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Jade Ring

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." -Maya Angelou


A pair of romantic vignettes about blossoming love, too short for publishing on their own but surprisingly sweet when put together.

In 'Just a Glimpse,' Flash Sentry will endure almost anything to see the princess he pines for, even if it's just the slightest glimpse.

In 'Suddenly, Spikey,' Spike tries to console Rarity after she gets stood up...again. Will his words finally make her see the light?

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 32 )

These were cute, perfect and all around just right. :raritystarry:

Wow....Now I remember, I had seen it before!! I wonder what managed for you to finally bring it out to light for all to see. Personally this is one of my best of your tales. Short, simple, and to the point. But it's amazing how so much feelings is there in just under a thousand words.

I sometime question that adage of "A picture's worth a thousand words", but for this, it's vice versa: It took you less than a thousand words to make an image that for me, would last a lifetime. Well done, once again, Jade.:twilightsmile:

Well of course he would be awesome if we got to know him. Heck, I had a smilar experience myself on a show I love.

D'aww! These are cute stories, and I totally started humming "Suddenly, Seymore" when Spike spoke up.

One minor quibble, however: these aren't drabbles.

A drabble is a story told in exactly 100 words. These are vignettes. :duck:

...adorable ones, though. :twilightsheepish:

If only Rarity would finally say yes or no and stop leading him on... :ajsleepy:

3865377 Duly noted and fixed. Thanks for that.


Yeah the Flash Sentry hate was just ridiculous. I was kinda hoping for him to maybe become a more recurring and get some character development between him and Twilight, and yet nothing. It seems like such a waste to ruin Season 3 with mediocre attention for Equestria Girls (which was alright I guess), then never reference or follow up the events from the movie in the actual show. :facehoof:

That was probably the most heartfelt piece I have seen written around this guy.
He's nowhere near deserving of hate, but I will admit to enjoying the reactions in chat when he walked off that train.:rainbowlaugh: (It helps being able to actually watch it on the Hub and thus be a minute ahead of the crowd.)

We've got ourselves a fellow LSoH fan up in here!:pinkiehappy: (Seriously, that song popped into my head as soon as I saw the title.)
Short and sweet. So this is how long before "Morning Glory"?

3868205 Roughly three months. After this incident, Rarity gave Twilight the idea for the minor hoarding spell that allowed him to mature while maintaining his personality.

Then all she had to do was seduce him at the wedding reception.

I liked this a lot more than I liked the second chapter. Poor guy can't catch a break~

Of course we all know Twilight is a xenophile, and was imagining him in his freaky human form. I guess that's what happens when you grow up around a dragon and a freakishly large pony.

Ooh, I like this. Fits perfectly into the show. I both cringed and smiled at Flash's cameo, because I knew it would bring a ton of Flash hate... but also it would spawn more fanfics like this, which make it all worth it in the end. I hope this story won't be your only passage on the HMS FlashLight,

Love flashlight :twilightblush: anyone who hates is nuts :pinkiecrazy::pinkiegasp::pinkiesad2::pinkiehappy::pinkiesick::pinkiesmile:

Short, but cute and fluffy. Well done!

From all the way from China (Wei Nan) Short sweet & makes spikey cool as the fonzarelli. :derpytongue2:

The next day Twilight gets an invatation for Spikes 1st date with Rarity, "What's this about my #1 assistant getting a dream date with his dream mare?":twilightblush:
Spike answered her tease with a "THUMP , BUMP Thump, thump, thump ,thump bump,thump,thump,bump, CRASH !" As he rolled down the stares,:moustache:
Twilight looks down at him "I'll take that as a Yes!":facehoof:

“Show me your face, clean as the morning.” He smiled at her natural beauty and rubbed a hand down her cheek. “I know things were bad, but now… they’re okay.”
Rarity unconsciously rubbed her cheek against his palm as something occurred to her. “Spike? Did you just rhyme?”

:unsuresweetie: I don't think he rhymed, though if he did, it was most likely "face" with "okay".

MORE? Back in the USA , This is short sweet and great bit of fun:twilightsheepish::moustache::duck:

Well, I really liked the fic! :D More Flash Sentry for everyone! YAY!

“Show me your face, clean as the morning.” He smiled at her natural beauty and rubbed a hand down her cheek. “I know things were bad, but now… they’re okay.”

Rarity unconsciously rubbed her cheek against his palm as something occurred to her. “Spike? Did you just rhyme?”

I don't see any rhymes....

5204624 It starts when he says "Lift up your head."

thanks for making me see spike as a murdering nerd and rarity as an abused prostitute, dude. I've seen little shop of horrors.

I hate Flash Sentry haters.
THOSE! BIG! MEANIES!! :flutterrage:

I'm not a Sparity shipper, I'll admit. Still, this story is pretty good.
Here, have a :moustache:

I have nothing against Flash Sentry. But I don't think it's believable for Twilight to like him when she had all the warm fuzzy moments with the EQ Flash Sentry. It's just not healthy to grow close to someone who just happens to be an alternate reality version of a guy you did like. But that's just me.

That was sweet; a nice bit of Sparity fluff.

I absolutely love the FlashLight ship, but only with pony-Flash. Human-Flash/Brad is a garbage character that was only created so that the writers could cram in a stupid love plot in an otherwise pretty cool movie (until that horrible climax lmao).

I never understood why Twilight was instantly attracted to Brad, seeing as how he's a completely different species from her and she barely ever talked to him. Twi has never struck me as the kind of person to fall in love solely because of looks or even believe in love at first sight, so that made it doubly weird.

Flash was such a wasted character that could have been so cool. It would've been fun to see how he differed from his "human" (what even are the Barbie doll monstrosities in the movies?) counterpart. The dude is in the army, and I refuse to believe that any of these characters are still in high school, so it could've been really interesting to show that he wasn't the same character. I totally believe that he's still adorkable, but in like a cool way - he's a geek but could totally wreck a monster's day, y'know?

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