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“Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can't remember who we are or why we're here.” -Sue Monk Kidd


It has been fifteen years since the Battle of the Bell, that terrible day when friendship failed and the forces of evil were triumphant. The conquerors of Equestria carved the land into three and settled into their rule, comfortable in the knowledge that nopony would ever be able to stand against them again.

In her home, a manor-house she calls Story's End, the Empress Cozy Glow receives an unexpected visit from a most expected visitor. It's a night she has long anticipated; the absolute final victory over the forces of light and love. After all, what has she to fear?

How much of a threat could an exiled princess from the far north possibly pose?


Cover art borrowed from lilith1light.

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It came from the depths of the Everfree; a plague unlike anypony had ever encountered. What began as a simple oddity became a nightmare that very nearly plunged Ponyville into a darkness from which it might never have recovered from.

And Bright Macintosh was there to see it all. To bear witness to the event that would forever be known only as... the Trouble.


Happy Halloween 2019!

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This story is a sequel to Frenemies... With Benefits

At the conclusion of the Battle of the Bell, the three villains were incapacitated by a giant cupcake. But when the cupcake was poofed away, the trio of doom were nowhere to be found. For over a year, Equestria has stood sentry against their inevitable attempt at revenge.

Now two retired monarchs are about to discover that somehow, against all odds, the greatest threats in Equestria's history may have found the impossible; a happy ending.


The conclusion of the Frenemies Trilogy, with cover art borrowed from raritylover152.

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This story is a sequel to A Better Way To Be Dad

Cozy Glow walks in on her comrades "wrestling." Awkwardness ensues.


Rated Teen for Innuendo.

Cover art borrowed from arareroll.

*For posterity's sake, let it be known that when My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ended it's initial run on October 12, 2019, this story was #2 in the Featured Box.*

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When Lord Tirek asks Cozy Glow what seems like a normal question, he has no idea the floodgates that will open... and how his relationship to the little villain might ultimately be changed.


A small bit of villainous sweetness inspired by both the dynamic of the Evil Trio and the cover art by soundwavepie.

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One came from the upper crust. She never wanted for anything, was pampered beyond belief, and could hardly fathom any kind of issue larger than what designer she was to wear that day.

The other came from the folks of the earth. From the time she could walk she was doing chores, helping out around the house, and accepting the hard parts of growing up poor.

Two polar opposites, but a chance meeting will send them down a road that neither could ever dream of.


An experimental story I've been tinkering with for some time now. Each chapter will be 1000 to 2000 words long, and each will chronicle Applejack and Rarity's relationship from childhood to adulthood in increments of five years (from age 5 to 50). Ideally, chapters will be uploaded in groups of 3 until the final chapter which will be posted on it's own.

I hope you enjoy my little romantic experiment.

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The most innocent things can alter the very course of our lives.

Consider; an ordinary, albeit strangely configured, piece of art acquired from a distant land and sent to a seamstress in a small town. She vaguely recalls the relative who has sent the gift, but cannot fathom the reason for the giving of said present.

A closer inspection of the item reveals a bizarre series of symbols inscribed upon the surface, simultaneously repulsive and yet attractive to the young mare's eye...


Day 4 of the Seventh Anniversary Story Bomb... and sister story to 'The Thirteenth Hour'.

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"It's getting late, my love. I hope you enjoyed your dinner. I knew that you'd appreciate a quiet evening at home after such a long, hard day at work. Now that the dishes are washed and the little ones are asleep, let's enjoy a little alone time before bed. What's that? Of course they're asleep already; they went down like a dream. I just told them a story and off they went.

What story? Oh, just an old folktale my mother told me. A little story about love and loss, about a beautiful lady, a passionate love... and a broken heart.

You'd like to hear it? Well... if you insist.

Once upon a time..."


Day 3 of the Seventh Anniversary Story Bomb.

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Two old friends have lunch and discuss their children. Nothing strange about that, is there?


A short little scene inspired by the works of Aragon, and Day 2 of the Seventh Anniversary Story Bomb.

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This is the moment that she has been waiting years for.

After all this time, Equestria's new ruler pays a visit to her most valuable prisoner to fully map out her failure. Years of deception, manipulation, and betrayals have led to this one moment, and she intends to savor every look that crosses the Princess of Friendship's face.

And after, when the alicorn truly understands how perfectly she was played, there will still be one final bit of business that needs to be settled...


My first new story since October 2017, and Day One of the Seventh Anniversary Story Bomb.

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