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The purpose of a story is that it's a story. It can be more, but it can never be less.


Story #100 Teaser · 9:37pm April 24th

Premiering Tomorrow

No. I will not elaborate.

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Friendship is Magic: the Musical · 4:47pm February 10th

So I've been trying to find ways out of my recent funk, and this was one of the most recent attempts. I thoroughly enjoyed the freshman season of Hazbin Hotel, particularly the outstanding musical numbers and how the whole season could, with just a few small modifications, be made into a Broadway style stage musical.

So I figured hell, why not do the same with Friendship is Magic?

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Our Last Anniversary · 6:19pm January 11th

I've been radio silent on social media since my now ex-wife and I announced our split. A few days ago, I was moved to write this and post it on Facebook. Figured I might as well post it here as well.

Folks say it's pretty good.


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State of the Author 2023 · 4:16am Dec 18th, 2023

It's bad.

Real bad.

So it should come as no surprise that my wife and I are divorcing. We're having to take it slow because she's so close to the end of her degree and I want her to be in a good place to help take care of our boys. We're still co-habitating, still friends.

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GUTTEN KRAMPUSNACHT! · 4:21pm Dec 5th, 2023

Have you all been good this year? If not, you'd better watch out...

Before you dive into the Last Hearth's Warming Horror Story, why not refresh your memory with Scribbler's amazing full cast reads of the first two?

All caught up? Good...

We've darkness to venture through before we reach the safety of the light.

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New Story Incoming · 3:12pm Dec 2nd, 2023

It's taken years. Multiple plot revisions. The complete scrapping of "Silent Night." More false starts than I'm okay admitting. And, ultimately, it took the collapse of the life as I've known it to drive me into the mindspace necessary to find this lost child in the wilderness and finally bring her home.

I hope the wait has been worth it.

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Adultery · 4:34am Oct 22nd, 2023

I've written about adultery a lot, haven't I?

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New Achievement Unlocked · 2:03pm Jul 3rd, 2023

It's barely twenty pages. It's only for sale at the haunted attraction gift shop and by request online.

But it's amazing because it's the first time I've held something with my name on the cover.

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Just call me Terry Funk... · 2:14pm Jun 25th, 2023

...'cuz I'm the greatest of all time and can't ever stay retired from anything.

Yes, much like my "retirement" from Horror, I have broken my "No Contests" retirement. Why? Two reasons;

1. I've been trying to write Night Light/Cadance for literal years with nothing ever getting past the concept phase. This gave me the 'in' I needed to get it done.

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Life's Funny · 3:44pm May 8th, 2023

In twenty four hours, 'the Old Mare' has accumulated almost as many views 'the Wicker Mare' did in six years.

Longtime Followers know that I consider 'the Wicker Mare' to be among my best works, so it's nice to see this long gestating epilogue help it get a little more exposure. Thanks for that, and thank those of you who've enjoyed 'the Old Mare.'

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