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A novice writer who one day plans to genetically modify himself to grow wings. Because wings are awesome and I hate gravity. (Avatar belongs to racer437 on Deviantart)


Discord server, PS5, and Monthly Update, Oh My! · 3:40am July 1st


A rather late update because of graduation · 7:40pm May 15th


Sorry about not doing much these last few months. Between looking for a new job, writing, and finishing up my master's degree in applied psychology, I was pretty busy for quite a while. The good news? I graduated! You know what that means!

Yep, my fiancee/editor bought me a light-saber! Why? Because I'm a master of course! And the puns are strong with this one! If only I had graduated on May 4th.

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Monthly Sneak Peak 3 · 9:43pm February 15th

Sooooo, I kinda forgot about this last month. Oops.

Ah well, I guess that just means I'll need to have two sneak peaks again. YAY FOR SNEAK PEAKS!

Also, given how my next chapter of 'How to Meet the Parents' is now undergoing edits and a lot of changes as I rework a few of the character interactions, I'll be giving hints for the next chapter of Freedom Shall Ring instead, which, good news, the first draft is written and is now in the editing phase :twilightsmile:

So Enjoy!

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Monthly Sneak Peak 2: Happy Holidays and How to Meet the Parents · 4:00am Dec 30th, 2021

Happy Holidays everypony! A little late, I know, but better late than never. Christmas was great, with me getting to spend it with my Fiancee's family. She even got me a pillow that says "Stop Everything. Kris Get The Banana. Potassium" from Delta Rune and a picture frame with an image of Izzy that says "May you always be as happy as an Izzy with a tennis ball," which is just perfect. I may also have a small Christmas special chapter sometime in the next month, but it depends on how much free

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Monthly (?) Sneak Peak 1: How to meet the parents chapter 4 · 3:09am Nov 8th, 2021

Sooo... Yeah. I'm still busy, so is my Fiancee, but I am still writing.

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Proposal, Movie, And Writing Updates · 3:03pm Sep 27th, 2021

So first things first, does anyone remember when I proposed to my editor/girlfriend two years ago? Well when the two of us were discussing our stories together, I cam up with the idea that one of my male characters proposes to one of my female characters, then a few weeks later she proposed back to him to make sure he gets the same wonderful experience. This idea was so popular with her that, in order to celebrate my birthday this coming Tuesday, she decided to set up a pun-filled scavenger

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Gen 5 Trailer Reaction · 5:12pm Aug 12th, 2021

Probably overused, but hey, why not? The trailer was fun and energetic, it showed enough to get me interested without giving away too much (also, I can't stop laughing at the name of the pegasus city (why is it named after Fluttershy's brother :rainbowlaugh:?)), and the animation looked pretty good.

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Update on a Muggy Day · 8:09pm Jun 29th, 2021


Updates on everything · 1:41am Mar 20th, 2020

So, first things first, I am currently working from home for the foreseeable future for very obvious reasons. I am still healthy, and there are not a lot of COVID-19 cases where I live, but better safe than sorry. I hope everyone is keeping safe out there, and that you do the best you can to stay healthy.

Next, on a lighter note, stories!

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Updates (at last) · 1:54am Dec 4th, 2019

I have planning to write this for the last two weeks, but I kept forgetting. Sorry :pinkiesad2:

SO, my stories...
1: How to say goodbye chapter 2: Currently in the second round of editing. It will likely need another round as I am still working on figuring out the characters personalities. Current word count: 30,699 (and still growing!)

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