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The purpose of a story is that it's a story. It can be more, but it can never be less.


In another Equestria, order is maintained by a select group of skilled spellslingers operating under the endorsement of the crown. The ponies call them Lawmares, and they are a dying breed.

Twilight Sparkle is one such Lawmare, considered by her Princess and her peers as the finest spellslinger in generations. Her abilities will be put to the test soon, however, as a dark force is growing in the North, and not even the Lawmares may be able to keep the chaos at bay.


My loving tribute to Westerns and Stephen King's 'Dark Tower' cycle.

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You have my attention.
Charyou tree. Come, reap.

Woo someone else who writes with a western lean.

This is intriguing!

I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

>High-class way of speaking
I'm going to have to give you a like for unintentionally making me laugh like an idiot.

Omg! I love the way you write! It's so dramatic! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time reading this
Also i think the filly might be Scootaloo in this Equestria

Badass Twilight? Hell yeah!

Definitely looking toward to this series. :twilightsmile:

A Dark Tower/western inspired ponystory?

Almighty Gan sign me right up!

"The Princess is probably better suited to explain it." He shrugged. "All I know is that my troops are under strict orders not to interfere with any public speakers unless they openly call for rebellion."

Is she going wear a viking helmet later while entering the palace?

But what if... what if there's something... somepony... that I want more than that? Something I'd never considered before. That I never thought would be a possibility?"

Rarity was silent for a moment. "Twilight... I could never come between you and your calling..."

Twilight cut her off with a kiss. "Maybe you're my calling. Lyra has a wife. Why can't I?"

I mean, you can always form a harem.

As they filed out of the chamber past her, the mare she'd singled out lingered behind. Trixie had known she would. Once the others were gone, she slowly approached the mare in black. "You... you never told me they were all going to die."

Are they going to suicide bomb for Luna or something?

Ooo, interesting. Definitely gonna follow. And I agree with 11278802's spoilered thought— would kinda make sense.

Yeesh. Sounds like Bon Bon is part of their number. Bummer.

The first few times I saw this title, I missed-read it as “Lawnmare” and expected, I don’t know, a Lawnmower Man crossover? Lawmare makes much more sense.

Not gonna lie, I can't imagine Twilight speaking southern. But the stories interesting.

That or moon dancer. She did mention being sent away as well.

I keep missreading the Title as Lawnmare . . .

Twilight = Roland Deschain
Lyra = Cuthbert Allgood
Moondancer = Alain Johns


Spoilered for those who haven't taken the journey yet, but say true.

Well, daaaaaaaaaayum. :rainbowderp:

She actually storms the palace building.

Well then.

Also both Starlight and Sunset are present? Hmm.

Sunset giving off serious Cort vibes.

Nice to see RD pop in. I'm enjoying this a lot. I've never seen what this is based on, but it's keeping me interested for sure.

I need to stress that while this is heavily inspired by the Dark Tower, it's not directly based on anything.

Those of you familiar with the cycle and those not are very much in the same boat, plot-wise.

As it turns out, they were well met indeed.

INDEED :raritywink:

Interesting to see how both Rarity's and Sweetie Belle's relationships with Twilight started. Does somewhat explain the latter, but if I'm interpreting correctly it was simply love at first sight?

Starlight's magic fades... and she grins, impressed by what she’s found. "This one has potential. Return on the next testing day, young Sweetie Belle, and we'll see how you fare on the other trials."

Just don't let her do potion (or anything resemble cooking) unless you want to deal with collateral damage.

"I HAD YOUR PRECIOUS GOOD MARE IN BED THE OTHER NIGHT!" Flash called back, reaching for a nearby lance. "SHE WAS RUBBISH !"

I don't know whether I want to like this Flash or hate him.

Hm. Interesting - if I'm reading the timelines right, Twilight's a lot newer of a Lawmare than I'd originally thought. If she was only ending her apprenticeship when Dinky was discovered, she isn't quite so much of a veteran. Which puts Moondancer and Lyra's faith in her into a new light.

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