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“Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can't remember who we are or why we're here.” -Sue Monk Kidd


I'm Still Here · 5:23am Nov 1st, 2018

Sorry this is going up late. Just finished taking my son trick or treating for the first time.


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Tick tock, tick tock... · 5:39am Oct 27th, 2018

The pieces align...

Nine plus One equals Ten...

On Halloween Night...

Silence comes to an end...

It really is strange, isn't it? How the most seemingly innocuous and mundane things can change the very course of one's life?

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Someone stole 'Dear Sweetie Belle.' · 4:53am Apr 30th, 2018

Posted it on another website. They even made new cover art.


I've sent the thief a message on the site telling them they have twelve hours to delete the story and apologize. After that, I'm putting them on blast on here and any other avenue available to me. Not to mention reporting the story and the author.

No links here until the 12 hours are up.


Plagiarism is never okay.

EDIT: Time's up.


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Back in the Saddle! · 5:18am Mar 23rd, 2018

So, I know what you're all thinking. "Jade! You're back! You haven't gone this long without posting a blog in years! Where have you been? What are you up to?"

Fatherhood is the most stressful and wonderful thing I've ever experienced. Everyday with my little gunslinger brings new frustrations and joys.

One thing it has not brought is much time to write.

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Final Blog Post of 2017, Plus the Year Ahead · 9:25am Dec 31st, 2017

Man, why didn't anyone tell me this fatherhood thing was going to be so time consuming?

2017 has been a weird-ass year, hasn't it? I didn't realize just how little I'd published this year until I went in to delete the story page I'd created for 'Do No Harm,' a horror story I've been trying to write since 2015. I'd love to blame my lack of creativity on the preparations for my son's arrival, but that wouldn't be fair to him. I mean, look at this face;

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Jade Reviews: Scribbler Productions' Adaptation of 'Grogar: a Hearth's Warming Horror Story' · 6:55am Dec 25th, 2017

After months of anticipation, fanfic reader extraordinaire Scribbler has released her four part full-cast adaptation of my very own 'Grogar: a Hearth's Warming Horror Story.' My thoughts on each part below the break!

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Ezra: My Son · 3:44am Dec 11th, 2017

Well, I'm back.

The wife and I arrived at the hospital just after midnight on Wednesday and began the induction process. 31 hours of labor later, Ezra still wasn't responding well to the contractions. We decided to go with a C-Section, and at one minute past two in the afternoon on December 7, my son was born.

That night, it snowed in the Florida Panhandle.

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Updates for December 2017 · 9:24pm Dec 3rd, 2017

So the wife's being induced in, like, 72 hours... so that's a thing.

I've decided not to bring my laptop to the hospital during the delivery process and I have no idea how much writing I'm actually going to get done once Ezra arrives. With that said, I feel it's only appropriate to let you know what's going on with the current stories, the ones on the drawing board, and the ones who sadly died on the vine.

'On Swift Wings'

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These load times are terrible. · 1:50am Nov 21st, 2017

And yes, I was directly inspired by this;

Two weeks to go!

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Youtube just deleted my channel... · 4:53pm Nov 20th, 2017

...that I've had since 2005.

It appears that they're deleting entire channels with videos containing the phrase "New Lunar." Since I received an email from them (at the exact same time as the one saying that my account had been permanently deleted) claiming that my 2011 video "the New Lunar Republic: a Call to Arms" had violated community guidelines, I have to believe that's what happened to me.

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