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This story is a sequel to How to Date a Princess

For 5 years, Twilight and Flash have been dating. For Flash, it's been a magical experience that, despite the ups and downs, was all worth it. And so after much thought, he has finally decide that it is time to ask Twilight the ultimate question. He is going...to propose.

Now if only his bedroom door, Twilight's friends, and the randomly annoying antagonist will let him do that without any trouble. But given how it's almost Tuesday, the chances of that are pretty slim...

This story is a sequel to 'How to Date a Princess'. It is highly advised to read that first...both for story reasons, and for laughs.

The cover image is not mine, it belongs to jucamove1992 on DeviantArt.

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Wow...that was like 2 chapters in one. I gotta say, the Mane 6 minus Twilight sure were mean to Flash...but it was funny. Nice to see the guy getting the girl.

I do like it, and given how badly the misunderstanding was, their reaction I think was justified. Though I am also excited for the next chapter as well :pinkiehappy:

Also, why is this getting downvotes?! There's nothing wrong with this story! Its funny and fun!

I feel utterly terrible that Flash got squished by the door like that (an often overused cliche in most cartoons). Still, I'm very joyous that Twilight has accepted his marriage proposal.

probably just people hating on the twi-flash ship.

That's stupid. They probably didn't even try to read the story.

YES! A new Flash fic with FlashLight, and it's well-written. :pinkiehappy: Aww, the poor cinnamon bun really needs to catch a break. It's a good thing that he's superhumanly resilient. :rainbowlaugh:

Wait, I just remembered that I was going to comment on this. You know, other than the destroying half a castle part, a brownie dragon that breathes hot fudge actually sounds pretty delicious. I mean, I started getting a bit peckish when you were describing it. :rainbowwild:

8676294 FlashLight tends to get negative reception because people either don't like the ship or want Twilight to be shipped with one of her friends. I got a handful of thumbs down on my Caramel fic because he has a crush on Twilight, yet no one tells me why they give me their judgement.

The shipping war is full of cannons, ready to attack what isn't liked by some.

Somebody get Shaggy and Scooby on it. They took care of the Cotton Candy Glob Ghost, they can handle the Brownie Dragon.

I'm surprised they didn't just sic Pinkie on it, unless they did. :applejackconfused:

A necessary sacrifice to continue the story I set up in How to Date a Princess. The positive still outweighs the negative, and that's good enough for me :twilightsmile:

it DOES sound delicious. I'm sure once it was defeated, it was quickly eaten by the population of canterlot (or Luna. If Celestia loves cake, I'm sure Luna must have a brownie obsession. :derpytongue2: )

Maybe. That or maybe Luna (saw this comment after your previous one. Oops :facehoof: )

You guys broke a record for me. I had 44 alerts when I came back to my computer today :twilightsmile:

Time for the Sparkle Family reactions!!!!

Agreed. I actually don't have a ship that I dislike right now (yet). Even with Twilight I enjoy reading stories that ship her with other characters, just so long as they are competently written. Still prefer FlashLight, but I like reading the other ships too just to see how things might be different

Almost. First comes the next chapter with their date/anniversary, then comes a story about how the movie fits into the timeline (because that idea won't leave me alone), then comes a flashback story to when they first met the families, and them telling them the news of their engagement, then the wedding story. I have it all planned out :twilightsmile:

I find it really sad and morose that FlashLight get's so much negativity instead of positivity.

8748649 Very few male characters are liked among the fandom compared to the many mares

You don't suppose it's because of several male Bronys having crushes on the mares, is it? Because that I can understand.

They just don't like the fact that Flash is stealing their Waffles :derpytongue2:

He actually steals Waifu's, but I think saying Waffles is more hilarious. Especially since I really don't care about shipping wars. I like all ships so long as they are well written

There are some ships that I like in the fandom but I'm also the kind of person who likes to distinguish OTPs (One True Pairings), such as Starlight x Sunburst, Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich, and even FlashLight like this story.

How's the second chapter coming along :twilightsmile:?

Good. The first set of revisions is done, so once it’s looked over one more time it will be ready to be published. Hopefully it will be out by next week :twilightsmile:

Wow...that was some chapter. Flash is one smooth operator. It really shows that he's the best for Twilight.

Glad you like it. Though I do plan to add points where the role is reversed later down the line as this universe continues

Update, I finished this WAY sooner than I thought I would, so ENJOY! :pinkiehappy:

:rainbowderp::rainbowderp: There are no words. Just no words. That could adequately express the emotions this chapter made me feel. Not even "What did I just read?" feels adequate.

By the way, needs more baby Groot. :rainbowwild:

Discord. Of course he would make actual ships when shipping.

Of course. Did you expect him to do anything else? :pinkiecrazy:

Always need more baby groot. Was it at least enjoyable?

Then my mission was accomplished :twilightsmile:

So you mentioned the Friendship Festival. You going to do an alt version of Tempest's invasion? Or at the least can we get a fic about the wedding? I think all the FlashLight fans would love that.

I actually have multiple ideas for what comes next. The next story will be Flash and Twilight telling their families about the wedding, though most of the story will be flashbacks to when Twilight and Flash first introduced each other to their respective families.

The next story will be a small one covering the events of the movie and how Flash was involved in this alternate timeline.

Then comes the wedding, which will perfectly blend serious romance and comedy.

Then come a large story titled "How to live your life" Which will basically just follow Flash and Twilight throughout their lives.

So don't worry, I have plenty planed for this universe, trust me :twilightsmile:

Can't wait to see some FlashLight babies. You ever need ideas for them, my GF and I came up with a couple XP

Speaking of dragon, has Spike moved on from Rarity?

That will be mentioned in more detail, but short answer is no

I already have the disigns worked out, but I will keep that in mind should I ever start another flashlight universe. For now, just look forward to the day I write the story or chapter titled “how to survive 11 months” :rainbowlaugh:

Now if only he could finish the ’S.S. CheesyPie’ and ‘La Saint SoarinDash’.


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