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Life Update and Monthly Sneak-peak · 1:42am Sep 5th, 2022

Greetings everypony! Sorry for no monthly sneak peak last month. My fiancee and I have recently found a new apartment that we will be moving into in October, so were a bit busy at the moment. But I'm still here and writing! Spero, Freedom Shall Ring, How to Meet the Parents, and How to Meet your Daughter now all have chapters in editing, so I am still working and hoping to get something out to you all by the end of the month (hopefully once a month if possible, but that all depends on the time I have available).

Speaking of How to Meet your Daughter, I have got to say that I was surprised by just how well received the story was. It was mostly just a small story I started writing on my phone in my free time at work, but I'm glad that everyone enjoyed it and I hope the next chapters are just as well received!

Anyway, here's the monthly sneak peak from the story I plan to post next: Spero. Enjoy :twilightsmile:

“Can we look at those gems?” Spike asked, pulling Twilight away from a beautiful set of water paintings to see what he was pointing at. Sure enough, a blue pegasus was offering a number of different gems of different sizes at his stand. Some were small enough to fit on Twilight’s crown, while others were bigger than Twilight’s head! But what caught Twilight’s interest the most was the pony’s leg.
The lower two-thirds of his right leg were a much darker blue than the rest of his body. At first she thought that perhaps it was some sort of prosthetic, yet as she, Spike, and Silent Sky moved closer, she could tell that this was not the case. The way it moved, the uneven distribution along the pony’s leg, even the fact that Twilight could swear she could see veins running underneath its surface made it clear that this was no simple, or even highly advanced, prothesis.
In fact, it seemed like the pony’s leg was…pure sapphire.
Could this…be another strange condition? Like Right Word’s seizures?
I don’t know. Hopefully it won’t be rude if we ask about it.
“Whoa! Cool leg!” Spike blurted out, making Twilight actively try not to facehoof.
As subtle as ever, her brain happily chirped.
Not now, brain.

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