders. Not even alicorns are immune to this mysterious power. And while Twilight may have the tools necessary to climb said mountain, getting to the top will not be easy in the slightest.

Will Twilight succeed in her climb? Or be forced to turn back by the unusual occurrences that plague her journey?
This story takes place in the 'How to...' Universe.

This story is based on the stellar game 'Celeste' that I recommend to everyone who reads this.

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Comments ( 9 )

I said this on another story about mountain climbing Twilight. We need more mountain climbing stories on this site. Period.

And I have no idea what universe this is for. Just came here because it has mountains in it.

Edit: Is this the same universe where Twilight and Flash are a thing, and Flash has a tendency to punch ponies in the face repeatadly?

I will be making another one of my stories a sequel to this one shortly. And I agree. We need more mountains

Gboyd #3 · 1 week ago · · ·

Very cool. However, the mountain seems very.... chaotic. I wonder if Discord--when he was 'evil' I mean, maybe his magic affected the mountain somehow? I mean it makes sense when you think about it. Equestria was still young when the ponies discovered it, so its a good theory.

Then again, it could the moutain's natural magic, or maybe a combination of both. (Kinda makes you think of Mt. Everhoof, doesn't it?)

Good test for Twilight though, so points to Celestia for that one.

Also, I got the reference you sly thing.... DID YOU THINK YOU COULD PAST ME!? NEVER!! I AM INVINCIBLE!!! NOTHING GETS PAST ME!!! :flutterrage:

Good story, and I look forward to the next chapter. And I thank you, Master, for bringing me back to life. I shall live to fuel your inspiration. *bows*


Did ... Did drax from guardians of the Galaxy write this comment?

I've never played the game, but this is a super interesting story so far!

You should if you have the chance. It is a bit hard at times, but the story and music make it well worth the effort.

Nice Story! I actually just skimmed through it because I'm busy, but way to go! *gives a thumb-less thumbs up.

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