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The purpose of a story is that it's a story. It can be more, but it can never be less.


None of this is my fault. I was excited for you to get here. You're the one who ruined it.

I need you to understand that... before I send you away.

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This is amazing.

Holy fuck

This was really good.

There is nothing on this Earth quite like a little sibling

D’aww, this was great. I was really worried for a second but Flurry seems to have made the right decision in the end. I guess this is the kind of trouble that can happen when a kid has the powers of an archmage from birth.

Heh. This is probably gonna be common for the next few years ‘round the Crystal Palace:

“Good night, little brother; we had lots of fun today. Sleep well, I’ll most likely send you away in the morning.”

Absolutely wonderful! This might be one of my new favorite Flurry Heart stories.

Awww worried at first Flurry was going to make a big mistake, but little brother finally got over what ever discomfort made him cry around her and cute wins!
Oh this reminds me of a old odd piece of MLP media, it was a French offical MLP:FIM magazine that featured a short comic that had Alicorn colt named Leon as Celestia's nephew. Maybe this is him?

Waaaait, is that the one that contains…

Twilight: “I’m so happy! All my friends are here. And Applejack is here too.”

How adorable. I know a number of kids get jealous of younger siblings, at times.

Maybe a bit comedic more then I thought but it was good.

:moustache: awwwwwww

:rainbowkiss::heart: adorable overload. I don't recall ever being super jealous of my own brother (helps that there's a 10-year difference between us)

Not to say that we haven't had our moments, we're hardly BBF's. But compared to the stereotype of wanting nothing to do with each other, we get along fairly well.

That actually scared me a bit. Considering how powerful Flurry is and how much control she lacks this could go anywhere between fluff piece or horror story. I'm glad it's fluff piece.

Is it? There's always tomorrow.

I opened this yesterday, but didn’t actually get around to reading it until today. So I forgot the tags, and got really worried near the end. And I actually bothered to read them closely for once, instead of just glancing at them.

And the ending reminds me of the Princess Bride. “Goodnight, Wesley. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.”


Check out Winter Aria if you want to see an interesting teen Flurry story. (yes, this is a shameless advert for one of my own stories. Shameless, BECAUSE I HAVE NO SHAME!!!:pinkiecrazy:)

Someone called a doctor my heart just exploded. A lovely little story, so cute. Awesome work

Adorably unique and super friggin' believable! This really seems like it could be a big possibility of what would happen if Flurry had a sibling! Awesome stuff! Hope ya didn't mind, but I just simply had to make a reading of this sweet fic of yours!

Auido Linky!: https://youtu.be/f1iAIY8dEnA

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

Can't wait to hear it!

Makes me think of an exchange from Fraiser.

“Oh my god I’m having a flashback, you’re climbing in my crib and jumping on me!”


And of course you were going to be a baby sister. I mean, even Aunty Twily said so. I heard her talking to Mommy about it while I was sneaking cookies during nap-nap time. She used a whole lot of words I didn't understand like "statistical improbability" and "strength of the alicorn gene in regards to the Y chromosome." Whatever any of that means. They made your nursery (which used to be my nursery) up all in pinks and yellows and violets.

Twilight, why? :facehoof:

Thats exactly what I got too.

This was... amazingly sweet right at the end <3 awwwwww~

Which turns into the tomorrow after that, then the next one, and then the next one after that, and it will continue until Flurry Heart forgets that she ever planned on sending her little brother away in the first place.

I'd say there are no canon male alicorns, but the people in charge of animating background ponies keep forgetting that. And then the clip show re-used a scene with one of them in it from the episode where Twilight couldn't hail a cab to canonize one in my eyes.

Aww...so sweet and simple, you really captured siblings well!

Thank god.

Swap the age differences around, add 17 to 22 years, and you have me and my older brothers.

This certainly was a sweet, enjoyable story

Comment posted by Czaro deleted Sep 27th, 2021

Shining Armor (when he and Cadence see what's going on): "Looks like we did SOMETHING right, after all."

Cadence: "Was there ever any doubt?"

This story is me and my brother in a nutshell!! :rainbowlaugh:

I wonder where Flurry heard that babies come from factories...

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